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Chapter 373 – I Named Sister!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2190 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1327 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Upon witnessing the final scene, Yeager covered her face with one hand and felt depressed. By now, alluring noises leaked out of her Huawhey phone.

“What the hell am I doing? Me!”

At this point, even an idiot would know what the eleventh Floor Master, Yaeger’s clone, was currently doing.

Indeed. It was exactly what she had done to Vera Number 18 back then!

“You’re digging a pit and trapping me in it.” Yaeger just felt like crying.

She and Mira actually shared no deep grudges. At most, they were simply enemies due to external circumstances. That was why they had to fight each other.

There was nothing personal about it.

Yet, after tonight, Mira would definitely become mortal enemies with her.

Hatred carved deep into the bone!

“Also, it’s unquestionable that my image will be tarnished.”

Although she was already infamous by now, she wasn’t infamous in other aspects.

Now, no matter if the deed was done by Yaeger herself, she still had to shoulder the blame for this incident.

“I really don’t know how the public will think of me. Forget it, I don’t care about these things anyway. Those are the actions of [Princess]. What does it have to do with me, Yaeger?” As if trying to justify it to herself, she said so.

Under the same sky.

In the Rosen Hotel.


An indecent sound was heard from the projector.

“Huff Huff! Little Lin, I’m so excited!” Pixie licked her plump lips and spoke in excitement.

Nangong’s face was slightly blush. If Sachiel wasn’t sitting beside her, she would also be just as excited.

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‘I really want to switch places with Mira and let [Princess] love me tenderly!’ That was what she thought at this moment.

Sachiel’s pretty face was fully blushed and her body trembled slightly.

To her, these things were a little too exciting.

Especially when the person committing the deed was [Princess], whom she deeply admired.

“Huhuhu, I didn’t expect [Princess] to be so aggressive. How surprising.”

Pixie’s eyes lit up while feeling the intense urge to see through the censoring.

“Yes, yes, what a surprise.” Nangong said.

‘Ah, I envy you so much. So so much! If possible, I’ll exchange my lifetime’s worth of dignity for a night of tender loving by her!’

Sachiel looked at the pink and censored video feed, while uncontrollably thinking about the time when [Princess] told her to book a room with her.

If by ‘booking a room’ actually meant actually doing that, then wouldn’t it be…

The more she thought about it, the redder her face became. ‘G-girly stuff, must be pure!’

“Ah!” Suddenly, a painful wail erupted from the projector and frightened them all.

Well, most people who watched the live broadcast were also frightened.

Some people who had turned up the volume to the max were deeply mortified.

“It’s over.”

At this moment, Yaeger was heard.

Shortly after, the live broadcast became pitch-black.

The chat rooms were quiet. People soon understood.

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Mira was probably tormented to death by the Black-hearted Princess.

In a certain room in Dorado, America.

“Ahhhhh!” Mira suddenly opened her eyes wide and shouted out loud.

“Huff… Huff… Huff… I’m not dead?” She caressed her neck, forehead, and back while breaking out in cold sweat.

She had been decapitated just now. The world became pitch black and she only felt eternal coldness.

That was the horror of dying.

As if there were countless hands grabbing her soul at that moment and pulling her into the depths of despair!

“This… Is that the feeling of death? So horrible…” Mira grabbed her chest tightly as her eyes lost focus, her breath becoming haggard.

As time passed, she eventually settled down.

No, this was the moment where her emotions reached their peak.

“How dare you play with my body like that. [Princess], I will never spare you!” A hysterical scream was heard in the room. “Once I finish my work here, I will go to Cathay and find you!”

Then, a violent aura surged from her body. Like a raging storm, it destroyed everything in the room within the blink of an eye.

The battle between Yaeger and Mira had caused a massive shockwave across the entire world.

The vast majority of people focused attention on the period where the screen was censored.

They couldn’t help it since it was too stimulating.

Yet, a small number of people were more concerned about their battle.

In a luxuriously decorated office in Huadu.

“As expected, this is an absolute steamroll. Black-hearted Princess is as horrifying as usual.”

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Taurus Zhang took a sip of soda and sighed.

“I thought Mira would make [Princess] use all her strength. But it turned out that she was trampled on. How disappointing.”

S.K.Y. pushed his gold-rimmed glasses.

The moment they heard Mira, America’s top player, was fighting [Princess] in the Tower of Heroes, they instantly freed up the schedule and quit the game to watch the broadcast.

By then, the broadcast was about to end.

They only saw Yaeger trampling on Mira.

It was a familiar sight and a familiar feeling.

“The scariest part is that she didn’t use her Artifact at all.” Taurus said.
“That’s right. She was unscathed. Her Special Effect that reduced all damage by half didn’t even activate.” S.K.Y. took a sip of soda and shook his head lightly.

“In my opinion, even if she’s not the final boss, she’s very close to it.” Taurus leaned back against the sofa.

“That’s right. So we must implement our plan as soon as possible.” S.K.Y. put down his cup and spoke solemnly.

“But of course. My father has decided to increase his investment. I’m sure the plan will be realized soon and we’ll get to destroy Black-hearted Princess!”

After seeing the immense power of [Princess] time and time again, Taurus was getting agitated.

Once he could kill her until she dropped to Level 0—Artifacts, Unique Crates, and Epic Equipment would all belong to him!

By then, he would replace [Princess] and become the true elite and become the cut above the rest!

He got excited by the mere thought of it!

In Jade Flower Garden.

Yaeger was lying in bed and using her phone. She was too lazy to think about those irrelevant things.

At this moment, her WeChat chat group was quite lively.

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Yunuen: Shame!
Nangong Lin: What are you ashamed of?
Yunuen: The livestream just now was so exciting!
Pixie: Hehe, I’m satisfied. My fantasies alone are enough to keep me fed tonight!
Sachiel: What do you mean ‘keep you fed’?
Nangong Lin: It doesn’t mean anything. Ignore her.
Rakshasa: I’m a little envious of Mira. :pout emoji:
Mylene: You’re a little something something tonight, sister.
Yae-hime: I didn’t do anything. That’s not me.
Nangong Lin, Yunuen, Pixie, Rakshasa, Sachiel: Who are you?

Yaeger was taken aback for a moment after seeing everyone’s messages. Then, she came to a realization. She hadn’t told them about the fact that she had a name now.

Yae-hime: It’s me, Princess. That’s the name I’m using now.
Everyone: Ah!
Mylene: I named sister! :proud emoji:
Nangong Lin: What’s the difference between Yae-hime and [Princess]?
Sachiel: She shares part of her name with a certain dumbo.
Rakshasa: Yae-hime, I like it.
Yunuen: Yes, same!
Pixie: Hehe, then I can call you Little Hime from now on.
Yae-hime: I will kill you. :smile emoji:
Pixie: I’m kidding. Well, that’s a pretty good name. The average person can’t handle having “Hime” in their names.
Nangong Lin: It’s very good. I like it.
Mylene: I named sister!
Sachiel: I like it. But, I’m used to calling her Princess.
Rakshasa: Yes. Like, Princess.
Mylene: Sob…
Yae-hime: You can call me whatever you want. But never Little Hime!

After chitchatting with them for a while, Yaeger muted all notifications and rested her eyes.

She still had lots of work to do tomorrow. So she had to prepare herself.


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