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The Prince’s Kiss and the Swindler’s Kiss (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

I quickly changed back into the original girl’s uniform that had been tidied by household magic. Feeling calm at last, I sat down on a chair set up on the balcony for the tea ceremony.

Household magic primarily serves daily life purposes such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking, and is essentially considered basic magic. Naturally, most wizards and witches can use it, and even some ordinary people with a bit of aptitude can use it if they memorize spells and basic magic circles. However, for ordinary people, their inherent magical power and lack of knowledge usually limit their use, and even for specialists, it’s just considered “convenient” magic, so there aren’t many who would devote themselves to mastering it.

Frankly, if you’re going to invest effort into something like that, it’s much more practical to learn a single Fireball spell, as it’s much more marketable in society and has a higher potential for becoming a high-income skill (this relates to the historical context of magic being concealed as military technology during the frequent wars between nations and the reluctance of eccentric wizards to showcase powerful magic).

However, the convenience unique to magic is considerable, and its effects are noticeable in these small aspects. So, there has been a recent trend of certain sectors actively employing personnel specialized in such magic art. This is likely due to the leniency afforded by the continent being governed under one united nation. Nevertheless, those who can afford to employ such individuals are typically wealthy or in specialized professions.

Of course, in the case of Viola, being a royal, she fell into the former category.

“Haah… I guess skirts just feel more natural after all.”

Considering various aspects like my past life, preferring skirts might’ve been an issue, but there’s no point in pretending now of all time, so I expressed my honest thoughts with a resigned expression.

“Well, that’s a normal reaction, I suppose,” Viola, still in her male attire, agreed with a wry smile.

“…” Silently, I found myself staring at her face, surprised by her unexpectedly sensible response.

“Oh, is it that strange? I believe I understand common sensibilities just fine. I’ve simply decided to live and act this way,” Viola said nonchalantly.

Reacting to that, Princess Lieselotte, now back in her girls’ uniform as well, furrowed her brows, setting her teacup down.

“That is why it’s strange! You’re a princess for heaven’s sake! It’s abnormal for a princess to dress as a man and make wooing women a hobby. It’s perverse!”
“But my heart is that of a man.”
“Such a notion is merely a self-imposed belief!”

Princess Liselotte yelled like a ruffled cat (with pedigree), while Viola stayed calm and simply twisted her neck reminiscent of a large dog (with pedigree) as she poured more sugar candy into her tea.

As for Luke and Daniel, they seemed genuinely taken aback by this turn of events, exchanging puzzled looks.

“Deciding gender issues with such generalizations and emotional arguments might not be the best approach, Fräulein Lieselotte.”
“Gender is determined at birth; women are born female and men are born male— that’s all there is to it! Where’s the room for doubt in that?!”
“That’s where the discrepancy lies. Can’t you imagine it? The feeling of having your body reject the image you desire?”

Viola lowers her lashes sadly.

Those words struck a chord in me, and I instinctively rose from my seat and took her hand. “I understand! I understand all too well. Feeling trapped in a body that doesn’t match your ideals, enduring unwanted disdain and curious glances… the agony, the pain in one’s heart!”

What lingered in my mind was the anguish and despair of my own existence, born into an ugly form and once labeled as ‘Ragweed Princess,’ only to be killed once before.

Fortunately, in my case, through postnatal efforts, I managed to undergo a diet and blend in with ordinary people as a girl without drawing much attention, aided by my mentor’s perception-inhibiting magic… However, for Viola, who was born a female with the heart of a male, there was an insurmountable barrier that simply could never be overcome.

How shallow had I been. Ignorantly dismissing it as the whims of someone fortunate, a self-centered belief—what else can one call this but ignorance and insensitivity? Especially when it’s something I, of all people, should truly empathize with!

“Do you understand me, Fräulein Julia?”
“Of course I do. I support you from the bottom of my heart, Lady Viola. Though there might be an illusion spell to change one’s appearance, I’m not aware whether there’s a potion to change one’s sex. However, I promise to search for it diligently and deliver it to you!”

Even if I did find such a potion, I am quite happy with myself as I am now, so I might not use it personally. However, there are surely others besides Viola who harbor similar concerns. If it could be a blessing for such individuals, then all the better.

“Thank you! Just hearing those words makes my journey to Livitium worthwhile. I’m glad to have met you. —Fräulein Julia, please feel free to simply call me Viola.”
“In that case, please call me Jill as well. I’ve asked my close friends to do so.”
“I see. …Jill. It’s a lovely and fitting name for you.”

Viola’s carefree smile, with its androgynous beauty, seemed untouched by the world’s impurities, much like a perfect pretty boy from old shojo manga. As she directed a smile that combined fragility and allure, I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks grow warm, and I instinctively looked away.

In an instant—

“…You truly are lovely, Jill.”
With a soft smile, Viola suddenly drew closer, and then—

I felt a gentle touch on my right cheek.


I involuntarily pointed at Viola, who was smiling cheerfully after parting her lips, with my eyes opened wide. While Luke, looking like a prophet witnessing the end of the world, screamed so hard his face turned into scribbles.

“…Well, calm down. I get how you feel, but it’s a kiss on the cheek between girls, it’s no big deal… wait, he’s actually dead…”

Daniel, who had been desperately trying to defuse the situation, shook his head with a pained expression at Luke, whose soul seemed to escape him through his mouth.


“—phew. Please tell me she’s actually dead now…”

*Splash!! *

The guards let out a satisfied grunt after dumping the body of a girl, wrapped in a bamboo mat, down the sewer flowing from the dirty slums. The girl appeared to be a white cat beastfolk, her eyes showed nothing but their whites as her body swayed lifelessly amongst the trash. Seeing that, the fully armed guards returned along the path they had come, satisfaction evident on their faces as they bore the smile of a man who had accomplished his mission.

The sewer flowing beside the deserted back alley, now devoid of anyone, carried a variety of debris floating on its surface. The tied-up body, bobbing up and down, somehow drifted slightly off course from the current, slowly making its way toward the nearby shore along the polluted water’s surface.


“Erm… Are you angry?”

In the carriage on the way back, I felt uncomfortable with Luke’s attitude of silently gazing out of the window without saying a word —for some reason, I felt a strange sense of guilt, like a wife who’s caught cheating on her husband— so I timidly asked.

“…No. I just hate how inadequate I have been.”

Luke’s response was laced with a deep, heavy sigh, leaving me confused.

“I realized how important it is to take an offensive stance. Now I understand, at this rate I’m just straining at a gnat.”


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