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Chapter 369 – I Am Number One!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2061 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 7491 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“What the hell?” Yaeger was confused after looking at the message.

“Did you send it to the wrong person? Why should I care about 36Ds and long legs, I’m a girl… Ah sike! I’m not a girl!”

For a moment, she actually forgot that she was a male.

Upon closer inspection, it was indeed Mylene who sent the message.

“If I really want to see 36Ds and long legs, I could just look in the mirror and inspect myself.”

Moreover, it would be presented in ultra high definition.

The average person’s body would never be as good as Yaeger’s Celestial Race body, no matter how good it was.

She might as well look at herself instead of others.

Shaking her head, Yaeger replied to Mylene.

Yae-hime: What the hell do you mean 36Ds and long legs?
Mylene: I didn’t mean it. But they really have 36Ds and long legs.
Yae-hime: And what does that have to do with watching the live stream? Do you actually like these things?
Mylene: No, not at all. I’m not envious at all! No, I don’t like it at all!
Yae-hime: …
Mylene: It’s true! Forget it. Sister, I’ll be straightforward with you. The best player in America, Mira, is streaming herself conquering the Tower of Heroes’ eleventh floor. Do you want to see it?

Yaeger slightly tilted her head after reading the last message.

‘Aren’t I the eleventh floor’s Floor Master?’

On that day, Yaeger replaced the Great Warrior’s position as the Floor Master after defeating him.

It didn’t just apply to the Linhnan server, it was also applied globally.

That meant all the Floor Masters on the eleventh floor of the Tower of Heroes were Yaeger!

“Interesting.” She climbed up from her bed, revealing a lazy and meaningful smile.

Mylene: Sister, will you take a look?
Yae-hime: Sure. I must check out such an interesting broadcast.

Mira had always been Yaeger’s imaginary rival. She wouldn’t miss the chance to see herself having a virtual duel with her now.

“I wonder how Mira will react when she sees me? I’m looking forward to it.”

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At this moment, in the Dorado Server, Tower of Heroes, inside the reward floor.

Mira had already equipped her new Epic Equipment.

It was a sword.

She had three Epic Equipment by now. The rest were all Rare.

With such a wealthy arsenal, she was only a little worse than Yaeger but leagues better than the rest of the players.

“Level twenty six, Epic Sword. huhuhuhu, hahahahahaha! There’s even an S-grade ability!

Now, I’m way stronger than any ordinary player. Once I trample [Princess], I’ll become the number one!”

She was very excited and even lost her composure.

Ever since she was a kid, Mira had always been the greatest at studying, playing games, and killing people.

As long as she was interested in something, she would use her absolute advantage and strength to trample all her opponents and reach number 1 in position.

Being invincible was a part of her character.

However, Mira already felt defeated within a few days of «Saint Demon World» going online.

The person who gave her that feeling was none other than [Princess].

Although she was on the mission and could not do everything she wanted, she was still surpassed by that woman despite having CIA’s dedicated support and granted near infinite resources.

She was definitely hurt by that.

Even if she didn’t show anything on the surface, she was still prideful, arrogant, and unwilling to accept defeat deep in her heart.

These days, where she had been surpassed by Yaeger, were terrible for her.

Not only that, she also had to shoulder the immense pressure from her countrymen and her superiors.

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As a proud American, a supreme S-ranked Transcendent, and a Closed Beta player, she was actually surpassed by a Cathay national. It was absolutely humiliating!

“Hehehe, isn’t the eleventh floor your limit? I will go above and beyond that very soon!”

Mira raised her head and shouted loudly.

Her voice gradually dissipated. She took a deep breath and then opened the game interface.

“It’s time to start the live broadcast.”

This live broadcast was to show the world that she had surpassed [Princess] and was about to reach a higher level!

“I’m the real number one!” She clenched her fist and said solemnly.

Clicking on the virtual button, she went live. The broadcast channel in the real world instantly showed a clear video feed.

The American audience instantly went wild. This was their greatest player, their pride and joy!

The same footage also made its way into Cathay devices.

When they saw Mira’s cool pose, beautiful face, and explosive figure, the chat rooms instantly went wild.

“Mira, I love you!”
“Mira, my wife!”
“Go away, that’s my wife!”
“Hahaha, I love using your wife!”
“Heh, entering the tunnel with a toothpick.”
“Stay right there and don’t go. I’ll show you what’s good once I pull out my forty meter machete!”
“Wow, These long legs and 36Ds. I’m dying!”
“She’s so pretty. I love it.”
“This is what a noble looks like!”
“The Queen’s aura is really strong!”
“Mira, come on!”
“Tonight, we are all Americans!”
“Ah, why can’t I choose where to be born?”

Reading these comments, Yaeger’s expression was apathetic.

She was used to seeing people saying: “Tonight, we are XX people.”

Every time a catastrophe happens in other countries (developed countries), online activists would take the lead and offer their prayers and kind blessings.

That sentence would definitely be used. Were these people actually so empathetic and saintly? Obviously not. They simply pandered to everything Western.

[Censor Snip] 

“The quality of life of our country has advanced by too much, but our mentality obviously didn’t improve as fast. As a result, more and more people started to worship Western trash and Westerners. That’s not a good thing.” Yaeger shook her head and sighed.

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Yet, she regained her composure soon enough. In retrospect, these things were totally none of her business.

The government officials would naturally handle it.

In the life feed, Mira entered the eleventh floor.

It used to be a bamboo forest, but it was now a mountain of swords.

All of these swords glistened, as if they would break out of the ground at any moment and kill anyone in front of them!

Mira instantly felt chills down her spine. Her body shivered as if she was plunged into a pool of ice.

“Oh, someone’s finally here to challenge me. I’ve been so bored.”

At this moment, an attractive voice came from the top of the mountain.

Mira looked up.

The audience stared intently at the screen.

Then, everyone’s jaws nearly dropped.


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