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Chapter 161 – I, Vincent, Am Back!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1762 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1218 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Nangong stuck her head out the window and saw that there wasn’t any human-shaped splatter at the bottom. She then immediately turned to look at Elder Tian and Xina Chen as her gaze became severe and somewhat hostile.

“Sir, what was just that now, and why did you hit my [Princess]?”

That was her Princess, whom she loved the most, who was actually sent flying by a single punch from him!

She felt so much pain and hate inside.

The fight just now had finished in merely an instant. From Nangong’s angle, she saw this old man punch Princess at lightning speed, and that was it.

Luckily, Princess possessed unimaginable strength, or she would have been finished!

“I won’t give you guys a good time unless you give me a reasonable explanation.” Sachiel’s expression was like ice as she said this.

She knew that Princess was really amazing, but she didn’t know that Princess was amazing to the point where she would still be alright after jumping down from a height of more than ten stories.

At the time, Sachiel had been so scared that her heart almost stopped beating and her soul almost left her body.

“It was because of the Divine Equipment.”

“What?” Sachiel and Nangong were both caught by surprise. Divine Equipment? What the hell?

They were busy doing bloodline quests, so they hadn’t paid any attention at all to the recent major news. That was why they didn’t know that Yaeger was suspected by everyone of possessing a Divine Equipment.

Xina slowly explained it to them.

Nangong’s expression immediately became icy after she heard this. “Your protection is to send her flying with a single punch!?”

“Haha, I suspect that Princess might never appear again after you guys take her away!” Sachiel had a chilly look in her eyes.

Although the two still didn’t know what was so special about this game, both of them were from outstanding families, so they had better foresight than ordinary people. They had already noticed that something was out of the ordinary due to the Ability Management Department’s actions.

“I apologize. I was having too much fun, so I didn’t pay attention to holding back.”

Actually, Elder Tian hadn’t used all his strength at all. Yaeger had borrowed the momentum from his punch to run away, which was why it seemed like he had sent her flying with a single punch.

“Ha, nice of you to have so much fun.” Nangong chuckled coldly.

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“This place doesn’t welcome you. Hurry and leave!”

Xina wanted to explain more, but she immediately felt regret when she saw how icy and hostile the two girls’ expressions were. If only she’d known that Elder Tian would be such a terrible teammate, she would have taken Mylene with her instead.

However, there was no use crying over spilled milk. Xina and Elder Tian went back into the elevator under the icy gazes of the two girls.

The elevator door slowly closed as it then descended.

“Elder Tian, you were too rash just now,” Xina mentioned in a soft voice.

Originally, a subordinate like her shouldn’t have talked like that to a superior, but Elder Tian wasn’t an outsider, so it didn’t matter.

“Rash? I suppose you could say that I was rash. I haven’t been this rash for so long already.” Elder Tian was expressionless. No matter if it was excitement or rashness, his emotions had long since disappeared 52 years ago after his battle with Lucia [Silver Wolf] in the Himalaya Mountains.

That battle had been earthshaking and incredibly violent.

Elder Tian barely managed to win in the end. However, he paid a heavy price.

He became a master at 18 years old and was undefeated in all of China. He was considered an absolute genius who was China’s greatest hope at entering the martial saint realm.

However, he forever lost the hope of becoming a martial saint due to this battle.

But if you asked Elder Tian if he regretted fighting against Silver Wolf, his answer would be no.

He would never regret fighting for the sake of his country!

“It’s not a bad thing for someone with half a foot in the coffin to occasionally have some excitement.” Elder Tian smiled.

Xina felt some pain in her heart when she heard this. Even a formerly undefeatable hero would one day grow old and die.

“Perhaps it was just a mistaken impression, but I actually felt a sliver of martial saint aura from that girl…” Elder Tian muttered to himself with his eyes closed.

“Elder Tian, did you say something just now?”

“Nothing at all.” Elder Tian reopened his eyes. “We’re here.”

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With a ding, the elevator door opened.

On the hotel’s top floor.

“Auntie, will Princess be alright?” Sachiel asked with worry.

“I don’t know. I hope that she will be safe.” Only now did Nangong realize that she didn’t have Princess’ contact information in real life. “I’ll go into the game and check things out.”

“You’re not going to eat?”
“I’m not eating.”
“No, you must eat something no matter what.” Sachiel pulled on her hand. “We don’t know yet when Princess will log on again.”
“Okay, let’s eat something.” Nangong didn’t have any appetite at all. All she felt in her heart was worry, but she still obediently went with Sachiel to eat something.

As for what she ate? She had no idea.

In a certain alleyway.

“Cough!” Yaeger spat out some fresh blood with a pale expression. “This is the first time that this body of mine has been injured in real life. That stinky old man is so strong! Damn it, I’m going to show him up eventually one day!”

She originally thought that their fight would be a test at first before things got serious. She never expected that Elder Tian would begin seriously from the very start, which left Yaeger somewhat unprepared.

“That old man must be grandmaster level. It’s my bad luck to meet such an opponent.”

Yaeger wiped away the traces of blood on her lips. She then discovered that her energy absorption rate had become faster yet again. It seemed as if her injuries were gradually recovering.

“So it can even increase my healing speed.” She couldn’t help but smile. This [Automatic Energy Absorption] skill seemed to have mutated upon entering real life.

Yaeger then suddenly slapped her head. “I’m an idiot! [Devourer] is capable of devouring energy to decrease damage, so why did I force myself to take that old man’s punch!?”

However, she then thought about how [Devourer] had a 12 hour cooldown period. She couldn’t use a lifesaving skill like this one as she pleased.

Yaeger made a gesture with her pretty hand, causing some trash around her to begin to float.

“Previously when I had to step on glass to run away, that doesn’t look very cool. Just when will I be like a sword saint and be able to fly while stepping on a sword?”

Yaeger smiled with her heart being filled with expectations.

Roc City, eastern airport.

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Vincent and Mitch finally arrived in Roc City on a flight that came from San Francisco.

Right when they left the airport, a group of hoodlums that seemed like gangsters suddenly swarmed them and kept calling out Vincent’s name.


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