Chapter 160 – Can’t Win, I Really Can’t Win This Time

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2069 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1488 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

This old man who wore casual attire appeared to be around 70 years old. He had an ordinary appearance, yet his eyes seemed to be as sharp as swords.

Right when he appeared, Yaeger felt a sense of danger that she had never felt before in her life. She couldn’t help but recall the time that she met a python in Xiaoya Bay. That overwhelming sensation was something that had truly made her afraid.

This old man wasn’t simple!

No, that wasn’t all, he was basically stronger than any human she had ever seen before!

No, wait, was he even human? Perhaps he was a monster wearing human skin!?

Was he at the peak of master level, or was he grandmaster level!?

The two of them exchanged glances. The old man smiled at her as if he was a tiger smiling at his prey!

An almost physical force seemed to instantly fill this room.

Yaeger could faintly see a slightly black aura emanating from the old man’s body.

“Elder Tian, we’re here to protect Princess, not to have a fight!”

A familiar figure emerged from the elevator at this time. It was Xina Chen.

Only then did Nangong manage to react as she saw someone familiar. She hurriedly asked, “Sister Xina, what is all this?”

“This…” Xina was immediately interrupted by Yaeger before she could speak.

“I don’t need your protection. Please go back.”

The old man before her gave her far too much pressure. She felt the mistaken impression as if her life was in his clutches.

Yaeger really disliked, even hated this type of sensation. If she couldn’t control her own fate after her reincarnation, then what difference would there be from her past life?

Negotiating with an existence like this would be for naught until she obtained sufficient strength.

She should escape!

Right when she thought of this, an even more powerful aura exploded from Elder Tian’s body, making it feel as if space itself was distorting.

Yaeger instantly felt as if she was being restrained, as if she had fallen into a sticky pool that made it difficult for her to move.

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“Princess, nice to meet you. My name is Ronald Tian. I’m a consultant for the Ability Management Department. You can call me Elder Tian.”

Elder Tian suddenly began to introduce himself as his gaze gradually became even sharper.

“Just as Xina previously mentioned, we are here to protect you. Please don’t make things difficult for us.”

His words were polite, but his aura felt like a mountain was crushing down upon her.

Yaeger furrowed her dainty eyebrows. She truly didn’t want to get involved with the Ability Management Department too early. The Ability Management Department had many different internal factions with complex relationships.

She even suspected that in her past life, it was highly likely that she had been sent to the frontlines in the first group because she was too handsome and had antagonized the leader in charge of the combat situation at the time, whose surname was Dragon.

The Dragon Family had a significant amount of influence in China. They also had a great deal of power in the Ability Management Department.

At the time, Yaeger and all the other Chinese players were all under the management of the Ability Management Department.

With Yaeger’s current power level, she would still be under their management.

With that said, Yaeger now recalled that the guy surnamed Dragon was also one of her enemies that she wanted to kill sooner or later.

“What if I continue to say no?” Yaeger felt that there was a 90% chance she wouldn’t win in a fight. As she said this, she was already preparing for a tactical retreat.

Elder Tian’s smile became deeper when he heard this.

“Don’t blame this old man for using force then!” As he spoke, he took a step and immediately shattered the expensive tile. His powerful aura actually even sent the shards flying.

“Nangong, Sachiel, you two return to your rooms right now!”

Yaeger waved her hand at the two stunned girls. Even now, they still didn’t understand what was going on. They only knew that a vicious fight was about to occur.

Nangong wanted to stay, but Sachiel forcibly dragged her away. Sachiel knew how amazing Yaeger was, so she wasn’t too worried.

Xina backed away several meters so that she wouldn’t be injured by the battle’s shockwaves.

This was the top level of the hotel. The hallway was extremely spacious, so it could somewhat be used to fight in.

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“Elder Tian, is it? I’m the type who really respects the young and the elderly. Fists and feet don’t have eyes, so it would be bad if I accidentally injured you. How about we sit down together and drink some tea or eat some buns? Let’s just have a good talk,” Yaeger stated casually.

Of course, she didn’t really want to eat or drink together with him. Instead, she was searching for a path of retreat.

It was obviously impossible to take the stairs.

That would require getting past Elder Tian first.

Could she jump down from the window behind her?

This was more than ten stories high. There was nothing around at all that she could slow the force of her fall with.

If she fell down from such a height, she wouldn’t die, but it would hurt, a lot, an extreme amount.

‘Wait a moment… If there’s nothing to break my fall, can’t I simply make something that will?’

“Haha, what an amusing girl. However, I don’t like to joke around. Be careful!”

Elder Tian suddenly took a step forward, causing the floor to instantly crack as a large amount of shards shot up. He then moved like a cannonball that had just been shot as he jumped forward with a large fist rushing towards Yaeger at the speed of lightning.

This was a charging fist that emphasized speed and power.

Yaeger felt as if she really was facing a cannonball right now. She sensed mentally that this would be difficult to block.

Upon seeing the fist rapidly get closer to her, she immediately tapped the ground with her feet and speedily retreated.

However, Elder Tian’s fist continued to follow after her without slowing down, while carrying endless power.

Yaeger found that she couldn’t dodge in time, so she hurriedly crossed her arms in front of her chest.

The next instant, Elder Tian’s fist crashed with great force upon her wrist. An incomparably strong force completely exploded against her and shot Yaeger backwards as if a truck had run into her at top speed.

It felt like numerous ripples swiftly spread in midair and whipped up a torrential gust.

“…” Yaeger felt a pressure in her chest as her hands felt like a heavy hammer had viciously smashed into them. She felt such pain that she could no longer feel her hands, while she tasted metallic rust in her throat from blood.

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After taking this blow, she realized quite clearly that there was a 95% chance that she wouldn’t win!

Of course, if she went all out without regards to her life, there was a 50% chance that she might win.

But, was that really necessary?

It wasn’t!

Yaeger took advantage of her momentum from being shot backwards and used her shoulder to break the glass window as she charged outside.

“No!” Xina and Nangong shouted in shock simultaneously, while Sachiel remained stunned where she stood.

“Girl!” Elder Tian also panicked. After his attack just now, he knew already that Yaeger was only at the peak of master level. For her, falling down from such a tall height would definitely result in severe injuries.

He was supposed to be protecting her!

Elder Tian immediately moved over to the window and glanced out. His eyes then immediately widened in surprise as he stared in disbelief at what he was seeing.

Yaeger was actually moving at high speed in midair by continuously stepping on small pieces of glass!

“The art of jumping in midair!” Elder Tian suddenly recalled a technique recorded in ancient books. He immediately inhaled a cold breath, which was followed by a sharp pain in his chest as he spat out some old blood.

“Elder Tian!” Xina immediately noticed that something was wrong and rushed over.

“It’s nothing, it’s just an old injury flaring up again.” Elder Tian waved his hand and glanced outside again, but he couldn’t see Yaeger’s figure again no matter what. “That girl managed to escape.”

He was actually smiling as he said this.

Nangong and Sachiel hurried over to the window. Only when they heard this did the panic and worry in their hearts lessen slightly.

Xina felt pain in her heart as she looked at Elder Tian. Fifty plus years ago, he had been the person closest to achieving the level of martial saint, but now…

Sigh, she could only gently sigh.


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