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Chapter 307 – Ah, The Heart Tingles! (Part 2)

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2062 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1277 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In the inner-city, residence of [Sword Clan].

As a clan that had existed since the empire’s founding, [Sword Clan] had a massive residence.

However, with a glance, many deserted areas and structures could be seen.

Obviously, anyone could tell that [Sword Clan] had declined considerably when compared to the era when they were at their prime.

There was a secret underground room inside the residence. It was brightly lit, and a barely-alive person was laying on the stone bed with injuries all over his body.

A masked man in black robes stood beside him, along with the flustered Rehn.

The person laying in bed wailed in pain occasionally but he never woke up. It would be nearly impossible to identify this person if nobody knew about what happened in the [Castle Arena].

Indeed, that person in question was Yasa.

At this moment, his face was pale and his physical size had shrunk considerably. He seemed frail and weak, as if he was afflicted with a terrible disease.

“Go and bring me the [Cure-all Drug].” The masked man in black robes, also known as the old patriarch of [Sword Clan], spoke.

Rehn’s body trembled after hearing that. He looked over while feeling disbelief and asked, “the [Cure-all Drug] is our clan’s treasured possession. Are we really using it on Yasa?”

The [Cure-all Drug] was several grades weaker than the [Holy Spirit Drug]. It couldn’t cure all diseases and regenerate lost limbs, but it was still more than enough to completely heal Yasa.

In fact, it was a massive waste.

Because this was an actual life-saving drug that was impossible to buy with money.

“I told you to do it, so just do it. Stop speaking nonsense. Listen to me.” The masked man in black robes was impatient.

“Yes, old patriarch!” Rehn said and instantly left the secret room to fetch the drug.

“Yasa, you’re our clan’s hopes and dreams. I’ll never let anything happen to you.”

Rehn heard those words before he left the secret room and instantly felt overjoyed. Although Yasa wasn’t his biological son, he had been rearing him since young. Hence, both of them had a bond deeper than any other father and son.

Although it was difficult for Yasa to pull himself together after this massive setback, he was confident that Yasa would soar to the skies as long as his father was there to mentor Yasa!

The more Rehn thought about it, the more excited he became. Yet, he had no idea how the old patriarch examined Yasa’s body when he said those words.

Greed! Unadulterated greed!

“Someday… Someday… Hehehehehehehe!” Inside the secret room, a sinister laugh echoed.

By the time Rehn had returned with the drug, the old patriarch had already settled down. He kept his hands behind his back and nobody knew what he was thinking.

“Yasa, here’s your medicine.” Rehn shook the beautiful bottle in his hands, which was filled with a liquid that glowed with pale-green light.

In response, Yasa groaned in pain.

Rehn shook his head while feeling slight anguish. He couldn’t imagine that his nephew would suffer 2 losses within the short span of 2 days.

Moreover, his losses were getting more and more severe. Not only was his body destroyed, Rehn feared that his mental state was the same. He had no idea how Yasa would turn out once he woke up.

However, now was not the time for him to be worried about these things.

He opened Yasa’s mouth and carefully poured the [Cure-all Drug] inside.

A minute later, Rehn put the bottle away as he watched Yasa’s body regenerate at astonishing speeds. This brought him massive relief.

“Old patriarch, I’ll leave to handle some errands.” He stood up and spoke to the masked man in black robes.

“You can go…” Before he finished speaking, his entire body trembled as if he was struck by lightning. An ominous feeling manifested into a chill that spread from the bottom of his feet, piercing through the heart, and surged onto his scalp.

Immediately, he felt a terrible premonition in his heart. He had felt the same thing once before. Back then when that happened, he was an inch away from death.

“Ugh!” The intense pain in his heart made him wail uncontrollably.

“Old patriarch, what’s going on?” Rehn asked urgently.

He simply waved his hand and forcefully suppressed the pain, then spoke, “let’s not worry about this, we should hurry… Otherwise it’ll be too late!”

“Alicia, you don’t look well.” As soon as she exited the stairwell, Yaeger saw the person who spoke sitting on a wooden chair and smirking at her.

Yet, it was an unenergetic smile that wasn’t a pleasant sight to see.

“I’m not doing too well these days. It’s just my usual problems. Don’t worry about it.” Alicia smiled.

“Aside from that, what do you need from me? If it’s something within my capabilities, I will help you.” She instantly changed the subject, obviously unwilling to talk about her health.

Yaeger felt intense pressure crushing down on her as she deeply examined the sickly beauty. Soon, Alicia’s curse would manifest once again.

At the same time, Yaeger had little time left to dispel [Dream Transformation].

She had to remove Alicia’s curse.

She had to dispel [Dream Transformation] from her own active status.

Both of these things were equally important. Hence, she had to prioritize both at the same time and race with time as well. That was the only way to solve this crisis.

“Master, I have something important to report!” Yaeger was just about to say something but Nectar interjected. In her opinion, the information about [Warlock Association] demanded more urgency.

“Nectar, we can talk about it later.” Alicia waved her hand at her and then looked at Yaeger.

“Let’s take care of your business first. I’m not in a hurry.” Yaeger spoke.

“Alright then.” Alicia nodded at her while feeling this pleasure in her heart. “Nectar, what’s the issue?”

“Master, I’ve found something that’s likely to be related to [Warlock Association]. It’s in this recording crystal!”

“What?” Alicia, who was always calm and collected, instantly lost her composure and blurted out after hearing about [Warlock Association].

Intense hatred and spite could be heard in her voice. After receiving the delicate crystal ball, Alicia instantly loaded it with some energy.

Then, everyone could see a holographic projection coming from that crystal. It recorded the duel between Yaeger and Yasa.

Yasa and Yaeger were fiercely battling in mid-air. The footage was incredibly lifelike, as if the actual thing was happening right in front of them.

Alicia’s pupils immediately shrank after seeing the red markings on Yasa’s body. They were similar to [Warlock Markings], but they were different from the ones that she personally saw.

“It’s a little similar. But there’s a big difference.” Alicia said.

Yaeger wanted to say something, but didn’t after slight hesitation.

Soon, in the projection, Yasa surpassed his limits and used [Beastify].

“What kind of power is this?” Alicia was perplexed after witnessing Yasa’s change. Those markings resembled the [Warlock Markings] she knew the more she looked at it. However, it was still the first time that she learned about this ability to transform.

Yaeger still remained silent.

Yasa was defeated soon after and the masked man in black robes showed up. He tried to stab Yaeger with a sword but Lili took action and stopped him. They confronted one another.

“Akkash!” After seeing his sword skills, the red energy shield, and the familiar combat style—Alicia instantly realized that this person was the [Berserk Warrior], Akkash.

He was Akkash, who committed suicide in the palace to prove his innocence!


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