Chapter 168 – I Am a Mysterious Assassin

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1528 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1054 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Several meters away was a mysterious man with thin lips who appeared like a ghost. He was about 1.9 meters tall, had a thin body, and was wearing black clothes, a black cape, and a black mask on his face which revealed a pair of blue eyes.

He walked over slowly while holding a rusty sword in his right hand. He gave off a dark and cold aura that nobody should get close to him. Upon closer look, his ears were actually furry!

“Maiden, you should wither just like a flower at dusk.”

The mysterious man suddenly spoke up.

“Forgive me that I am unable to tell you my name, for I am just like the endless darkness, deep and mysterious.”

As he said this, his aura became even darker, colder, and stronger. It seemed as if the air around him was being distorted as faint ripples began to spread.

Killing intent suddenly spread everywhere.

At this moment…

“Princess, this NPC named [Gellar] is so strange,” Yunuen suddenly remarked.

Yaeger was about to prepare for battle when she almost stumbled upon hearing this. ‘Yunuen, there’s something known as understanding without revealing. Can’t you tell that he’s trying to act cool?’

The mysterious man’s pupils instantly contracted as he looked at Yunuen with an expression filled with fear. “This woman actually knows my name!?”

“Your name is clearly on top of your head, yet you’re saying something like ‘Forgive me that I am unable to tell you my name.’ Do you really need to tell others about something that can be seen so easily?” Yunuen had a confused expression.

Yaeger was instantly rendered speechless as she glanced at Yunuen while thinking, ‘Her ability to ruin the atmosphere is truly strong.’

‘What!? This girl is actually capable of identifying my true name with her naked eye… This is terrifying. I absolutely can’t leave her alive!’

The mysterious man was stunned as he secretly resolved to immediately kill this priest girl after he eliminated Princess!

“Gellar, is it? You want to kill me?” Yaeger originally didn’t have any intentions of chatting with him as she preferred to directly fight, but now she had lost her interest in fighting after Yunuen ruined the mood.

In normal situations, all players could see all NPCs’ names. However, there were some special NPCs or NPCs who were concealing their identities that were impossible to see the names of.

This Gellar was a red-named NPC. His name would be easily visible to any player no matter how he tried to hide his identity.

That was because red-named NPCs were mostly wanted criminals or highly dangerous individuals. There would be detailed information available at the local city, which was why the local players could check such information at any time.

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For instance, for this Gellar, Yaeger immediately saw his information just by looking closer at him.

Name: Gellar
Sex: Male
Species: Wolfman
Age: 30
Level: 25

Introduction: Gellar is a member of the assassination organization [Shadow Wolves]. He is extremely active in the Jade Empire, and has killed many famous nobles as well as commoners before. He’s currently wanted by the Jade Empire. Danger level: Bronze.

“That’s right. Maiden, your life shall end here today.” Gellar had already calmed himself down as a chill appeared in his blue eyes. “No, both of you are going to die here.”

“Did Bain tell you to come kill me?”

Yaeger responded quite casually without caring about Gellar’s threat.

Back when she first entered Jade City, the system had reported the latest favorability ratings towards her.

An NPC named [Bain] had suddenly become her mortal enemy then.

Yeager was now friendly with the 7th princess, so it obviously wasn’t Kastina.

If another royal wanted to deal with her, they wouldn’t have needed to go through the trouble of using an assassin, as they simply could have used the guards in the city. Someone more extreme might even just directly send the army.

Thus, Yaeger couldn’t think of anyone at all who would hire an assassin to kill her apart from Bain.

As for why Bain hated her so much…

Yaeger suddenly recalled the greedy low level noble Hades from Broken Leaf City.

Killing Hades was the only thing she could think of that she had done recently which would attract hate.

This Bain might be Hades’ relative or friend, which was why he suddenly started hating her. Thus, it wouldn’t be strange at all if Bain sent an assassin after her.

Gellar’s pupils contracted again upon hearing this. ‘This girl actually knows who hired me. Does she know how to read my mind!? This is terrifying, I absolutely can’t leave her alive… wait a minute, I was supposed to kill her originally anyways!’

Yaeger knew that her guess had been correct when she saw the changes in his expression.

‘Is this a new quest chain? Unfortunately, no quest has popped up for me. Still, it doesn’t matter if this is a quest or not, as I will benefit regardless. Killing a red-named NPC will give me an experience reward, and if I’m lucky, I’ll even get some loot,’ Yaeger thought to herself.

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In the game, you could kill red-named NPCs without having a negative effect with your faction, and you would even be rewarded with a small red flower.

That was right, you could receive an abundant reward by turning in the head of a red-named NPC.

“Hmph, you two are about to die soon, so there’s no need for you to know anything more. Wither.”

Gellar immediately took a step forward and flashed. He reached in front of Yaeger with just a single quick step as he stabbed directly at her heart with his rusty sword!

“I think you have… no, just die.” Yaeger had a calm expression as she watched the rusty sword stab at her with a powerful gale. She reached out with her pretty hand and swung at the speed of lightning to knock away the sword attacking her.

Yaeger then stepped forward powerfully with her left foot and shattered the ground, causing cracks to spread like a spiderweb.

The next instant.

“Have you ever tasted a proletarian Rising Dragon Punch?”


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