Chapter 128 – Please Give me Face

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1905 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1211 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Xina was so scared by Yaeger’s expression that her heart kept beating rapidly. Despite this, she still spoke up and said, “Please give me face and spare them.”

This wasn’t because Xina had the heart of a saintess or that she wanted to intentionally go against Yaeger. She simply didn’t want to see Yaeger making a mistake. This world had rules, after all. You couldn’t act how you pleased. She didn’t want to see Yaeger becoming a murderer.

Yaeger glanced at Xina with an imperceptible look of gentleness flashing through her eyes.

“Alright, I’ll give you face and let them go.”

“Really?” Xina barely dared to believe what she just heard.

“I think I really shouldn’t spare them after all.”

“Please don’t be like that. You should keep your promises!” Xina hurriedly exclaimed since she was afraid that Yaeger would change her mind.

Xina then thought of something as she said, “Princess, I belong to the Ability Management Department. I’m Xina Chen, the leader of the Roc City team. Your current situation is really dangerous, so my higher-ups arranged for me to protect you…”

“I don’t need anyone’s protection.” Yaeger adamantly refused.

“Princess, please consider it. Right now…”

“I said there’s no need.” Yaeger then waved her tree branch and sliced a nearby thick tree in half. “Does it look like I’m someone who needs protection?”

Yaeger truly didn’t want to interact with these people, at least for the time being.

“I understand.” Xina hesitated for a moment but then nodded lightly. Since Princess had such astonishing power, she really didn’t need protection. Convincing her would be impossible.

In that case, Xina decided to temporarily retreat and make new plans.

Yaeger’s eyes filled with killing intent as she watched everyone take away those who were injured.

“I’m only going to ‘let you go’ for the time being.”

A low voice sounded in the forest before it disappeared in the wind.

“Bring them to the police station’s associated hospital first,” Xina told her subordinates on the car. She then looked in front of her while furrowing her eyebrows. Was Princess really someone so easy to talk to? She couldn’t help but think about Princess’ actions in the game and feel uneasy.

Xina shook her head and gently sighed as she recalled Princess’ figure while attacking. She could only feel astonished. Such a young expert martial artist truly must possess astonishing talent. Xina had learned some punching and swordsmanship techniques before. She had also seen many true experts before. However, swordmasters like Yaeger who were capable of creating sword energy were incredibly rare to see.

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“She can emit sword energy, and even with a tree branch…” Xina felt as if what she just witnessed was like a dream that was highly unrealistic.

Five specially modified SUVs rumbled as they drove towards their destination. As they drove, Xina kept feeling like there was something off, but she couldn’t figure out what, so she felt really confused inside. The five SUVs drove in a straight line. Wenzel and three of Xina’s subordinates were on the third car.

Wenzel’s injuries were no longer bleeding since they had received treatment. As for the bullet in his leg, Xina’s team wasn’t equipped to remove that, so it still remained in his body.

“B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, I’m going to kill you, I’ll absolutely kill you!” Wenzel had his head lowered with a dark expression in his eyes. He squeezed words filled with hate out from between his teeth which made the others feel numbness in their heads.

“This damned b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, I’ll definitely kill you!” However, Wenzel’s vicious expression lessened significantly when he recalled Yaeger’s ferocity and her terrifying power level.

“No, with my power, I can’t deal with her at all. Am I really going to have to ask my older brother for help…” Wenzel’s face swiftly paled when he recalled his older brother who was an elite member of [Small Sword Group] in San Francisco.

Although the two of them were brothers, they didn’t have a good relationship at all. Ever since young, Wenzel’s older brother had always looked down on him.

“At this point, saving face isn’t important anymore. I’ll beg him for help!” He raised his head as a vicious look flashed in his eyes. “As long as I can kill that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, I’m willing to even sell my soul to the devil!”

Xina’s team members who sat next to him had annoyed expressions as they listened to Wenzel constantly muttering to himself. Could this guy who seemed insane just shut up!?

As if someone heard what they were thinking, a strange noise suddenly sounded in the car. It was the noise of metal being sliced open by something.


When the sound occurred, Wenzel suddenly widened his eyes while his pupils dilated rapidly. He uttered a low sound from his mouth as his pale face gradually stiffened under the gentle light from the car’s ceiling.

At this moment, two people suddenly noticed that Wenzel had died.

“Is this for real…?” One person saw that something small and green was standing up from Wenzel’s forehead. Blood was gradually flowing out from where the green object emerged.

This green item was really thin and had clear veins, as if it was half of a tree leaf. Actually, it was a whole tree leaf, since the other half had sunken into Wenzel’s head. Wenzel had actually been killed by a tree leaf!

These two people would never have believed it was real until they witnessed such a terrifying incident for themselves.

“I, I’ll call Xina!” One person took out his cell phone and dialed Xina’s number while his fingers trembled. Xina answered quite swiftly.

“Xina, that person named Wenzel just died…”

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“What!?” Xina almost dropped her cell phone. “Who did you say just died?”

“That person who seems like a goon. He died just now.”

Naturally, Xina understood what this meant. What she didn’t understand was, how could a living person suddenly die like that?

“How did he die?”

“A leaf hit him, and he died.”

“…” Xina rubbed her ears as she suspected that she had misheard.

“Stop the cars and check the situation first!” She really couldn’t believe that a living person could be killed by a leaf.

However, when Xina saw the half of the tree leaf stuck in Wenzel’s forehead, she felt as if she had fallen into a cavern of ice as some words suddenly popped into her mind: “Even flowers and leaves are capable of hurting people! That’s the signature of an internal energy grandmaster!”

Wenzel was just a goon. How could he antagonize…

Xina suddenly recalled Princess’s face. Could it have been her!? That seemed impossible. Princess wouldn’t possibly be able to do such a thing unless she developed both swordsmanship and her body!

But, apart from Princess, Xina really couldn’t think of a grandmaster who would personally attack a goon like that. Grandmasters wanted face, after all.

Less than 1000 meters from Xina’s location, a beautiful girl who seemed like a forest fairy was standing under a tree that was covered in green leaves.

“I let you go, but I’ve come back for you.” Yaeger smiled slightly as she gently tapped the ground and flew off like a wind fairy and instantly disappeared.


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