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Chapter 287 – My Dear, This Is Your New Bra

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2232 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1504 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Murderous aura madly surged across the entire room, as if it would topple the entire building.

A blond-haired gangster who just entered instantly turned pale from shock, his body trembled uncontrollably like a stray puppy that was ravaged by a thunderstorm.

A long time later. Tranquility returned to the room once the violent storm subsided.

“What the hell is going on?” Lucky asked.

Typically speaking, [Brotherhood Association] and [Small Sword Group] always minded their own business. Hence, the former would never suddenly confiscate their money for no reason.

After all, the criminal underworld was small and everyone lived in a smaller world. Unless there were blood feuds going on between them, large organizations like [Small Sword Group] and [Brotherhood Association] would never offend the other due to such a trivial benefit.

“Boss, this is what happened…” The blond-haired gangster managed to recover and told him the forum announcement. Then, he used the projector and played the blurry video.

Watching the video with terrible quality, Lucky was first filled with dissatisfaction. However, his expressions changed rapidly after watching [Princess] as she slaughtered everyone else.

“How could she become so powerful? Impossible… Definitely impossible!”
Lucky shook his head intensely.

Few days ago, [Princess] was only determined as a Master of Internal Strength. But now, she somehow seemed like a Pinnacle Master—she was on another level of strength.

Even if she had the greatest talent, it would be impossible for her to achieve such a breakthrough within such a short period of time.

It was unreasonable, very much so—completely against the norms in martial arts training! The more he thought about it, the more perplexed he became.

It was definitely not normal for [Princess] to achieve that. Suddenly, inspiration struck.

“Ronald Tian. It must be him, that damned old dog taught her martial arts! Damn old man! Why are you always targeting me?” In the room, murderous intent swarmed once again.

  • In Dorado, America, A branch of the CIA.

“You’re saying that our security deposit for the bounty is completely drained by [Brotherhood Association]?” Mira tilted her head slightly in confusion.

Although [Brotherhood Association] was not considered to be friendly with the [CIA], they cooperated frequently. Hence, the former had no reason to strain their relationship with the latter for a small amount of money.

“This is because…” The subordinate explained everything about the forums, then played the video.

“Ronald Tian. That old dog definitely did something!” Mira gasped. ‘This damned old man. He’s been targeting us again and again, he must be tired of living!’

  • In a luxury condominium of the Ability Management Department, in Cathay.

The night sky was stunning. An elderly man that seemed to be 70 years old stood on the balcony and sighed while looking at the night sky. “Time waits for no one, it’s truly cruel.”

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This old man was Old Man Tian that everyone cursed at.

“These days, it feels like my back is getting heavier and heavier.” He bent over and smacked his lower back with his hand.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew past him and made him feel inexplicable sadness.

  • In Rosen Hotel.

Yaeger was about to leave after packing the clothes and accessories.

At this moment, Nangong Lin suddenly remembered something and called out to her.

“[Princess], wait a minute, I have something else for you.” Yaeger stopped and directly glanced at her.

As they made eye contact, Nangong Lin’s beautiful face instantly blushed—she seemed very pretty.

“What else do you have for me?” Yaeger asked.

“Yep!” Nangong Lin turned around and extended her slender legs. “I’ll bring it to you right away!”

‘Ah, this sensation of my heart throbbing. It feels terrible, my heart is about to explode!’
Pixie Qin only started to talk with Yaeger after Nangong Lin had exited the room.

“[Princess], if you encounter something that’s hard to deal with, you can let me know anytime. Make sure you don’t forcibly handle everything on your own. You should know that everyone has their limits. When it’s necessary, you can rely on others. As for me, I will always welcome you with open arms whenever you need me. After all, we’re friends.”

There was nothing wrong when a person heard those words. However, if Pixie Qin didn’t stare at Yaeger lecherously while she did that, Yaeger would actually believe it.

“I will, thank you.” Regardless if they had sincere intentions or not, Yeager would still extend the greatest goodwill towards anyone that supported her.

