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Chapter 46 – The biggest crisis in life

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1637 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1058 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

“Humph, who told you to say those things…” Nangong Lin stood up straight and started curling her fingers around her hair. The blush on her face did not fade away.

“Hey, I am telling you. Bury the matter in your heart and never speak of it. No, you must forget it. Otherwise…!”

“Otherwise what?” Yaeger said indifferently.

In the previous incarnation, Nangong Lin was one of the biggest obstacles for him and Sachiel Luo to be together.

However, this woman was kind-hearted in nature and never used extreme measures, so Yaeger was not afraid of her at all.

“Otherwise…otherwise I will kill you!” Nangong Lin crossed her hands in front of her bosom and said while unconsciously raising her chest.

“Well, I’ll keep your secret for you,” Yaeger replied very perfunctorily without taking it seriously.

“You…” Seeing Yaeger’s casual attitude, Nangong Lin was so angry that her teeth itched. However, before she could complete her sentence, she saw the waiter coming to serve so she had to stop talking.

“I’m going to have a meal. Would you like to join me?” Yaeger looked up and asked.
“Who wants to eat with you!” Nangong Lin was panting with rage.
“Oh, then you can just watch me eat.”
“Who wants to watch you eat!” With that, Nangong Lin turned around and left.

Yaeger didn’t stop her from leaving. It was completely unexpected that she appeared here.

After leaving the food stall, Nangong Lin got in the Mercedes Benz and immediately said to the driver: “Give me a thorough detailed report of Yaeger’s background, don’t miss any information!”

The intelligence network of my family is really useless. I unexpectedly mistook a big fish for a shrimp. Such a waste of time!

Fatheads, a group of fatheads!

Nangong Lin was very furious, and at the same time, she was also terrified: This Yaeger must not be looked down on. He is close to Sachiel. There must be a hidden conspiracy!

Obviously, she was already misled and confused by Yaeger. In fact, all of this information was told to Yaeger by Sachiel Luo in the past…

Gradually, the dishes were all served.

Yaeger ate the grilled fish happily. The appearance of Nangong Lin was just a small distraction that did not affect his mood at all.

“Then again, a beautiful girl like Nangong Lin actually likes girls. What a waste.”1

The reason why Yaeger didn’t like Nangong Lin very much was that this girl often made trouble for him in his previous life. The second reason was that this girl had no interest in men.

That was to say, Yaeger didn’t even have a chance to fantasize. He wouldn’t bother to treat a woman who couldn’t be courted.

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Having eaten beyond full, Yaeger patted his belly in satisfaction. He didn’t remember the last time he’d had such a hearty meal.

“Wenzel, those foreign girls are really tender and delicate!”
“Yes, yes, and their service is really good!”
“Haha, as long as you guys are satisfied. Next time, I’ll bring you guys there to play.”

At this time, a group of people came over while talking, seemingly intending to have a late-night snack here.

Yaeger heard a familiar voice and couldn’t help but to look over.
Among the crowd, a white-haired young man felt his gaze and looked over.
Their eyes met and Yaeger suddenly felt his scalp go numb. His heart trembled.

The white-haired young man was stunned for a moment and then his expression immediately turned ecstatic just like a wolf that had discovered a little lamb.

The others suspiciously looked over and when they found a familiar figure sitting in front of them, their expression became almost the same as that of the white-haired man.

“Oh, Yaeger, I haven’t seen you for a while. How are you getting by?” The young man with white hair came over with a smile, showing two rows of white teeth.

He was 1.85 meters tall and had a sturdy body, wore a floral T-shirt and ripped jeans. His hair was all dyed white and ears were pierced with gold studs. Overall he looked like a gangster.

In fact, he is a gangster, but not an ordinary gangster. He was the gang leader.

Even if he turned into ashes, Yaeger could still recognize him. This guy was the debt collector who forced him to the dead end: Wenzel!

When he came to collect debts, Wenzel not only took away all his savings but also made him lose his job and hide like a sewer rat!

It was hard to imagine that he would run into this guy after going out for a late-night snack!

“Yaeger, when will you repay the money you owe us?” Wenzel came to the table and said with a smile. His men spread out to both sides to surround Yaeger.

“I will repay the money I owe you, but…” Even if he thought about it with his toes, he knew that these guys wouldn’t let him go if he didn’t pay up. Therefore, Yaeger decisively used the ultimate skill – flipping the table!


The whole table was abruptly flipped. The leftover food, bowls and dishes all fell on Wenzel’s body.

While others hadn’t responded yet, Yaeger had turned around and ran away at full speed.

“Catch him!” Wenzel was so angry that smoke seemed to come out of his head. He had never been this embarrassed since his childhood!

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The ferocious-looking men quickly chased after Yaeger.

“OMG, why am I so unlucky!” Yaeger didn’t dare to stop and kept running as fast as he could.

He must not be caught now, otherwise it would be meaningless to be reborn!

However, three minutes later, Yaeger ran into a dead end and got himself stuck.

There was nothing to be done. He wasn’t familiar with this area in the first place and his physical strength and endurance were not as good as those gangsters. It was only a matter of time before he was caught up.

“Run! Why aren’t you running!?” Wenzel walked out of the group of youths. However, his image right now made it so people couldn’t help but laugh, with vegetable soup covering him, his dignified image was torn to shreds.

But Yaeger couldn’t laugh, because now it was probably the biggest crisis he encountered in his entire life!


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