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Chapter 371 – Your Next Line Must Be…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2052 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1233 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The moment Mira stepped into the Domain, those translucent tentacles shot out as if they were alive and within the blink of a second.

Facing the concentrated barrage of tentacles, Mira was unfazed. She tipped her toes and bounced to the left.

Everyone else assumed that she had dodged the attack at the very last moment. Yet, only Mira herself knew that this was all planned ahead of time.

‘It’s coming!’

After the tentacle attack, Yaeger used sword attacks as expected.

[Sunscorch] in her hands spewed out heat, it was all fired up.

‘Next, it will be a sword energy attack. The moment she does it, it will be my time to strike!’

Using [Clairvoyance], Mira already knew the weak point of this attack—when the attack was being executed, the attacker would be completely undefended!

“[Greatwave].” Yaeger waved her sword and the fiery sword energy instantly surged toward Mira, like an ocean of red.

‘The time is now!’

The moment Yaeger attacked, Mira tensed all the muscles in her body and stomped on the ground hard, flying out like a thunderbolt.

As soon as [Greatwave] arrived, she dodged it by the skin of her teeth.

Not only that, Mira’s speed only increased after dodging. She actually charged at Yaeger as if she had teleported.

This was her ability, [Meteorite Speed].

Upon activation, she would instantly accelerate and be as fast as lightning!

‘I did it!’ Mira smiled sadistically while swinging out the black sword in her hands.

She used [Fearless Charge] as she approached, and now she was combining it with [Total Annihilation]. Hence, her attack power was naturally incredible.

It would definitely be painful if it struck someone.

Moreover, after [Total Annihilation], Mira had a full combo’s worth of abilities for Yeager.

In the chat rooms, all the spectators were stunned.

Mira, who seemed like a sheep entering a wolf’s den just now, suddenly forced [Princess] into desperation. Such a massive change surprised everyone.

Especially her last charge. It was incredibly fast!

While everyone was watching Mira move, she had already appeared behind Yaeger and attacked.

Only a select few people who knew about her strength noticed something.

They were also very shocked.

For the first time ever, they realized that they could also use their abilities in the game!

While they were all shocked, an unexpected event happened in the game.

Mira’s black sword was only 10 centimeters away from hitting Yaeger.

It was unfortunate, as that distance was the closest she could ever get!


There was a loud noise.

“Wah!” Then, an ominous scene happened. Everyone was surprised to see that Mira, who was launching an attack a second earlier, was now flying outwards as if she had been hit by her bulldozer cruising at full speed. She even vomited a mouthful of blood mid-air.

“Your next line must be, impossible, how could this be?” Yaeger sheathed her sword and smiled.

“Impossible, how could this be?” Mira was stunned and uncontrollably screamed.

The future she looked into was definitely not like this!

Furthermore, in the future, when she dodged [Greatwave], she would successfully counterattack Yaeger.

She should have drawn her blood right there!

However, in the end, she was the one who bled first!

If it wasn’t for the intense pain all over her body, Mira would never have believed that such a thing had actually happened.


Suddenly, Yaeger spoke.

Mira looked over and her pupils instantly shrank. She saw her opponent wearing a fox fur coat and had 9 dancing tails.

This was the fifth second when she looked into the future.

‘Damn it, why isn’t she acting according to the plan? Shouldn’t the nine-tailed fox form only appear in the fifth second?’

Obviously, she was sent flying by those fox tails just now.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The sonic boom made her regain focus, only to see a rain of bolts flying over as if she had spared no expense.

She would definitely be in a world of hurt if she was hit by all these bolts.

Mira wanted to dodge but realized that she was currently in the air. It was difficult to utilize [Meteorite Speed].

“Damn it!” With a frown, Mira crossed her arms and blocked her head. Then, a special energy surged out of her body and they formed into a silver barrier that covered her fully.

At this moment, Mira looked like a metal statue.

This was her third ability, [Body Of Steel].

Upon activation, her defense was greatly increased. A special energy within her body would form into a silver barrier and cover her, minimizing all damage.

The rain of bolts arrived.

However, its effect was insignificant.

Mira’s [Body Of Steel] was definitely tough.

‘She can’t keep on maintaining such a large-scale attack. Once she’s exhausted, it will be my time to strike!’

Mira thought so. But unfortunately. The rain of bolts came wave after wave, without any pause.

Not only that, the occasional purple electric storm would sweep her into the air. Not only was she electrocuted, she was also showered with projectiles from Yaeger.

Such long-lasting endurance and explosive power. All the spectators were utterly dumbfounded. The chat room was filled with words like ‘horrible!’

Although they had seen the combat footage between [Princess] and Yasa, that battle ended quickly after it began. Nobody actually knew how horrifying Yaeger’s endurance was.


Finally, Mira’s absolute defense cracked after facing all those attacks.

Immediately after, it shattered completely!


In the end, a painful wail came from the air.

The chat rooms were completely quiet. The American audiences were stunned, and the Cathay audiences were dumbfounded; All the spectators were shocked.

Within 3 minutes of the broadcast going live, she was already steamrolled.

This gap in strength was a little terrifying!

On the surface, Mira and [Princess] were only 4 levels and 1 artifact apart.

Yet, when they actually fought, they were actually heaven and earth apart.

Her opponent hadn’t even used her Artifact but Mira was already defeated!

“No, this is [Princess] from the past! Not the [Princess] in the present!”

Someone suddenly discovered that this Yaeger was only Level 25!

“Mira is one Level above this Black-hearted Princess but she was still completely wrecked…”
“Calling her the best player in the world is definitely no exaggeration.”
“Before this, I even felt like Mira and [Princess] would be on equal ground. But now, it looks like I have deeply underestimated [Princess]!”

“She’s the final boss in human form!”
“Tsk tsk tsk. This horrifying endurance, attack power, and explosive power. Calling her the final boss is no exaggeration.”
“I feel sorry for Mira.”
“Why bother putting them on the same stage? No, they can’t even be compared at all.”
“Both are Closed Beta players, but the gap between them is actually this much. How unbelievable.”
“Eh, why did the Black-hearted Princess suddenly disappear?”

Someone realized that Yaeger, who was having fun unleashing bolts, suddenly disappeared. They instantly posted this comment with the hand dexterity of someone who had been single for 30 years.

Upon closer inspection, everyone realized that she was actually gone.

“There she is!” Someone with a sharp eye instantly found the reemerged Yaeger.

She actually reappeared in mid-air, right behind Mira.


Tentacles flashed into existence and they instantly caught Mira, who couldn’t react just yet.

The next moment, countless fist afterimages filled the sky.


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