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Chapter 98: Inside the Tornado (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2045 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 968 words
Editor(s): Fire

As the group got closer, the unnatural features of the tornado became more apparent. Due to its artificial source, the wind forming the tornado moved in a specific pattern, barely going off track as it revolved, which made it impossible to find a gap to cross it. But at the same time, the lack of irregularity made it possible to stand even as close as twenty meters away from it without feeling its effect. From up close, the sky looked darker, covered by the tornado. The low bellowing of the wind sounding like the breath of a dragon poised for attack..

「Looks like there’s no way in from here.」

Seeing all its features, Arlon sighed while giving up on crossing the imposing wall of wind. The tornado was just as powerful as any naturally occurring one, not something a mere adventurer or a small group of any type of people could overpower.

「Yeah, I know.」

Kumo had a sour smile as he stood at Arlon’s side, recalling everything he had attempted the past days.

「I guess we can’t really run through this fast enough either.」
「This is more force than my Rock Golem can take too.」

Sasori and Hebi also observed the tornado while discarding their ideas. It was truly beyond their abilities. The four of them came together and began exchanging ideas, trying to find a way to combine their abilities to somehow make it through. Mira stood a few paces behind them, vaguely listening to them while scratching her chin, her eyes focused on the tornado.

The tornado fending off any intruders with powerful wind had Chimera Clauzen written all over it. And while Mira’s group stood brooding over it outside, it was obvious that something else was happening inside. Standing there doing nothing meant they were constantly falling behind Chimera Clauzen, but there was no progress in the four’s conversation, so they were stuck there.

(I guess I might as well try something.)

Mira thought that as she walked forward, looking at the tornado one step in front of Arlon and the others.

「I might be able to somehow squeeze through. Can you all keep watch out here?」

She turned around and looked at the perplexed group to say that before turning to the tornado and slowly walking forward again.

「Wait wait, we tried literally everything we could. You can’t just walk-」
「Really?! If you can, then please find a way to dispel the tornado from inside as well!」

Kumo tried to stop Mira, baffled at her acts, but Sasori interrupted him and spoke excitedly to her. Even with the combined efforts of multiple Hidden members they had been unable to cross the tornado, but rather than giving up knowing that, Sasori decided to place her trust on Mira.

「I was thinking of stopping their scheme first… but I’ll think about it.」

Assuming Chimera Clauzen were the people behind the tornado, the casters had to be in some safe area, most likely past the wind barrier. But it would mean nothing to find them if Chimera Clauzen accomplished their goals in the meantime. Mira knew as much, so she only promised to think about it, though she still spoke with a confident tone.

「But like I was saying-」
「Considering the tornado’s size, it’s safe to assume that it needs a lot of casters to keep it active, so they’re probably somewhere open rather than inside the dungeon.」

Kumo tried to stop Mira again, but Hebi interrupted him. From the sliver of Mira’s abilities she had seen on their way there, she believed Mira might actually have a way to break past the tornado.

「This is a tool to seal the powers of negative spirits. Just throwing it at them should be enough.」

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As she spoke, Hebi reached inside her pouch for a spherical object the size of her palm, which she handed to Mira as if their hopes rested in it.

「I see, so I should just throw this to wherever the source of the tornado seems to be.」

While the tornado was clearly artificial, making one of such magnitude was no easy task. At the very least a spellcaster with abilities comparable to a wiseman was necessary. But there were other ways of creating a phenomenon like that. Namely, spirits. Considering Chimera Clauzen were behind that, it was easy to conclude they were using the power of spirits in some way, most likely forcefully and against the spirits’ will.

「At least try to do it.」

Saying that, Hebi looked at Mira with a pleading and pained expression. Mira took the sphere and firmly grasped Hebi’s hand, adding 「Leave it to me」 with a wide smile.

「What even…」

After being interrupted twice, Kumo gave up trying to understand what was happening, feeling left out of the loop amongst those three.

「Don’t worry. You can’t really understand that girl’s power until you see it first hand.」

Arlon patted his back explaining that, in an attempt to comfort him, but that only showed he too was inside that loop.

「But still…」

Kumo hunched down in doubt, watching that girl wearing trendy Magical Girl type clothes. Kumo had a healthy amount of pride in the abilities of him and his group, but their combined efforts had been of naught. And now he watched Mira calmly claim to be able to cross the tornado. He wanted to trust in Sasori and Hebi’s confidence, but it was still hard for him to believe someone he met for the first time.

「You see, I never give up until I’ve tried everything I have. So I’m sorry but I have to see how far I can go.」


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