Chapter 98: Inside the Tornado (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2280 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1034 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira looked at Kumo, understanding what he was trying to say, but she smirked as she declared she was not going to change her mind. He was taken aback by that, looking away while saying 「Alright alright, do whatever you want」, sighing as he turned to look up at the tornado again.

「Hm? What happened? Your ears turned red.」

Arlon poked fun at him for his reaction, making Kumo pull his hood down and look to the side.

「Anyway, time to give this a try.」

She had gotten as close to the tornado as possible without being blown away when she finished her sentence. Mira prepared to cast the skill that would let her cross the tornado.

Resonant Summoning: Sylphid

As soon as she uttered those words, a magic circle appeared below her feet and rose into the air, as if enveloping Mira before it shattered and dispersed like wind.
That was a skill with a different effect than anything she had used before.

(Hmm, my body feels really light. I guess this is how it feels when activated in reality.)

Mira felt something enveloping her body, a power different to her own. At the same time, it also gave her the conviction that it would let her cross through the tornado.
As quickly as she noticed that, she broke into a run, plunging into the raging winds of the tornado.

The remaining members of the group had seen that skill for the first time, but they saw a clear opportunity there.
If Mira succeeded, then the tornado would vanish soon. They had to be prepared for that, so Kumo quickly ran back to the other members of his group to inform them.

「What did she just do?」

Arlon, Sasori and Hebi stayed close to the tornado, watching the spot where Mira had vanished.


Arlon had a puzzled smile, but Hebi replied with her usual deadpan face, only disturbed by a slight glint in her eyes. 「I wonder what would happen if Mira fights with all she has.」 Added Sasori, making the three of them tremble imagining that.

The loud roaring wind and an immeasurable pressure was all that could be felt inside the tornado, but to Mira it felt like she was running against a soft breeze.
The wind would rather go around her rather than against her.
That was due to the summoning she had performed earlier.
A resonant summoning, rather than manifesting a spirit, it momentarily granted the summoner the powers of a spirit. With it, Mira had obtained the powers of wind spirit.
Being a high level skill, it was hard to maintain a resonant summoning for more than a minute, and it also consumed a large amount of mana.
But at the same time it had many upsides as well. Mainly, Mira was unaffected by wind now, so she was able to traverse through the tornado without issue.
No matter how strong and wild those winds were, they could not touch Mira.
When she got through the tornado, she saw a scenery covered in ancient ruins. Those buildings had been carved into the rocky mountains, showing whoever inhabited this region ages ago had an exquisite workmanship, as well as methods that had been lost to time and exceeded anything known.

(From up close this place looks even more breathtaking.)

Walking through the road leading between those rocks, Mira was overcome by a feeling of wonder. She had visited that place countless times as a game, but now that everything had gained a sense of mass, it left a much stronger impression in Mira’s mind.

(They don’t seem to have a lookout.)

She surveyed the ruins again, but was unable to sense any living being around them. They truly placed all their confidence on the tornado.
Then it was best if she found the source quickly, but she had been looking around the entire time without finding any place likely to be the source.
If she could not see anything at first glance, then they were probably somewhere hidden between the ruins, so Mira went closer to them.

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「I guess I have no other option left.」

Having walked through the ruins in vain, she realized she was running out of time. Her search being futile, she decided to call someone more suitable for that job.

「Chief, you needed someowthing?」

After a glowing magic circle appeared and vanished, Cait Sith appeared sitting in a laid back manner, resting his shoulder against the sign reading ‘Elite Cat Troop #1’. He was mimicking a rebellious pose which he had learned from some unknown source.

「There’s so much to improve on your act, but regardless, listen carefully First Lieutenant. I need you to investigate the origins of the tornado surrounding this place.」

Mira paid little attention to Cait Sith’s entrance, waving it away as she quickly explained the current issue to him.

「Leave it to meow, Chief.」

The sign he had been used to rest his body against had transformed into a blade, which he brandished while smiling with confidence.

「Getting it to touch this should be enough to stop it.」

Trying to do everything properly, Mira gave the sphere she got from Hebi to Cait Sith.

「Understood. I’ll take care of the goods.」

Skillfully Cait Sith received the sphere, holding it with his paw as he materialized a cloth which he used to fasten the sphere to his back.

「I’m counting on you then.」

With that, Cait Sith darted towards the ruins while saying 「Let’s deliver this wrecking ball!」 in high spirits. The sign he carried on his back read ‘Watch out, demolition zone’.

「Well, I should get going as well.」

Mira saw Cait Sith scurry away for a while before muttering to herself. She summoned Pegasus, who silently walked up to her to receive pats and cheek rubs. Then the two looked at the biggest gate amongst the ruins.

「It’s been a while, but let’s do this.」

She climbed on his back, and Pegasus neighed happily before flapping his wings and they flew towards the gate.

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