Chapter 129 – Yes, I’ve Changed

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1917 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1211 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

On the outskirts of Roc City and inside the small forest near the highway’s entrance, Yaeger raised her head and gazed at the sky with an incomparable mood of delight.

Gradually, her excitement from taking revenge on her mortal enemy calmed down.

“Those sayings about how revenge will never end or not being able to obtain anything from revenge are all just lies. If people had grudges but couldn’t take revenge, they’d probably die from depression sooner or later. Hahaha, that was so fun!”

Yaeger currently felt incredibly clear-minded and focused. She casually waved her hand and caused green leaves to swirl around her again.

“Sword manipulation can manipulate both swords and objects, with the difference being that ordinary objects aren’t capable of causing tremendous damage like a sword can.”

Yaeger muttered to herself as she watched the green leaves fly around her. She kept feeling like she was rather different since her transformation. It was as if she was an ordinary person from a wuxia novel who had her Ren and Du meridians activated, which suddenly gave her a deep understanding of all sorts of martial arts.

It seemed that the game abilities had lots of applications in real life. For instance, how she used a leaf to kill Wenzel instantly. That had been a simplified version of sword manipulation. The power was average, but the precision remained the same without the need for a sword.

“Now, I’m even like those wuxia novel experts who can release their own aura and sense everything around them. Such an inconceivable change.”

Yaeger didn’t really understand. Even though she also combined with her game character in her previous life, she never had such a sensation before.

“Could it be due to my [Divine Body]?”

Yaeger shook her head and decided to not think about such matters, since she wouldn’t understand anyway.

“Perhaps I’ll understand once I’m more powerful.”

Yaeger waved her hand and caused countless leaves to fly in the forest and slice through many branches.

“The power isn’t much, but it’s practical.” Yaeger lightly smiled and tightly clenched her fist. “The current me seems rather strong.”

‘I wonder who’s more powerful between me and grandmaster level individuals?’ Yaeger couldn’t help but think this.

At a certain building in the outskirts of Roc City, Xina had just submitted a report on the incident that occurred today. She sat down on the sofa and sipped some black tea before sighing lightly. She felt more exhausted than usual today.

“Princess is so amazing despite being only 18 years old. It’s so inconceivable. I wonder what major personage’s daughter she is?”

Xina gently opened her lips and talked to herself in a low voice. In her opinion, Princess absolutely couldn’t have jumped out of a random rock. She figured that Princess must have undergone elite training ever since young in order to possess such astonishing swordsmanship at her young age.

Yet, with Xina’s authority, she was actually unable to find any background information on Princess at all. This was more than enough evidence that Princess’ background was extraordinary. At the very least, she would be from an incredibly powerful family that remained hidden.

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As Xina was a member of the Ability Management Department, she knew many secrets of this world and had met many ability users and grandmasters before. That was why she was only shocked for a moment before returning to calm after seeing Princess’ power.

Yanjing City, Tianya Marine Pavilion.

Five elderly people wearing somewhat archaic clothing were sitting together in an ancient-style room. They were each holding a report which was neither thick nor thin and reading the report carefully. Sometimes, they would furrow their eyebrows, and sometimes, they would widen their eyes with astonished expressions.

“Old Chen, were you capable of using a tree branch to flick a bullet and catching a bullet empty-handed at 18 years old?” An old man with a goatee suddenly spoke up. He appeared to be in his 70s, but his eyes were really sharp, clear, and energetic.

“I was still playing with mud in the northeast when I was 18. How could I possibly do such a thing?” A short old man answered casually.

“Being able to release sword energy at 18 years old? She’s a rare talent seen only once in a hundred years. Just which family’s daughter is she? How come I’ve never heard of her?” An old lady who was in her 80s had her eyes narrowed as she asked this question.

“Perhaps she’s the daughter of some powerful family who raised her in secret,” a strong old man answered in a dark tone.

“It’s not like she could just suddenly appear,” stated a skinny old man.

The five elderly individuals all smiled upon hearing this. That was impossible! Raising a martial arts expert required lots of resources. Those who were poor would study, while those who were rich would practice martial arts. That was how it had always been since ancient times.

An absolute genius like [Princess] would still become ordinary in the end unless she was raised with a great number of resources invested in her. She wouldn’t possibly be able to show off like this otherwise.

“By the way, the younger generation seems to really love this game. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing,” said the goatee man as he changed the topic.

“I don’t know. I heard that person say there are both opportunities and risks in this game,” the old woman exclaimed.

“What do the higher-ups actually know? I’m really curious.” The skinny old man rubbed his chin.

“How about we go check out the game for ourselves? We have free time anyways,” recommended the goatee old man.




“Agreed. Honestly, I’m a bit excited myself after seeing the video of that girl in combat. I feel as if I’m seeing myself from when I was young.” The old woman had a slight smile. “It’s fine to go in and have some fun, as otherwise we might not keep up with the times.”

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Thus, these five elderly people officially joined the game.

A person flashed past at high speed on Roc City’s highway, as if they were a ghost. 15 minutes later, this person walked out of the final stop on the highway and showed her marvelous figure. Of course, this was Yaeger, who had actually just run from the outskirts all the way to the inner part of Roc City.

‘How strange. Why don’t I feel hungry or tired? This is so unscientific.’

After slowing down, Yaeger suddenly noticed this abnormality about her body.

“Could this be caused by the passive skill portion of [Devourer]?” Yaeger stopped and closed her eyes as she silently sensed the changes in her body. Currently, her body was constantly absorbing a faint amount of energy from all around her. When compared to in the game, the absorption efficiency was obviously much lower, but the effects seemed to be different. When in the game, it didn’t matter if she ate or not, as she would be fine as long as she drank potions.

However, reality was different. People would starve to death if they didn’t eat. Yet, she hadn’t eaten for more than one day already, but it seemed that she didn’t feel hungry at all. The more amazing part was that the mana she used previously had already replenished itself automatically.

“Indeed, it’s related to [Automatic Energy Absorption]… Can I really practice meditation in the real world?” Yaeger couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The Celestial Race Bloodline seemed to be even more ridiculous than she thought.

Yaeger then suddenly discovered a really frightening problem.

“Just what do I have to do in order to become a man again!?”

That’s right, the real life skill had no description whatsoever for how she could change back.

“Could it be that I can no longer change back anymore?”

Yaeger instantly felt like she had frozen solid when she thought of this.


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