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Chapter 45 – Ah, I want to kill you

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1411 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 888 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra, Lilith

‘You are the one who I can’t afford to offend?’

Nangong Lin was stunned for a moment and then frowned slightly. Her eyes flashed with disdain.

Who and what was Yaeger? She investigated everything about him a few hours before this meeting.

From the moment of his birth, his upbringing, and even recent events that surrounded him, everything was investigated without even missing a single tiny detail. It could even be said that Nangong Lin knew Yaeger better than he knew himself.

A helpless orphan, jobless, owed millions in debts and lived in a shabby hotel to hide from debtors unexpectedly said that she could not afford to offend him!?

The corner of Nangong Lin’s mouth couldn’t help but curl upwards. This guy sure knew how to pretend!

Just as she was about to continue taunting Yaeger, her mind was suddenly interrupted with countless thoughts. If he really is an ordinary person, how did he know so much about me?

‘If I hadn’t stopped him just now, would he have told me my measurements or other information?’

Nangong Lin was very puzzled. According to common sense, people of lower socio-economic circles like Yaeger could never join nor interact with people of upper circles. They were basically two parallel lines that would never meet.

So, how did Yaeger know about her?

One should know, Nangong Lin never uploaded her photos nor personal information on the Internet.

“Who the hell are you?” She couldn’t help asking again. At the moment, Yaeger gave her a mysterious feeling as if he was covered with a mysterious veil, making people unable to see his original appearance.

Yaeger didn’t answer but called for the waiter. He ordered a lot of dishes and then handed the bill to Nangong Lin: “Pay the bill.”

Nangong Lin’s eyes twitched. This shameless guy really asked me to foot his bill!

And adding more dishes on top of it!

Although Nangong Lin was complaining in her heart, she still took out the Huawei P20 Pro to scan the code and pay the bill.

“Who do you think I am?” Yaeger stared at her.
“A shameless fellow!” Nangong Lin said rudely.
“Oh, how am I shameless?”

“Making a woman pay for you, do you still have dignity?” Nangong Lin glazed at him.

“Since you are seeking something from me, isn’t it natural for you to pay for the meal? What does this have to do with you being a woman and me being a man?” Yaeger countered lazily.

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“I don’t remember begging you?” Nangong Lin raised her eyebrows.
“Didn’t you just beg me to let you sit down?” Yaeger retorted with a faint smile.
“……” Nangong Lin rolled her eyes and wanted to punch this man.

“Let’s stop teasing each other anymore, you should have something in your mind if you’re here to seek me.” Yaeger‘s expression turned serious as he coldly spat each word out from his mouth.

“Humph.” Nangong Lin snorted coldly, “I’m here to warn you, stay away from Sachiel Luo! You do not deserve her!”

It’s coming.

Yaeger was not surprised at all. After all, Nangong Lin had said similar things to him in his previous incarnation.

“You seem to have made a mistake.” With his fingers tapping on the table, Yaeger’s stare gradually turned icy, “It’s her approaching me, not me approaching her.”

“I don’t care. In short, you can’t approach her. Stay away from her!” Nangong Lin rebuked in a domineering tone.

“You are just her little maternal aunt, not her mother. Why are you interfering so much?” Yaeger said.

Listening to the words “Little maternal aunt”, Nangong Lin’s pupil shrank. This guy really knew a lot of things!!

Was it Sachiel who told him…? No, I have checked Sachiel’s WeChat communication records. They haven’t talked about it yet!

Since he knows so much about me and Sachiel … Could it be that this guy has been premeditating to get closer to Sachiel!?

At this time, she couldn’t help but feel a trace of fear towards Yaeger.

“How much information do you know about me?” Nangong Lin bit her lip and asked tentatively.

“Probably know a bit.” Yaeger put on a fake smile, “For example, you peed in the third grade…”

“Whoa!” Before he finished speaking, Nangong Lin was so flustered that she directly covered his mouth. “Shut up, shut up!”

He actually knew about that secret!

What the hell is wrong with this guy!?

Nangong Lin inexplicably felt creeped out in her heart. She had an illusion that she had been seen through by Yaeger from inside out.

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“Miss, are you okay!?” At this time, a dozen or so men dressed in black came out of nowhere.

“I’m fine!” Nangong Lin quickly calmed her emotions. “You guys go back.”

People in black obediently withdrew. Their efficiency was scary. They were obviously well-trained.

“Mmph, mmph…” Yaeger rolled his eyes. Her hands had not only covered his mouth but also his nose, making it hard to breathe.

“You can never reveal to anyone what you’ve just said just now! Otherwise, I will never forgive you!” Nangong Lin glared at Yaeger with a blushing face and warned.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

Yaeger grabbed her hand and pulled it away: “You covered my mouth so hard. How can I even speak? You’re the one that has problems!!!”


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