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Chapter 137 – Aunt, You’ve Changed

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1935 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1336 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Nangong Lin exited the elevator with an aura of unapproachability. Her pretty face had an icy expression. After leaving for just two days, a wildcat actually dared to approach her Sachiel! Damn it all!

This felt as if she had worked so hard outside, yet someone secretly came to her home and smashed or stole everything. She was so angry!

At the same time, Nangong also felt guilty. She had gone outside the city because of Yaeger’s matter for two days already. She hadn’t really paid attention to her Sachiel during this time, which was why someone had this opportunity to slip in!

“Sachiel, your aunt will definitely protect you!” Nangong’s eyes gradually became icier and her steps became heavier. She already made up her mind that she would viciously toss out that wildcat. No, wait, she would give the wildcat a vicious scolding before tossing her out! She would show the wildcat the difference between them so that the latter would be in utter despair!

“Snowy, go.” Nangong issued a command in a low voice when she arrived at the #1 presidential suite.

Snowy nodded and kicked with her beautiful leg that had the force of a gale. She instantly succeeded in kicking open the luxurious door.

Nangong walked in with large steps and an icy expression. When she saw Sachiel sitting on the sofa, she immediately shouted, “Sachiel, I don’t agree to you two being together!”

Her voice was unusually decisive and filled with energy.

She then glanced at the other person sitting on the sofa. “You…”

Before she even finished speaking, it seemed as if Nangong had been struck by petrification magic, as she became even stiffer than a stone statue.

“Nangong, did you want to say something to me?” Although Yaeger was surprised at Nangong’s arrival, she didn’t pay it too much mind. She knew that Nangong would learn sooner or later that she was here, so it wasn’t a big deal if Nangong arrived early or late.

Sachiel had a confused expression. Why was her aunt acting so crazily, even to the point of kicking in the door? Her aunt was saying such unclear things. That wasn’t how her aunt normally behaved. Could it be that her aunt was having her period?

Sachiel thought things over and discovered that wasn’t it. She tilted her head slightly and was about to speak when she saw that her statue of an aunt had become all soft. Nangong had become soft, along with her voice.


Nangong then immediately ran over and sat down by Yaeger’s side with eyes shining and a blush appearing on her cheeks. Her voice was really soft as she said, “I’ve finally met you~”

Who was this?

Sachiel started sweating profusely. Her aunt was someone who was really smart, capable, and somewhat strict. Where had that person disappeared to?

‘How can my aunt possibly be so soft!?’

“Princess~” Nangong originally thought that a wildcat had seduced her Sachiel, but never expected that it would be the Princess. ‘Ahh, today is a wonderful day!’ Nangong couldn’t help but think to herself.

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She would never think that Princess would have that type of relationship with her Sachiel, because Princess was so pure, so extraordinary, just like a fairy who didn’t have anything to do with the mortal realm!

She instantly imagined Sachiel meeting Princess. It was a ridiculous scene of the fairy saving the beauty, followed by the beauty repaying the favor, which speedily played itself out in Nangong’s mind.

Still, Nangong really did hit the nail on the head here. At the very least, Yaeger really had saved Sachiel. As for repaying the favor, it was simply borrowing a place to live, which really didn’t count.

“Princess, there’re countless people outside who are looking for you. How about you come to my home? My home is really safe!” Nangong’s eyes were about to transform into hearts as she seemed to start sticking to Yaeger.

Sachiel was rendered speechless to see her aunt like this, which completely ruined her previous image of her aunt.

“No need. I’ll just stay here for the time being.” Yaeger instantly refused. She didn’t need any protection, not to mention how Nangong obviously had other intentions.

‘That’s right, I know that her objective is my incredibly beautiful and flawless body!’

“I see, then I’ll stay here as well!” Nangong replied instantly. Actually, she already expected that Yaeger wouldn’t agree. Princess was so strong and so perfect. How could she possibly accept someone else’s protection!

‘Since Princess won’t agree, then I’ll protect her in secret!’

“Do what you like,” Yaeger replied casually. Since she couldn’t return to her male body for the time being, she wasn’t afraid of exposing her other identity.

“That’s great!” Nangong was instantly delighted. Her pretty face had a smile like a blooming summer flower.

Sachiel: “…”

  • America, San Francisco, the headquarters of the Small Sword Group –

“You’re saying that your younger brother was killed by a tree leaf?” The wide hallway was decorated with antique furniture. A middle-aged man who wore clothing in the Tang Dynasty style sat in the center while holding a teacup.

This man had a squarish face, a strong body, a pale face with no facial hair, and eyes as sharp as eagle eyes.

“That’s right, Mr. Hong!” Vincent bowed and spoke in a polite tone.

Vincent was the type who could act all tough in front of other Chinese people. However, he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly in front of this middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s name was Lucky Hong. He was the leader of the Small Sword Group, as well as a grandmaster of internal energy!

“Even flowers and leaves are capable of hurting people. This person is definitely an internal energy master as well. How did your brother antagonize such a person?”

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Lucky sipped some tea without much change to his expression. He didn’t feel that a mere internal energy master was anything to be concerned about.

“I don’t know how it happened.” Vincent’s younger brother had been killed because of a game due to revenge being taken upon him in real life. He couldn’t possibly say that out loud because it was too embarrassing!

“No matter what, Wenzel counts as a member of our Small Sword Group who was working abroad. Since this person dares to antagonize our Small Sword Group, then only death awaits them.”

Lucky paused for a moment and put down his teacup. He glanced to his right, at a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man who stood there. This man had a sturdy body, was wearing yellow martial arts attire, and seemed to be about 25 or 26 years old.

“Mitch, visit China together with Vincent, and bring me that person’s head.”

Lucky’s voice had a light tone, as if he was talking about something quite ordinary.

“Yes, Master!” Mitch bowed and forcefully clenched his fists together. It seemed as if faint waves of energy were rippling through the air.

Vincent was overjoyed to hear that the leader was actually sending Mitch, who was at the level of a master, to go to China together with him. An icy look immediately appeared in Vincent’s eyes. ‘[Princess], time for you to meet your death! I’m going to sacrifice your head to the heavens!’

  • China, Divine Luo Hotel –

The three girls chatted for a while until Yaeger became really sleepy. Everyone went to their own rooms in the suite and fell asleep.

The next day, Yaeger was wearing pajamas when she slowly opened her eyes. Although she still felt rather hazy, she felt that something was off, but she couldn’t discern what.

She threw off her blanket and lazily got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

When she saw the mirror, Yaeger instantly had a delighted expression on her face as she exclaimed, “I’ve become myself again! Wait… what’s with my voice!?”

She then used her white hand to touch her throat in astonishment as her voice began to tremble.

“It became smaller…”


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