Moreover, Pixie Qin treated her nicely in her past life as well. Although Pixie seemed a little weird now, she could still tolerate it.

“Thank you for waiting!” Nangong Lin returned to the room at the right time with a massive smile on her face.

There was a small bag in her hand. “[Princess], here.”

Yaeger received the bag and asked in curiosity, “what’s in there?”

“It’s a cell phone and a SIM card.” Nangong Lin said.

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“Huh?” Hearing that, Yaeger slightly tilted her head. “Why would you give me these things?”

“[Princess], you have trouble applying for a SIM card, right? So I made the decision on my own and got one for you. Don’t worry, this SIM card is registered by Nangong Conglomerate’s telecommunications company. Aside from me, nobody else will know that it belongs to you. As for the cell phone, it’s custom-made by Nangong Conglomerate also, there will be no security backdoors at all. Please use it without any worry.” Nangong Lin explained.

“You’re such an attentive person. Thank you. It is indeed difficult to handle these things due to my identity.” Yaeger stared at Nangong Lin—it was the first time she realized that this girl was such an excellent person, who resolved all of her troubles very quickly.

She never mentioned those troubles she had to anyone else.

However, she felt relieved after some deliberation. After all, Nangong Lin always was a capable person. Otherwise, she would never be able to control a massive conglomerate.

Since Yaeger used to be prejudiced against her, she would naturally be unable to see any good qualities in her.

“No, you’re welcome. I just decided to do it on my own…”
‘A… Attentive… So exhilarating!’
‘[Princess] praised me! Ah, I’m dying!’

At this moment, Nangong Lin fantasized about explicit scenes that would make anyone’s blood vessels implode.

“I will definitely thank you in action if there’s an opportunity in the future. Pixie Qin, Nangong Lin, I still have something else to handle. Let’s talk later.” Yaeger looked at the time and realized that it was over 12 o’clock. Since she had a duel to attend to tomorrow, she needed a good rest.

The two were all mesmerized as they looked at Yaeger’s beautiful visage as she left by walking on air.

They eventually withdrew their gaze after Yaeger could no longer be seen under the night sky.

The room was quiet.

“I’ve something to handle, I’m going out.” Nangong Lin suddenly said.

“Yes, be quick about it. I still need you to study her clothing combination with me.” Pixie Qin smiled.

Nangong Lin nodded and then left in a hurry.

Seeing that the other person was so obedient, Pixie Qin realized that something was amiss. After some contemplation, she figured something out instantly and ran out as well.

“Little Lin, how dare you hoard all the benefits by yourself!”

“Meow!” At this moment, Nangong Lin, who was holding Yaeger’s swapped sportswear and was about to sneak away, was shocked.

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Immediately after, she saw a black figure pouncing towards her.

Her struggle was in vain. After that, Nangong Lin was forced to give away the sports bra to Pixie and returned to her room with a sorrowful expression.

Soon, she was in ecstasy!

As Yaeger sprinted all the way back home, she would never expect that the clothing that she removed was now being held in the arms of 2 beautiful ladies and she became the subject of their explicit fantasies.

A few minutes later, Yaeger returned to her home and casually tossed the clothes and accessories into her closet. Then, she laid on the bed and started reflecting on the day’s events.

“I’ve been quite arrogant lately. This is bad.” Recalling what happened in that small forest, she was dissatisfied.

“If I had killed Vera straightaway and destroyed her laptop as well, My opponents will never have that video. The same goes to last time when I made an appearance right after gaining strength. As a result, Old Man Tian came up to my doorstep not long after.”

She made a massive mistake twice, because she had gotten arrogant after gaining a substantial increase in her strength!

“I can never do that again in the future.” Yaeger closed her eyes as she spoke. “In the duel tomorrow, I wonder what kind of surprises will [Sword Clan] bring me? I really look forward to it.”

  • In the game.

In some sort of secret room in Jade City.

“Yasa!” A guttural voice resounded and echoed around the room.


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