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Interlude 6 – Bruno’s Worries (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

“So, umm…this is going to be weird, but is this just your hobby?”

“It’s not. I wanted to look for a good job since my village is poor, but that’s hard for a young girl with no connections or skills like me.” Lynn disclosed her story, her eyes looking down. “I heard the guild was looking to accept trainees, and you could skip rank F and become a rank E adventurer right away, so I spent all the money I had to enter. But, if they know I’m a girl, they’ll look down on me and, well…it’s, you know, dangerous. That’s why I’m like this.”

I see. It’s true that this occupation is predominated by men, and the few women who do become adventurers mainly do so with friends they already have beforehand. So, for a young girl like her—no, especially since she’s still young, Lynn has to take extra precautions.

“—Hm? Why did you agree to share the room with me, then?” I found out about it on the very first day we shared the room.

“Well, I mean, it’s easy on the wallet, and besides, I feel like I’ll be fine with you, or more like, I’m safe around you, senior…”

“…do I look like a wimp that much?” That’s quite a shocking revelation.

“Th-, that’s not what I mean. You call me your partner1 , you looked after me throughout the exam, and, well…since you still haven’t told your feelings to Lady Jill, I figured that you’re shy around girls.”

Lynn rattled off her excuses one after another, and the more I listened, the deeper my brows furrowed.

“Buzz off. How did you even know that?”
“Well, it’s just that obvious…the lady doesn’t seem to notice it, though. It must be hard for you, senior since your crush seems to be quite the airhead.”
“You’re saying that I’m a wuss.”
“Ah. Uh, I guess I am?”

Lynn blinked, then laughed at herself in amusement. When she saw the dejected look on my face, she straightened herself.

“I-, I’m sorry, I got carried away. Also, um, I’m the one who should leave. I’m sorry for troubling you.” Lynn stood up from her bed, bowed, and then began to pack her bags.

“You’re not troubling anyone. Besides, this is the first time I got a partner, so if you ask me, I’m happy I could be with you.”
“R-, really?! You’re not going to hold me in contempt, right?”
“Of course, I won’t. If anything, I wish we could continue being partners from now on and become adventurers together, genders be damned…is that a no?”
“Y-, yes! It’s a big yes!”

Lynn sprung back up, her eyes alive and shining. But then, a boy and a girl living in the same room is just inviting problems.

“So, what do we do now? Do we rent two separate rooms, even if they are a bit pricey?”
“—eh? Ah, no. It’s okay, I’m okay with sharing the room with you if you don’t mind. Genders be damned, right?”

When Lynn gave me such a trusting look, I couldn’t even tell her that it would take a toll on my sense of reason. I backed myself into a corner, claiming “Yeah, obviously!” and nodded, despite the turmoil I felt deep down.

With a smile, I offered Lynn my hand.

“Let’s start over. Best of regards, partner.”
“Yeah! Best of regards.”

Lynn’s hand was cool and soft, and as she shook it with mine, a radiant smile was plastered on her face.

“Ehehehe.” That smile made my heart beat faster, and I was already regretting this whole roommate thing.

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“But still, I’m happy nothing happened. Crossdressing can be taken as heresy in some countries…so I was worried you’d be grossed out.”
“I won’t be grossed out by a girl crossdressing. The other way around, though, it can be hard to say.”

I shared my opinion, and Lynn’s laughter became strained at that.


“…you just can’t keep your word, can you?”
“It was an accident, I’m telling you.”

As my childhood friend—Eren shared her thoughts, I defended myself dejectedly. The day after I found out about Lynn’s circumstances, Jill and Eren caught me strolling in town and forced me to carry their luggage as they continued their shopping.

I was surprised that they realized Lynn was a girl from the first time they met her, but then Eren attacked me with, “You’re the idiot who didn’t notice it.” I couldn’t say anything in return. Yeah, I’m the oblivious one.

While Jill, on the other hand, started to get lost in her own world halfway through my story. She mumbled things such as “I mean, I get it. A guy in a girl’s clothes? Of course, it’s hard to say. Yup. Uhuh. But still,” and continued on talking, wobbling aimlessly all the while.

“I mean, you get it, right? I’m a guy too. What if something happens?”

“It’s fi~ne. You don’t have the guts, not you.” Eren dismissed my concern. “—well, in a way, that’s what’s good about you too.”

Eren jabbed me from the back as she laughed, nearly knocking over all the luggage. I glared at her, “Watch it, savage.”

For some reason, though, I felt flustered when I saw her eyes that looked kinder than usual, so I looked away as I responded.

“You better learn how to be thoughtful around a lady. Don’t make it hard for Lynn, okay?”

Eren pouted. Ahead of her was Jill, still in her own world, mumbling, “I mean, it’s not my fetish or anything, but—”

Whether it’s Lynn, Eren, or even Jill, girls are just incomprehensible. I thought, as I adjusted the heavy luggage in my arms and sighed.



  1. Mab: Nakama is…a weirder word than you think. For now I’ll stick with partner in this particular case, but I will use a different word for other cases like Laika’s party.
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