Chapter 167 – I’ve Confirmed It

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1920 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1342 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“I invited you guys to discuss how to deal with Princess.”

S.K.Y. was the first to speak. The topic was the exact same as last time, but this time he didn’t pretend to adjust a nonexistent pair of eyeglasses.

Only after Yaeger left Newbie Village 101 did S.K.Y. log back on again. He used the [Power of Money] to successfully reach level 10.

When Crystal Heart heard this, she had an expression that it really was about this same topic again. She then rolled her eyes as she thought, ‘Does your family know just how foolishly suicidal you are?’

To be honest, Crystal Heart really didn’t want to antagonize Princess.

Laughing at the Sky didn’t say anything, but his mouth arched up slightly in a sarcastic manner.

S.K.Y. ignored their attitudes and continued, “I believe that you two must have realized already that it’s highly likely that Princess possesses the [Chaos God Ring].”

“Isn’t there no concrete evidence yet?” Crystal Heart replied calmly. Of course, she was still interested in the topic of Divine Equipment.

Laughing at the Sky still didn’t say anything.

S.K.Y. snapped his fingers, which made the player Vast Sky standing behind him immediately open up an interface to show the information that he prepared beforehand.

The first thing they saw was a video of Yaeger fighting, followed by a series of numerical analyses.

“At first, I thought that Princess’s strength came from purple equipment, but take a closer look at this video of her in combat.”

S.K.Y. pointed at the one on one battle between Yaeger and Kahn. “Look at this. Princess directly used a punch to knock him back, and she even used her fist against a sword. Can ordinary players possibly do such a thing? That’s right, it’s impossible. Princess dared to do this because of the Divine Equipment!”

S.K.Y. then pointed at the [Chaos God Ring]’s stats. “All resistances increased by 50%. This heaven-defying effect is what Princess relies on!”

“Now, take a look at her battle against the Wind Wolf King. Although only the part outside the city is relatively clear, it’s already plenty as evidence. Princess’ attack speed is obviously explosive in this video. It’s definitely more than twice as fast as when she was dealing with the NPCs in the resurrection plaza, don’t you agree? Without a doubt, this is the Divine Equipment’s other special effect of increasing attack speed by 200%!”

S.K.Y.’s team gathered every single video there was of Yaeger in combat and analyzed the videos in great detail. In the end, they concluded that there was almost a 100% chance that Yaeger possessed the Divine Equipment [Chaos God Ring].

Almost every player suspected that it was in Yaeger’s possession ever since the [Chaos God Ring]’s information was exposed. However, very few had analyzed Yaeger in such detail as S.K.Y. had.

“We already know everything that you’re saying.” Crystal Heart supported her chin with one hand as she spoke emotionlessly.

“The problem is, even if Princess isn’t in red name status with red name skills, her demonic reaction speed and that damned paralysis effect can kill us all as she shoots us like she would a bunch of unmoving targets,” Laughing at the Sky commented.

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Before, they had been blinded by greed, and they hadn’t researched deeply about Princess’ true strength. Now that they had calmed down and seriously analyzed her, they knew that there was almost no chance at victory.

Not only that, Princess was now training at Jade City, so once they finished the final quest in Newbie Village 101, Princess would definitely be at an even higher level. There really would be no hope of victory at all then.

“Hahaha.” S.K.Y. suddenly laughed with a dark and bone-chilling tone.

“Why are you laughing?” Crystal Heart couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m laughing because your information gathering abilities are such trash!” S.K.Y. brought out a screenshot from the Equipment Ranking from a few hours ago.

The two others both felt really angered when they heard this, but then their eyelids twitched when they saw the screenshot.

They discovered that Yaeger’s [Purple Sky Crossbow] had actually become [Purple Sky Crossbow – Berserk Thunder].

The equipment had obviously leveled up!

The original purple bow was already ridiculous enough, yet it had actually been leveled up. They absolutely couldn’t win against Princess!

It was time to retreat!

Crystal Heart and Laughing at the Sky instantly wanted to leave as the final bit of greed in their hearts vanished at this moment.

“Take a look at these stats.” S.K.Y. smiled and opened up another screenshot.

Crystal Heart and Laughing at the Sky glanced over. At first, they didn’t notice anything, but then their expressions became ridiculously distorted as they looked.

“Hahahahaha, that dog princess finally had such a thing happen to her!” Laughing at the Sky laughed wildly.

“It appeared to improve, but it actually worsened. This is great!” Crystal Heart clenched her small fist tightly as she beat the table with great force, which made some muffled thuds.

It was quite obvious to anyone that the [Purple Sky Crossbow] had become far weaker after it was leveled.

The paralysis effect that they feared the most had been switched out for an AOE attack with a pitifully low activation rate.

The greed which had just disappeared now reappeared in their hearts and began to furiously grow like weeds.

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“Comrades, Divine Equipment, orange random equipment boxes, purple random equipment boxes, blue random equipment boxes, and a tremendous amount of high level potions are just waiting for us to pick them up. Shall we go pick them up, or pick them up?”

S.K.Y. adjusted a pair of nonexistent glasses as a sharp look appeared in his eyes.

In his opinion, since the purple bow had lost its paralysis effect, even if Yaeger had demonic reaction speed, her sword formation, and 50% resistances, she would still absolutely die if she was surrounded and hunted down by tens of thousands of players!”

“Of course, we’re going to pick them up!” Laughing at the Sky ran his fingers through his hair to reveal a face that seemed like a soft little piggy.

“Haha, agreed.” Crystal Heart had her eyes narrowed as she smiled.

Vast Sky immediately clenched his fist when he heard the two guild leaders’ responses. He mentally shouted, ‘Dog princess, it’s time for you to die!’

“Damn! The blackhearted Princess obtained yet another new purple equipment!” A player who was browsing the equipment ranking in the adventurers guild suddenly shouted out loud.

Another player was bored with nothing to do, so he was browsing the rankings and suddenly shouted, “Wow, the level ranking is available now, and the blackhearted Princess has already reached level 23!”

“It’s getting late, so I should be drinking my afternoon tea. Bye!” Crystal Heart’s face paled as she hurriedly waved her small hand and immediately logged out of the game after she heard these two latest pieces of news.

“Ahhh, my right hand hurts…” Laughing at the Sky covered his face with his left hand as he opened the game interface with his right hand and made strange noises. He then immediately logged off as well.

S.K.Y. and Vast Sky were left standing there with stunned expressions.

It felt as if a pitiful and cold wind blew through the adventurers guild.

Outside Jade City.

“Princess, this flower really suits you!” Yunuen’s eyes were shining as she looked at Yaeger’s new appearance.

The two of them were chatting on the road back to the city. It was obvious that they were far more relaxed than when they left the city.

“Yeah, it’s not bad.” Yaeger smiled. It was obvious that she really liked the [Flower of the Tall Peak].

“Princess…” Yunuen wanted to say something else, but a chilly voice interrupted her.

“I’ve confirmed it. You are the person that I want to kill.”

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