Chapter 361 – I Am Jinxi’s Mob Boss!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2344 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1459 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Max Zhou was a Martial Artist, albeit average in strength. His physical resistance was great since he practiced Lateral Training.

At this moment, he hated the fact that he was talentless for the first time ever. If he had practiced other forms at the same time, he wouldn’t be in this much pain!

The moment he saw a black shadow flash into him, Max Zhou was sent flying and crashed into the wall. The powerful impact force broke a good number of his bones and turned his insides.

That deep sensation of pain was impossible to endure!

“Aggghhh!” The next moment, Max Zhou let out a painful squeal and vomited blood. Then, he lost consciousness as he slowly slid down the wall.

He was hung like a painting!

Everyone was stunned after witnessing that instant KO!

They didn’t even know what Yaeger did!

“You, stay away! What I said just now doesn’t count. Now I know that you’re very strong!”

After witnessing Max Zhou’s suffering, Mister Wei, the obese middle-aged man, instantly became sober and spoke nervously.

“I told you to stay away! I… I’m Doug Wei, Jinxi Province’s underworld’s mob boss! If you make enemies with me, your whole family will die!”

As the beautiful figure approached him, the greasy middle-aged man who called himself Mister Doug Wei had a pale expression, became sweaty, and backed off with trembling legs. His pupils shrank to the size of peas.


He received a kick as a response.

“Waaagh!” The moment he saw her beautiful leg on his stomach, intense pain had already wracked his nerves and entered his brain.

Immediately after, his fat body shot out like a cannonball.

Eventually, he slammed into a trash can 3 meters away before tumbling on the ground, looking ridiculous.

However, nobody laughed.

Doug Wei was at least 120 kilograms but was sent flying with one kick.

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Which obviously indicated how horrifyingly strong she was.

The man who had previously said “I love playing with legs” trembled uncontrollably and grinded his teeth.

The scene became silent. Everyone was in utter disbelief, feeling like they were in a dream.

However, the reality was in front of them. They had no choice but to believe what they just saw.

“What a blowout.” Mylene appeared beside Yaeger before they knew it. “Let’s go, sister.”

Seeing that those two people were fine, Mylene already knew that her sister had no plans to escalate things further.

“Well… Wait, it looks like we can waste some more time.” Yaeger came to an epiphany and changed her mind suddenly.

She suddenly remembered her issue with Hitmen—especially that little gremlin, Vera, who had already learned of her approximate whereabouts. If she made her way to Jade Flower Garden while Yaeger was conquering the underground maze, it would be difficult.

Yet, there was still a solution to this problem. All she had to do was to continue increasing her range of activity.

The last time she had exposed herself deliberately didn’t net positive results, in her opinion. She knew it might be better if she allowed someone else to expose her location, in order to confuse Vera.

“Sister?” Mylene was puzzled.

“Since we have nothing to do anyway. We might as well clean up the city’s trash.” Yaeger smiled.

That was the truth. She despised beings who challenged the boundaries of a lawful society.

In the end, everything was Wenzel’s doing.

If Wenzel wasn’t the one who forced her repeatedly and pushed her into a path of no return.

Yaeger wouldn’t end up the way she was now.

‘I did nothing to you but you came right up to me. You’re asking to be killed.’

She wasn’t an ally of justice, nor a defender of peace. Everything would be fine if nobody came to antagonize her.

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But if it happened, all hell would break loose.

The handsome receptionist reacted and quickly reached into his pocket.

There was an alarm inside.

There were 3 alarm buttons, separated by severity.

Right now, he pressed the button of the highest severity.

‘Something big’s happening!’

In usual circumstances, these receptionists and attendants perceived Max Zhou as someone high and mighty and untouchable.

But now, the physically capable and powerful Max Zhou in the entertainment city was now laying on the ground like a dead dog. The turn of events made the handsome receptionist feel a weird sense of joy.

Beep, beep, beep!

The moment he pressed the alarm button of the highest severity, all the specially made phones on the security guards rang.

Inside the surveillance room, the guard captain’s phone also rang. Opening it, accurate locational data was displayed.

The location of the ordeal was clear to see.

He opened the surveillance feed of that place, only to see a greasy middle-aged man in pain.

Then, the guard captain felt very annoyed.

He recognized this greasy middle-aged man—a distinguished individual from Jinxi Province and his boss’ major customer!

He failed in his duty!

He failed. His boss’ valued customer was beaten up in the entertainment center!

The captain instantly felt chills down his spine.

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He couldn’t even imagine how angry his boss would become, and how much trouble would come his way.

However, when he saw Max Zhou lying on the ground like a piece of scrap, he heaved a sigh of relief.

His dereliction of duty would mean nothing since even his superior, Max Zhou, was beaten up to that extent.

Regardless, he wouldn’t face any ramifications.

After calming down, the captain made a phone call.

It took a few seconds before it was accepted.

“Boss, something happened…” The security guard captain summarized the situation.

“Bring that person here.” A guttural voice like a beast’s growl was heard from the phone, terrifying the captain.

He hung up the phone and immediately gave orders to his men.

Clack Clack Clack Clack!

Rushed footsteps were heard in the hallway. A group of security guards in uniform rushed over with serious expressions.

On the other hand, Young Master Chen returned to his senses. He was shocked before feeling incredibly excited.

This mare was wild, aggressive, and tasty enough!

She offered excitement that no other woman could ever compare!

He knew that if he could tame her, his feeling of accomplishment would send him into orbit!

As for the two people lying on the ground, Young Master Chen wasn’t even bothered to discern their identities. At this moment, he was already deeply attracted to Yaeger.

“Beauty, you’re in big trouble.”

Flicking the bangs in front of his forehead, Young Master Chen approached Yaeger with large strides.

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When Yaeger looked over, his sleeve slipped and revealed a golden designer watch, as if it was well rehearsed.

It was a habit that was engraved into his genes. He did it very naturally.

“And where did this little cookie come from?” Yaeger said unhappily. ‘Who’s this clown? Can’t you see I’m busy?’

Young Master Chen almost slipped and fell after hearing the word ‘little cookie’.

‘What kind of new nickname is this?’

“Allow me to introduce myself. Chen Family—Mack Chen. The Lin Family, which is one of the Four Major Families of Roc City, is our relative.”

Mack Chen said proudly.

Everyone was shocked when they heard it.

Although they had never heard of the Chen Family, everyone was familiar with the Lin Family from the Four Major Families. They were actual dynasties with absolute power!

“Oh.” Yaeger replied indifferently.

Young Master Chen was slightly surprised. In usual circumstances, any girl’s eyes would light up the moment they heard that he was a relative to such an affluent family. He had never seen anyone as apathetic as Yaeger.

This aroused his interest even more.

“I can take care of this, beauty. I’ll definitely settle it for you.”

Young Master Chen tapped his chest and spoke confidently.

In his opinion, Yaeger was nothing but a good fighter. In front of a powerful influence, however, she was nothing but a leaf in the ocean which would be easily destroyed by a single wave.

She could only survive as long as she entered the embrace of his strong arms and wide chest.

At this moment, the security guards rushed over and surrounded everyone.

‘Impeccable timing. You all are perfect wingmen!’

Young Master Chen smirked and continued. “Of course, I’ll have to pay a hefty price to fix your issue. Hehe, I’m not doing it for charity. We’re not kids anyway. You understand what I mean?”

He let out an evil grin as he spoke.


He received a slap in return. The powerful impact force made him spin 2 circles in the air before landing on the ground.

“Trash.” Yaeger retracted her hand and glanced at him as if she was looking at trash.


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