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Green Private Room and Chaotic Human Relationship (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

The third floor of Café Letindüte III wasn’t particularly glamorous but rather resembled a nobleman’s villa adorned with tasteful and elegant furnishings. By Cilento’s standards, the interior design would be labeled as Imperial Style, although technically it was the Brandmüller, no, Jill, who put her abilities into it.

While Jill seemed impressed by the splendor of the mansion of the princess (though that term is a bit delicate) of the Safiras Kingdom she visited earlier, the tastefulness and grandeur of this imperial-style mansion, meticulously crafted with carefully selected materials arranged in perfect harmony, could easily rival it.

Indeed, compared to the ostentatious expenditure that catches the eyes of amateurs, this place exuded an elegance that would elicit sighs of admiration from connoisseurs. Perhaps the costs incurred in construction were evenly split? I guess the Founding Empress did provide some assistance behind the scenes. …Well, I’ve been told to keep it a secret from Jill, though.

I didn’t think there were any particularly problematic parts, but there might have been some small discomfort that I didn’t notice. Seeing me tilt my head in thought, Jill sighed along this time.

““It’s that, you know. That.””

What they pointed out was Jill’s familiar, Vier, sitting politely as usual.

Standing next to Vier was Lana, a fox beastwoman who, at around ten years old, had recently been formally restored to her commoner status and became Jill’s attendant maid. However, for some reason, she seemed uncomfortable standing there. The only other unusual thing was a girl about the same age as Lana lying under Vier… hm?

Seeing the familiar figure of a noble lady, I tilted my head again from a different angle.

“Why is Princess Euphemia being pinned down by Vier in Jill’s room?”
““You’re too slow!!””

“Why, of course. I waited ahead to foster closer relations with my dear sister after finishing my meal. However, this strange dog just barged in without permission—”
“…she just intruded on her own and peeked at Lady Jill’s underwear, so Vier told her it was a no-no… So she caught her and kept an eye on her.”

Even in this state, Euphemia proudly held her head high without any remorse, while Vier and Lana exchanged troubled looks.

“…Princess Euphemia, even if it’s between women, entering a room without invitation is a crime. Do you realize how embarrassed the Count and your older sister would be if they found out?”
“That Ragweed is not my sister, Lady Julia is—no, elder sister Jill is. Why should a little sister hesitate to visit her older sister’s room?! Rather, it’s you who lacks discretion, shamelessly stepping into the room of a maiden and leering at it with lustful eyes, sir young scion. Isn’t it common sense to show restraint?”

We stared at each other in silence. I had only met this child a few hours ago, but for some reason, we were exchanging hostile glances outright.

At first, I thought it might have to do with her sister—the Princess Syltianna over there—and our relationship, that maybe she harbored ill feelings. But it didn’t seem to be the case…

“…Perhaps they’re more alike than we think.”
“There’s also Chaton who’s taking a bath right now. For some reason, the most peculiar individuals tend to gather around me. Is that just how my fate is?”

While observing us like that, Jill and Eren were whispering something to each other.

“Luke, it’s a good thing to broaden your horizons overseas. Through invaluable experiences and exploring unfamiliar worlds, you’ll undoubtedly grow by leaps and bounds… I hope you do. I don’t think you’d go too far off the rails, but nevertheless, there are people out there who use sweet words to get close to you or people who skillfully conceal their ulterior motives to gain your favor. It’s important to develop the ability to discern such individuals. Be cautious enough, though I’m not too worried, considering Miss Jill is there…”

Suddenly, I recalled the words of encouragement my father gave me along with this study abroad opportunity.

“ …Actually, that’s all the more reason to be worried. I have full confidence in her personality and abilities, but she’s just too charming and sometimes attracts peculiar people. Birds of a feather flock together, you know? …Well, whether you can tolerate all that depends on your character.”

Seeing Princess Euphemia who was still screaming at my face, and recalling the assertive white cat beastwoman Jill called Chaton, who was taking a bath on a different floor, I deeply understood the meaning of ‘birds of a feather’ that my father meant.

Just then, followed by the sound of a knock at the door, Chaton, led by two maids, arrived with a freshened appearance.

“My Prince~~!! I’ve returned to you a beautiful woman! I’ve polished every nook and cranny of my body. I’m ready, body and mind! Let’s go at it!”
“UWAAH—?! Get off me! W-, wait, don’t cling to me!”

As soon as she entered, before the two maids could stop her —well, they tried, but she slipped through their hands— she threw herself onto me.

Unlike before, I could feel the warmth of her body and the scent of her soapy skin after the bath. Also, I’m not a “Prince,” I’m a “Scion,” —Well, considering that my father is the son of the late emperor, technically that makes me an imperial grandson. Then again, I felt that if I mentioned it, the situation would get even more bogged down, so I decided not to say anything about it.

( —Father, so this is what you mean “people out there who use sweet words to get close to you, or who skillfully conceal their ulterior motives to gain your favor.” This trial can’t come any sooner, but I won’t lose. That being said…)

I desperately tried to escape her restraint, but I couldn’t possibly be violent with a girl. As a result, I had my hands full trying to survive her onslaught — and to be honest, Jill’s disillusioned eyes that she directed to me were shaving away my sanity more.

“Y-, you misunderstand! I have someone else that I like!”
“…yes, I am aware. Not that I know who it is, though.”

I tried to defend myself on the spot, but Jill’s eyes only grew harsher, her words cutting through my heart. Come to think of it, she’s the only one who doesn’t know it, huh…

Chaton finally disengaged herself after hearing my desperate confession, turning a quizzical gaze on Jill.

“Someone he likes…? Whoever could that be?”
“““““Who else could it be?”””””

In place of Jill who was tilting her head in ignorance, the four maids, Princess Euphemia, and even Vier all turned their faces towards Jill at the same time.


A large number of question marks seemed to float above Jill’s head.

Chaton turned to Jill and then mumbled something. “Yesterday’s friend is today’s enemy, then? I guess it’s a bloodied road to go down after all…”

( …Father, I’m not sure I can tolerate all of these at all.)

Thinking of my father and mother, who were probably back in our distant hometown, and my younger siblings whom I had yet to see, I secretly let out a weak cry.

The two maids are Monika, the head personal maid, and Emilia, the maid who’s essentially in charge of the store. Emilia is accompanying them to Cilento as a staff member for the opening of Letindüte III as a way of returning the favor.


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