Chapter 151 – Never Expected You to Be Like This, First Princess

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1821 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1180 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

It was dark inside the room. Yaeger could faintly see a woman sitting there quietly with a black robe, veil on her face, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, and purple eyes that shone with the color of gems.

“Please enter.” That sultry voice which made one’s bones go numb spoke up again.

Yaeger hesitated for a moment and then entered. As long as nothing suddenly happened to the favorability rating, then this person wouldn’t harm her.

Of course, certain special situations might occur, but such things wouldn’t have anything to do with Yaeger, because her luck stat was so high that it was really unlikely for her to get super unlucky.


The door automatically closed, leaving the entire room pitch dark.

A light suddenly lit up. Right after that, an invisible force covered the entire room.

Yaeger instantly became vigilant as she clenched her hands tightly. An icy chill flashed through her eyes.

“Relax. This is a sound barrier that keeps all sound inside. I want to talk about something very important with you, so please don’t mind.”

The woman who was supposedly the first princess spoke in a soft voice. She didn’t refer to herself as a princess. Perhaps she was either intentionally lowering herself to be humble, or maybe she wasn’t a princess at all.

Hearing this, Yaeger sensed the aura around her and found that there was no danger. Only then did she somewhat relax as she asked in a soft voice, “May I ask if you are the first princess?”

This woman who was hiding her appearance was showing that she was level 30. However, her name was concealed.

“That’s right. My name is Alicia, and I am a 72nd generation princess of the Jade Empire.” As she said this, the name [Alicia] appeared above her head.

Yaeger checked her information and saw that her status really did say [First Princess].

Without a doubt, she was the real one.

“What important matter did you have to discuss with me?” Yaeger didn’t respect the royalty one bit. Who could possibly compare to her when it came to status?

She could easily suppress any royal by randomly showing off any of her statuses.

Unfortunately, here in the Jade Empire, her statuses would not bring any useful authority to her, there wasn’t even any meaning in showing off.

“[Princess], do you believe in fate?” Alicia asked a question instead of answering Yaeger’s question.

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“Is it important if I believe in it or not?”

“I believe in fate, because it was fate that guided us to meet.” Right after Alicia’s sultry voice finished speaking, several dozen cards suddenly appeared in front of Yaeger.

These cards floated in midair and turned in an orderly fashion. There was an indescribable strange power that could be faintly detected.

“I know just a little bit of fortune-telling that can spy on some traces of [Fate]. Through these traces, I found that my hope for changing my own fate lies with you.”

First princess Alicia’s amethyst-like eyes stared at Yaeger as a strange light flashed through her eyes. Right after that, the cards floating in midair dissipated, leaving only three floating in front of Yaeger.

The cards were:


Among them, the [Emperor] card was upside-down.

Yaeger’s eyes instantly went icy when she saw the [Destiny] and [Princess] cards. Weren’t those two cards combined together her title?

“What do these mean?” She couldn’t help but ask.

Nobody would be able to see her titles if she didn’t show them intentionally. It was obvious that Alicia had found her through fortune-telling, rather than seeing her title.

‘Know just a little bit of fortune-telling? Who would believe that!?’

“I knew that you would find it really strange. However, I didn’t find you through fortune-telling.” Alicia seemed to read her mind. “If you didn’t appear in my information network and catch my interest, then I wouldn’t have told your fortune.”

“I caught your interest?” Yaeger became more and more confused.

She recalled how the system had reported that the first princess became interested in her right after she entered the main city.

‘The problem is that I’m an adventurer who just entered the city, so what could possibly catch your attention… could it be!?’

Yaeger suddenly realized that this first princess might really have a desire for her outstandingly beautiful body!

“As an ordinary adventurer, you’re not afraid of authority, and you dared to kill a low-ranked noble and you have the spirit to resist him. I really do like that.”

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Alicia slowly spoke up and said something that was far from Yaeger’s imagination.

“Are you referring to Hades of Broken Leaf City?” Yaeger suddenly had a flash of recollection as she instantly recalled that greedy Hades, who was indeed a low-ranked noble.

“That’s right.” Alicia nodded. “Your fearless spirit, and your incredible power level have really attracted me. At first, I thought that you were simply a barbaric person with some power, so it seemed like a good idea to hire you as a fighter. But after you taught [Kastina] a lesson, I completely changed my view of you. You’re someone extraordinary who doesn’t fear death and isn’t afraid of royal authority. That’s why I told your fortune. The result was rather unexpected, as it turned out you’re actually someone who can change my damned [Destiny Child] fate!”

Alicia became emotional for once when she said this. Her beautiful eyes kept staring at Yaeger, as if she wanted to pounce on her and tightly embrace her without letting go.

“You want to recruit me?”

Yaeger managed to somewhat understand. This was a story quest, a story quest that had never appeared in the previous world. The source of this quest was City Lord Hades of Broken Leaf City!

Normally, Hades was impossible to kill. An ordinary level 10 player wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. Even an entire guild wouldn’t be able to do it.

Hades could command all NPCs in Broken Leaf City to become his swords and shields with his authority as the city lord, after all. The guard NPCs had high attack and HP. It would be so simple for them to deal with ordinary players. Even an ordinary villager NPC fighting with a dead fish could kill a player.

Once in the past, a level 30 player had finished grinding in Jade City and then announced that they were going back to Broken Leaf City to slaughter the NPCs there. However, that person was struck by thunder on the way there, and lost their account. This was the game system’s protection for NPCs. It would be impossible to crush NPCs by having a level advantage.

Apart from Yaeger, it was likely that only Rakshasa could also kill Hades while still being a newbie!

“No wonder nobody has ever seen the first princess…” Yaeger instantly realized that she had accidentally triggered a hidden questline.

“Princess, fight for the emperor’s position together with me.” The first princess suddenly said something that really confused Yaeger.

What? She couldn’t understand!


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