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Chapter 194 – Our Venerated Ability User

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1820characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1229 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Inner Roc City, at a locally famous bar named Shepherd Dog.

A foreign man who was about 27-28 years old, almost 2 meters tall, had a thin appearance, was wearing a black jacket, had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a thin face walked with large steps towards the bar. Even though his movements were really large, he didn’t make any sound at all.

Perhaps it was simply too noisy inside the bar, so his footsteps couldn’t be heard.

“Maria, long time no see!” The foreigner came up to the bar, bent over, and used his hand to support his chin as he looked at the woman who was making drinks at the bar.

This woman was also a foreigner. Her blonde hair was tied in two ponytails, and her pretty face was white but freckled. She was rather tall, and she had a heroic appearance with her professional attire.

“Viper, how come you’re also in China?” Maria didn’t even glance at him as she asked in a rather casual tone.

“It’s all because of that Princess. The higher-ups are telling me to take her back, and if I’m unable to take her back alive, I can simply kill her.” Viper lowered his voice as he spoke.

There weren’t very many guests in the bar at this time, but it still wasn’t very quiet. Some people with poor manners were speaking with loudspeaker volume, so it was actually quite noisy.

“The spy I inserted into the Ability Management Bureau sent some information back to me. It appears that Princess knows martial arts.” Maria spoke as she mixed drinks with great familiarity.

“Martial arts? Oh, the type where you shout ‘atatatatata’ and act as if you’re dancing?” Viper laughed with a strange tone and twisted his body in a comical manner.

“Your ignorance will make you die a pitiful death.” Maria slowly shook her head. She had seen many people like Viper before who all thought they were incredible just because they had a special ability. Most of those people were now dead.

“Hahaha, I’m so afraid!” Viper patted himself on his chest. “Give me a cocktail.”

“I don’t have any.” Maria couldn’t be bothered with him.

“Hey hey hey, we’re all companions in the same department, so how could you treat me so coldly?” Viper spat out his tongue in displeasure. It turned out that his tongue was actually forked!

“Will you die if you don’t talk?” Maria directly rolled her eyes at him.

This bar was a secret base for America’s Central Intelligence Agency. The bar was just a cover.

“What does that Princess know apart from martial arts?” Viper retracted his tongue as his expression became extremely serious. His blue eyes contained a dark aura.

This was simply how he was. He would play like a maniac when it was playtime, and he would be especially serious when it was time to be serious.

“The spy I sent in is too low of a rank to obtain any more information. However, the agents in inner Roc City are extremely active right now, so it’s highly likely that Princess is in inner Roc City. Won’t you find out everything if you can just find her?” Maria spoke as if it didn’t matter to her.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲ you, I have to look for her myself!?” Viper was extremely displeased to hear this.

“Aren’t you really skilled at tracking? You’ll feel more accomplished if you find her yourself.” Maria gave him a sidelong glance.

“If I have to do everything myself, are the higher-ups just keeping you all around as freeloaders!?” Viper’s eye twitched as he felt a mysterious rage rising in his heart.

Viper was an A-level special ability user who possessed far more authority than a regular special agent would. However, this woman named Maria had even greater authority than he did, which made it difficult for him to erupt.

“Do you believe that I’ll toss you out of here right now?” Maria stopped her drink mixing as a silver light flashed in both her eyes.

Viper’s expression instantly changed when he saw that she was about to use her ability, so he hurriedly said, “I was just complaining. Must you be like this?”

“Get out if you have nothing else. You’re in the way,” Maria stated coldly.

Viper wisely left the Shepherd Dog bar.

“Damned b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, one day I’ll definitely climb on top of your head and viciously ravage you!” Viper angrily made a declaration at the store entrance before he left.

‘I refuse to believe that I can’t find that Princess with my ability! Once I complete the mission, I’m definitely going to really insult her!’ Viper thought to himself.

Yaeger rested for one hour, so her mental fatigue was now gone. Yaeger laid on a picnic cloth, slowly closed her eyes, and entered the game.

She heard a voice right when she appeared in the item store.


Yaeger looked over and saw that Yunuen was energetically hopping over as expected. It seemed that Yunuen was recovering well.

“Let’s go shopping now.” Yaeger smiled as she remembered what she had promised Yunuen.

“Yeah, yeah! I’ve long since wanted to shop in town!” Yunuen smiled cutely as she clenched her small fist and gently waved it around.

The sky was somewhat dark.

On Trade Street, the lights had just been turned on as endless people walked around in a bustling manner.

Yaeger and Yunuen listened to people hawking their wares on the street, looked at all sorts of products, and ate snacks that they bought. The two of them walked from one end of the street to the other until they finally passed Crystal Street and arrived at Jadeleaf Plaza.

“Wow! The fountains are so beautiful at night time!” Yunuen couldn’t help but exclaim when she saw the large fountain glowing faintly silver.

“Yes, it is quite pretty.” Yaeger didn’t really feel anything, since it wasn’t her first time seeing these things. She no longer felt that it was a new experience.

The two of them had fun for almost an hour until Yaeger felt that it was getting late, so she walked out of Jade City with Yunuen.

“Princess, what are we going to do now?” Yunuen asked out of curiosity.

“Find a potion recipe for you to practice with.” Yaeger smiled lightly. “We should walk faster. The faster we get the potion recipe, the earlier we can rest tonight.”

“Yeah! I’ll work hard!” Yunuen clenched her small fist with a serious expression.

After walking south of Jade City for a bit, the two of them arrived at a forest.

“Yunuen, you’ve been making potions for all this time recently, so your physical abilities have likely gotten rusty.” Yaeger stopped walking.

“Not at all, it’s been less than a day. There’s no reason for my physical abilities to decline.” Yunuen objected.

“I think that they’ve declined. If you don’t believe me, try for yourself.”

Before she even finished speaking, Yaeger brought out her Berserk Thunder bow and shot furiously towards the front.

The next instant, several dozen completely red monkeys half the height of a human flew out with furious expressions. They were making piercing screeching sounds from their wide-open mouths.

These monkeys still had some remnant purple lightning across their bodies as their blood-shot eyes glared at the two humans in front of them.


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