Chapter 123 – The Prettiest Girl on the Street

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2003 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1420 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

A night breeze blew past as Yaeger exited the women’s clothing store.

“One dress, one set of underwear, and one pair of shoes cost me 6000 yuan. Women’s clothing is really expensive,” Yaeger muttered to herself as she carried the clothes she had taken off. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had just gotten some easy money, she really wouldn’t have been willing to purchase such expensive clothes. Yaeger ran her hand through her silky smooth black hair and then discovered that everyone on the street was looking at her.

Some people even held their chests as if they were having heart attacks. They had excited expressions and didn’t even blink.

Whoa, that was the feeling of hearts being moved! Yaeger felt as if she could hear people’s thoughts as she helplessly shook her head.


At this moment, a handsome guy riding on a bicycle crashed into a streetlight and collapsed on the street. This was because he had been too stunned from watching Yaeger while bicycling.

The people on the street all couldn’t help but stop and stand still. No matter if they were male or female, they all looked at Yaeger greedily as if they were bewitched. Without a doubt, Yaeger was the prettiest girl on this street right now. Not a single person was able to take their eyes off her.

“Princess!” Someone suddenly shouted out in astonishment. His voice was like a bell that suddenly woke everyone up. People then suddenly noticed that this incredibly beautiful girl indeed looked identical to the #1 princess from [Saint Demon World]!

The only thing different was basically that her equipment had become regular clothes.

“It’s Princess!” Some people had fanatical looks in their eyes. They didn’t expect that they could see this world’s current #1 in the real world. They were as delighted as if their idol had suddenly appeared in front of them.

“No way, it really is Princess!” A girl covered her small mouth as her eyes widened and pupils dilated slightly. She was so shocked that her body shook all over.

Princess was the world’s most beautiful player, most amazing player, and a player with the most attention on her. She was nicknamed the world’s #1 princess. She was currently in front of them right now. Everyone, no matter if they played games or not, all felt as if they were being suffocated. This was because Princess was far too famous and beautiful! She also had an astonishing aura around her. Just by standing here, she seemed to be as blinding as the sun!

The prettiest girl on the street? No, she was the prettiest princess in the world!


Someone took Yaeger’s picture without her permission and posted it to social media. The entire internet world went into a commotion in just a few seconds! The originally mysterious Princess had actually appeared in public on the streets of Roc City!

Not long ago, the hottest topic on the internet had been how [Princess] obtained the world’s first boss kill and was ranked #1. The hottest topic instantly changed to become how [Princess] was in Roc City and had shown her astonishing beauty.

[Astonishing! The world’s rank #1 Princess is actually doing something so shameless in the real world, how embarrassing!] 

When opening the link, it turned out that it was only Yaeger wearing her red dress while showing her long legs and having a cold and prideful beautiful expression. It was a link with a clickbait headline!

Such posts kept appearing on the internet and even kept gathering more and more attention.

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“Princess, you’ve finally appeared!” Xina Chen was so excited that she almost jumped up, which really scared her coworkers. She ignored her coworkers’ reactions as she ran out while holding on to her cell phone. Xina’s higher-ups had given an iron command for them to find Princess and do their utmost to protect her! However, it hadn’t been possible to even find Princess’ shadow before, so how were they supposed to protect her? Xina was naturally excited because the target had finally shown herself of her own volition.

“Call all special agents in Roc City over to Yongan Street. Princess has appeared!” A foreign man was excitedly speaking into his cell phone at the end of the street.

Inland, Tianyu Finance Company Ltd.

“Wenzel, [Princess] has appeared!”

“What? It’s whatever if she appears, what does it have to do with me… Wait, by appear, could you mean in the real world?” Wenzel didn’t care at first when he heard his subordinate’s report, but then he suddenly trembled all over as he asked in a hurry.

“That’s right, she’s on the outskirts of Roc City, at Yongan Street!” The subordinate was all excited.

“Okay, bring your weapons, I’m going to kill her for sure this time! No, wait, before I kill her, we brothers must first enjoy her body and let her taste what it’s like to have countless men!” Wenzel had a vicious smile as he said this.

‘Of course, I’m going to enjoy her body first before letting all of you have her.’

He didn’t say this out loud, as there was no need. He had done such things many times already.

“America seems to have sent its secret agents. Should our Five Star Group also…” Jin Junmin had a dark expression.

Everyone knew that [Princess] was a special existence. Korea naturally wanted to obtain her as well.

“Do you think that we have the right to take action? Or, I should say, can we even take action?” A middle-aged man of around 40ish years old gently shook his head. “Junmin, America is like our daddy. We can’t think about going against them! Not even a little!” Although he was saying this, a vicious flash of light still appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes. He naturally wanted to fight to obtain her if there was a chance.

Although he didn’t know what [Princess]’s background was, there was definitely some huge secret about her since America valued her so much. Potential benefits would always be a huge motivator.

On the high-speed train to Roc City.

“[Princess]’s appearance is a good thing. However, it makes it quite difficult for me because she attracted so much attention.” Mylene pouted slightly. Did this Princess really not know just how many eyes around the world were watching her? Not to mention, how many people had wicked ideas about her?

“I hope that Roc City’s personnel are able to protect her. At the very least, nothing can happen to her until I arrive!” Mylene clutched her cell phone tightly while talking to herself as she stared at the cell phone screen and paid close attention to the ongoing situation in Roc City.

“Onii-chan, where are you? Hurry and go to the outskirts of Roc City for me. Sister has finally appeared!” Honda Yuichiro suddenly received a phone call from his younger sister, but he didn’t even get a chance to be happy when he was told to go do something. He had an awkward feeling in his heart about it.

‘Is that [Princess] more important than your onii-chan!?’

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Honda Yu definitely would have answered with that if she could only hear what he was thinking. Her answer would also be really decisive.

“Princess!” Meanwhile, Nangong Lin was overjoyed. The Princess that she liked the most had actually appeared in real life. Not only that, Princess was so close to her location!

“Snowy! We’re heading out immediately!”

“Yes, Milady.” Snowy had a light smile. She hadn’t seen her master so happy for quite a long time now.


Lilith checked the popular topics that her cell phone showed her. Lilith’s heartbeat increased because Princess was in Roc City!

‘I really want to see her!’

Although they were together almost all the time in the game, that was Rakshasa and Princess, not Lilith and Princess. It was different.

Since her heart was moved, she took action. Lilith left at an astonishingly swift speed. She didn’t notice that more than ten shadowy figures followed after her when she left.

“Let me see how many big fish I can catch.” Currently, the hot topic main character Yaeger was idly touring the streets with a bunch of food in her hands. Streetside vendors had voluntarily given her the food for free. She hadn’t spent a single cent. That was the power of her beauty. Yep, being beautiful truly meant she could survive on her beauty alone.


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