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Chapter 150: Interrogation of the Three Heads (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3179 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1493 words
Editor(s): Fire

While the Spirit King making an appearance caused quite an upheaval, the declaration of victory over Chimera Clauzen concluded without a hitch. After that, Mira and the rest of the adventurers on board were invited by Sentopolly’s Prime Minister to eat with him.

What looked like a viking style party started in the garden of the Prime Minister’s residence, with many of Sentopolly’s important civil officers making an appearance as well.

The Prime Minister was part of the political facade. He was unaware of the true origin of Sentopolly, and believed some benevolent and rich noble had established that trading nation, and he was their representative.

Because of that he held the belief of most people that Chimera Clauzen was a despicable group, so their fall was reason to celebrate. That was why his invitation to the banquet was equal parts fulfilling his duty to show his appreciation for those courageous individuals, while also trying to make sure beyond any doubt they were telling the truth.

There were many distinguished individuals in the group, so most people trusted they were telling the truth and they had indeed defeated Chimera Clauzen. But he had an important position in the country, so he had to do his due diligence and find actual proof, since even celebrities could lie.

There were all those motives mingled together in that party, and the adventurers were fully aware of that as they accepted to join.

Well, all except one. Seemingly unaware of the background of it all, she went from table to table, stuffing her cheeks with every delicacy imaginable.

That was Mira. She let the Fifty Bells do all the post-battle talking and procedures, walking past the Prime Minister and Alioth that were engaged in conversation, with Jack Grave and the other adventurers listening on the side, heading straight towards the only objective in her mind: roasted beef.

「Yes, perfection!」

Even if he was just part of a facade, he still had the authority and importance of a Prime Minister, so all the food served in the party was top class, and Mira wanted to try it all, having more than enough to choose from.

And then she was found.

「Hey Grandpa, good job out there. I was watching from the ground. Calling the Spirit King was really a genius move.」

Kagura was in a good mood as she called out to Mira, a plate with heaps of food on it in her hands.

「I wish you had forewarned me about me being introduced as well.」

Mira grumbled as she turned to face Kagura, her eyes glaring at her. She still resented the fact that her name had been called and she was forced to introduce herself, without knowing it would happen in the first place.

「But you’d just run away if I told you that first, wouldn’t you?」

Kagura just shrugged, chuckling as if to say she had no option but to do that.

Mira began to think after hearing that. If she had been told her name would be heralded to all of Sentopolly while her image flashed on a giant screen, and she had to introduce herself, would she have gotten on the flying ship in the first place?

In the end, she concluded Kagura was right and could not say anything back, simply mumbling 「You have a point…」

「But still, I thought that was supposed to be a performance to convince people Chimera had been defeated? Was there really a reason to introduce a no-name like me…」

Doing such an extravagant presentation was purely a plan to sniff out the remnants of Chimera Clauzen still in the city, so believability was all they needed. That also meant the other adventurers present were better options than someone without renown like Mira.

Still, she was mentioned at the end of a long stream of famous names. Mira really wanted to know what the point of doing that was, and the reply was something she did not expect.

The truth was, Solomon had requested it. That was an important first step to eventually get Mira to take Danbulf’s place as one of the Nine Wisemen.

「It was a special request that arrived through our branch in Lunatic Lake. The branch director was so nervous it was crazy.」

At the end of the day, Kagura was still one of the Nine Wisemen as well. She was willing to take such requests for the future of her country. She also promised Mira she definitely did not do it because it would be funny.

「So it was another of his schemes… Well, at least I got to announce the marvels of summoning to a broad audience.」

A summoner had stood alongside very powerful adventurers, so that probably had left a strong impression about summoners. Satisfied with that outcome, Mira reached towards the table and picked up a freshly roasted meat skewer. 「Mm yes, nothing beats this.」

「But still, the Spirit King! That was so incredible! You basically let everyone know that even he recognized we had taken down Chimera.」
「Ahh, that, yes. I was surprised too.」

Mira looked away from Kagura who sounded very excited, piling up skewer after skewer on her plate. It seemed that had left a strong impression on her.

「That really got them freaking out, many of the remaining members already fell in our hands. That strategy worked out way better than I expected.」

Kagura laughed happily saying that. 「So was that your newest summon?」 she asked with marked interest.

「That wasn’t a summon. He came out on his own. I wish at least he had told me something before showing up like that.」

「Hmmm, I see. That’s still really impressive though.」

In reality Mira was the most shocked one. Kagura did not mind that, muttering 「You’ve always been full of surprises」 with delight as she took some of the roasted beef from the table and placed it on her crowded plate, topping it off with a skewer.

Mira glanced at Kagura’s plate, which looked like a chaotic mess without order or rhythm, frowning slightly before chuckling, noticing she was also the same as always.

Eventually the party came to an end. Mira and Kagura left Alioth and some others to talk with the Prime Minister about the effect Chimera Clauzen had everywhere, and what to do in the future. Instead they headed to Sentopolly’s branch of the Fifty Bells to extract information from Chimera Clauzen’s heads that were kept captive in the basement.

The branch looked like a common household from the outside, but underground it was a very secure building.

When the two girls, accompanied by the branch director Mattie who was acting as record keeper, reached the cells, Isaac and Jamal who had been captured first, glared at the newest prisoners who sat on a corner.

Their attitude seemed to change as the new prisoners were pulled out as if saying 「now you three are finished,’ or ‘please punish them, teacher.’

「You realize you two are getting trialed just like them, right? Idiots.」

Mira knocked on Isaac and Jamal’s heads as she said that, and then turned to look at the three highest Heads of Chimera Clauzen. Originally there were five of them, but one of them, the girl overtaken by the Demon Princess, was still sleeping in a safe room inside the spirit flying ship. Apparently the Demon Princess had invaded deeply into her mind, so now that she was free it would take her some time to wake up and recover. There were no clues as to her true identity yet.

The fifth Head was confirmed dead. He was the man the Sky Denizen had been seeking revenge from.

Three remained alive, though it was hard to say if that was lucky for them or not, as they were captured and about to be interrogated. Their initial bravado pre-capture was gone, looking nervously at Mira and Kagura.

Gregorius, who had fought Mira directly, looked like a warrior trying to steel himself for demise. Trembling slightly as he said, 「Whatever you do, just do it quick.」

The man in heavy armor that fought Sero had all his armor stripped. His body looked completely different from the initial impression he left, looking very lanky and thin, when at first he seemed muscular and well trained. He tried to stand his ground, blurting, 「N-No matter what you do I won’t say anything.」 But that was merely his voice, his entire body was shaking in fear.

The last one looked foreign, and Mira had to think for a moment to remember who he was. He was the weakest of the bunch, and had been defeated nearly instantly. His face was contorted in fear as his body trembled, and he just said, 「I’ll tell you everything, just don’t kill me please.」


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