Chapter 152 – But, I Refuse!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1744 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1187 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Princess, fight for the emperor’s position together with me.” Alicia thought that Yaeger didn’t hear her, so she repeated herself.

Yaeger still didn’t really understand as she was stunned.

Fight for who’s emperor position?

She glanced up above, as if she could see through the ceiling and at the sky, where the words [World’s Will] and [Destiny] were written.

‘Does this mean that I, [Princess], am supposed to become the emperor?’

Yaeger suddenly shivered when she thought of this. What a joke this was. Was she already tired of living?

“I’m sorry, I think I had a problem with my wording. Princess, I want to usurp the throne, and I hope that you can assist me.”

Alicia hurriedly corrected her wording problem when she saw Yaeger’s strange expression. Only then did Yaeger regain her senses, but then Yaeger immediately furrowed her dainty eyebrows as her expression became strange again. This mysterious first princess actually wanted to usurp the throne! On top of that, she wanted Yaeger to help!

‘What help could I possibly be as a level 15 adventurer? Isn’t this story quest way too difficult?’

“First Princess, did I hear you correctly? You mean that you want to drag your older brother off his throne and take his place?” Yaeger couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, you heard correctly. Ever since my foolish older brother started ruling this country, the Jade Empire’s national strength has been decreasing every day. Over the past ten-plus years, the Jade Empire’s status in the southern continent has continuously diminished, while the neighboring Sky Empire is getting stronger every day, and our relationship is no longer as friendly as it was 100 years ago. Recently, the Sky Empire keeps challenging us and is continuously harming our reputation in the land. Back in the day, that genius youth [Kahn] from the [Sword Clan] had his engagement annulled by the [Shield Clan] from the Sky Empire. I trust that you’ve also heard of this? However, what’s laughable is that even now, ordinary citizens in the Jade Empire still believe that this is only the [Sword Clan] becoming a laughing stock. However, the laughingstock is actually our empire, our royalty! The [Shield Clan] wasn’t only slapping the [Sword Clan] in the face, but rather our entire empire! Even a small guard clan from the Sky Empire can ride on our heads and do as they please. What is this if not national humiliation? The empire’s authority, the empire’s face, have all been lost completely by my foolish, useless, and wretched older brother! Recently, the Sky Empire has been even more brazen in bullying us. They keep causing conflict with us at the border, trying to start a war so that they can invade and take our land. Yet, my useless older brother keeps compromising and appeasing them. If this goes on for too long, not only will our empire lose all authority, we likely won’t even be able to keep our lands. The foundation that our ancestors conquered will all be destroyed by his hands. This is an ending that I and my ancestors’ spirits don’t wish to see. That’s why I must steal the throne from him and protect my ancestors’ accomplishments!”

Alicia became more and more emotional as she spoke. It seemed as if her beautiful eyes were about to spit flames.

Yaeger basically heard everything in one ear and out the other. Why should an outsider like her care about the Jade Empire’s future? Still, Yaeger did get slightly serious after hearing Kahn’s name.

It turned out that Kahn’s main character quest was connected to this hidden quest. It was obvious that the [Shield Clan] annulling the engagement was due to politics. Khan had simply gotten involved.

If the Jade Empire had been strong, then even if Kahn’s engagement was canceled, the [Shield Clan] wouldn’t have made such a commotion about the annulment for a vicious slap in the face.

In the end, it was because the Jade Empire wasn’t strong enough that someone else pushed them down and viciously slapped them in the face.

Yaeger couldn’t help but smile after she understood the relationship between everything. It turned out that Kahn had simply been a small sacrifice in the conflict between two countries.

One individual wouldn’t be important at all to the two empires. Khan was rather pitiful. Yaeger sympathized with him for 0.1 seconds.

“Princess, you’re the [Child of Destiny], and the only hope in my life. I implore you here to assist me.”

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Alicia stood up and slightly bent her back as she spoke to Yaeger in a sincere tone.

“What’s in it for me if I help you to usurp the throne?” Yaeger inquired.

She would never do anything that didn’t have benefits for her. Additionally, the system had yet to give her any quest, which meant that no quest had been successfully activated yet, so agreeing wouldn’t have any meaning.

“Once I succeed, I shall give you the status of an outsider princess with actual authority here. In Jade City, your authority will be second only to mine!”

Alicia spoke without any hesitation. She had a serious look in her eyes.

Yaeger didn’t respond. She was waiting for the system to give her a quest. However, no quest appeared even after waiting for several seconds.

Alicia became anxious because she thought that Yaeger felt the reward wasn’t good enough.

“If you’re still not satisfied, I can also give you my virgin body.”

Alicia then removed her veil and revealed a mature face that was filled with sexiness, which when combined with her beautiful purple rose-like eyes, she truly had the ability to capture a person’s heart.

She had such magical charm!

Yaeger arched her eyebrows as her heartbeat instantly started beating rapidly. She never expected that hidden in the Jade Empire was such a beautiful woman whose appearance and charisma were only slightly less than her own!

Alicia kept looking straight at her while also opening up her robe with her white jade-like hand. The black robe fell to the ground and revealed an astonishingly sexy figure. Alicia was actually wearing very little clothing inside! Her figure was truly something to behold.

Yaeger was rather stunned at the sight. Although Alicia’s figure wasn’t as good as her own, it was still at an excellent level!

It seemed as if time was frozen at this moment.

Alicia’s body trembled slightly as a red blush gradually appeared on her cheeks. She was really giving it her all. It was all for the sake of obtaining the [Child of Destiny]’s favor!

Otherwise, the only ending for her was death. Alicia felt as if she could hear the footsteps of the death god coming for her. There was less than half a year left until she would die!

Yaeger blinked. Being officially conferred the status of a princess, and even voluntarily offering up her virgin body? These conditions sounded fantastically wonderful. Would anyone not agree?

“Your conditions are outstanding and incredibly tempting.”

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Alicia tightly clenched her hands as her expression became excited upon hearing this.


“But, I refuse!”


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