Chapter 122 – Wake Up, You’re a Boy!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1839 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1288 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger turned on her cell phone after making up her mind on what to do.

Previously, she had been worried about GPS tracking, so she kept her cell phone off. However, if other factions truly had their eyes on her, it wouldn’t be much use even if she kept her cell phone off. It was merely to make herself feel better.

One minute later, her cell phone turned on successfully.

Beep beep beep!

Before she even unlocked her cell phone, she saw several messages that were all dated from today.

Sachiel: Yaeger, are you there?
Sachiel: Yaeger, I’m at Newbie Village 92, where are you?
Sachiel: Yaeger, are you in the game yet?
Sachiel: Yaeger, I…

Yaeger finally recalled Sachiel after seeing these messages. It wasn’t that she was the forgetful type, but rather that she didn’t even have the time to think. Plus, she now had such a ridiculous skill, so she wasn’t in the mood.

Yaeger: I’m not in the game yet. I’m busy, so let’s talk later.

After replying to the message, she bound her Wechat account to Swire Bank and deposited several tens of thousands of yuan. She then transferred some money to another card.

Yaeger was currently using the identity of [Princess]. If she used her own Wechat to pay for something, it was likely that several dozen black-clad individuals would show up to chat with her within one hour.

Yaeger put her cell phone back in her pocket as she looked in front of her. This was the eighth floor, so it was more than 20 meters away from the ground level. There was a 99% chance that someone would die if they fell from such a height.

Yaeger actually lightly jumped from such a height. However, the expected fall to her death didn’t actually happen. She instantly jumped more than 10 meters and landed on another rooftop.

“Such a light body. I can jump even higher and farther than in the game!” Yaeger had a delighted expression. It was incredibly fun to use such superhuman abilities in real life.

‘It seems that becoming a girl… Ah, ptui, ptui, ptui, I don’t want to become a girl at all!’

She forcefully shook her head, wanting to get that mysterious thought out of her mind.

After a couple of jumps, Yaeger arrived at an ATM. Not many people passed by this location, and when she landed on the ground, she gently turned the camera to the side. Nobody would notice that she had come for the time being.

Yaeger lowered the brim of her cap as she swiftly took out some cash. She then swiftly went towards a women’s clothing shop like a gust of wind.

The women’s clothing shop had everything necessary and was exquisitely decorated inside. Originally, Yaeger had wanted to buy some men’s clothing to wear, but it was highly likely that an accident might occur if her outstanding figure wasn’t suppressed by women’s underwear!

Besides, it wasn’t her first time wearing women’s clothing, so she wasn’t as concerned about it.

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“Welcome…” The clerk had a displeased expression to see someone wearing men’s clothing enter the store. Didn’t he see that this was a women’s clothing store? However, the clerk then went numb after seeing Yaeger’s appearance.

So beautiful! Was she a fairy!?

“I want to purchase a set of clothing. Could you help me pick some clothes? Right, pick some underwear for me as well,” said Yaeger.

Yaeger figured that she would pick some really ridiculous clothing if she picked according to her male preferences, which was why she unhesitatingly asked a professional to choose for her instead.

“O, okay, may I ask for your three measurements?” The clerk returned to her senses as she asked this with a slightly red face.

‘How come my heart is beating so fast because of a girl? It’s so strange!’ The clerk felt rather panicky inside and didn’t know what to do.

“My three measurements are…” Yaeger reported the stats on her interface.

“Please wait for a moment. I’ll help you pick right now.” The clerk was highly motivated as she picked clothes for Yaeger. Less than five minutes later, the clerk returned with several clothing items in hand. Yaeger thanked the clerk, took the clothes, and went into the changing room.

“Very good, there aren’t any cameras.” Yaeger nodded in satisfaction after looking around her. She now had a highly sensitive vision, and something like a hidden camera wouldn’t be able to fool her senses.

Yaeger removed all her clothes, exposing a white jade-like beautiful body with perfect curves in front of the mirror.

Gulp. Yaeger couldn’t help but swallow some saliva upon seeing her own flawless body. Her body was a work of art that would definitely make everyone go insane. This was even more so for her twin mounds which were in a nice shape while being smooth and flawless.

“Perfect.” Yaeger couldn’t find any better words to describe her own body.

‘Unfortunately, I’m male! What use is there no matter how perfect it is!? Am I supposed to devour myself!?’

Yaeger felt like she was going insane. She shook her head and then glanced at the panties, which were made of black lace and had a pretty style.

Putting panties on wasn’t much different from putting on male underwear. No, there was a large difference, as after she put on the panties, she felt as if it was quite empty down there. It was gone, completely gone.

“Sigh.” Yaeger gently sighed as she continued to put on her clothes. It took several attempts before she successfully buttoned the buttons across her chest. After that…

“…A dress.” Yaeger narrowed her eyes. This was a blood-red one-piece dress with a simple design and elegant curves. Combined with the lace, this seemed like a simplified version of formal attire. She hesitated for a moment, but still swiftly put the dress on. She was already wearing panties, so did it really matter much if she also put on a dress?

The clerk waited outside while filled with expectations. She had instantly picked that dress which would be a perfect match for this beauty who was like a fairy. She really wanted to see the effect!

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At this moment, Yaeger exited with the clothes she had taken off. The entire clothing store instantly went silent for a moment as many people glanced over. The very next instant, there was the sound of everyone inhaling a cold breath. None of them had ever seen such a perfect woman who was like a fairy before. It was difficult to describe the shock in their hearts.

They couldn’t win. They really couldn’t win against her. No, they didn’t even have the right to compete against her! The other women all felt a deep sense of defeat. They didn’t even deserve to be jealous of such a beautiful fairy.

The clerk was stunned by the sight. Yaeger was already incredibly beautiful while wearing male attire. Her destructive beauty was elevated by ten thousand times after wearing a dress. Anyone would be entranced by her.

“Could you please choose a pair of shoes for me? I don’t want high heels. Give me something with flat soles,” Yaeger suddenly spoke up.

Everyone in the store suddenly started moving again, as if a time stop magic spell had just lost effect. However, everyone still kept looking at Yaeger.

“Sigh, it really is such a sin for me to be so beautiful,” Yaeger couldn’t help but mutter to herself as she felt countless eyes upon her. She then noticed that she was acting too much like a girl, so she immediately shouted in her heart, ‘Hey! Wake up, you’re a boy!’


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