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Chapter 63: Travel Companion

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In the morning, when the sun shines like a haze, Mira is slumbering in the tatami room with a faint Japanese sign. Suddenly, she hears the sound of a bell that melts into the sky.

『Nuo… Nani~ no~ oto~ ja (what is that sound)?』(Mira)

Mira still has her face buried in the blanket. The sound resonated over and over, it could be heard from the outside. And when the sound stopped.

『We will give you information on Continental Railway operations.
The left circuit line departed from Woodholm Station at 8:15.
The estimated time of arrival at this station is 12:45. I Repeat ──』(Broadcast)

It was the broadcast that was sent from the station to convey the status of the railway operation. Since the arrival time of the railway isn’t accurate in minutes as in Japan, it is broadcast to the whole city.

After listening to the broadcast, Mira opens the menu and checking the current time, it was written as 8:30.

(Remaining 4 hours and a little) (Mira)

Mira stood up from the blanket, walked lightly to the window. She rubs her eyes on the back of her hands and has a panoramic view of the outside. The cityscape where many people of various races and costumes come and go in the morning sun. As she looks up, you can see the large station and many people who come and go like a kite at the entrance.

Mira looked at the waves of such people vaguely recalled the night when she arrived at the station.

When she arrived at the silver side, the station yard I looked from the sky was large and it would take a lot of time if she looked around on foot.

Before getting on the board, Mira was really excited to go for sightseeing, she moved away from the window and took off the yukata.

She washes her face in a washroom that is similar to a hand watershed, a Japanese-style toilet, and change into her magic robe set,

『That’s right, that’s right』(Mira)

While whispering, she rang the bell with her finger. She remembered Nakai saying that with this as a signal breakfast would be carried in.

After changing clothes, sip tea and sit on a cushion. Mira doesn’t do anything in a tranquil hour but leans and drinks.

『How peaceful』(Mira)

The so-called lazy-around appearance.

『Good morning. I bring breakfast』(Nakai)

While calming down, Mira heard the voice came from the hallway. Mira stood up, unlocked the door and welcomed the Nakai in.

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The breakfast arranged on the table is a classic Japanese food that is thoroughly studied and well prepared.

Mira sat down and confirmed that this breakfast was also delicious. After receiving instructions on cooking from the same Nakai as last night, Mira started mixing natto first.

After Mira is satisfied with the breakfast, she grabs the ribbon that had been tying her hair the other day and start tying it in front of the mirror. She can’t tie her hair well like Mariana did.

(Nuo… The twin tails are the most cute) (Mira)

Mira is struggling, thinking about what she should do because of her ideal appearance. About three weeks after coming to this world, she started to get used to herself.

After trial and error, Mira has somehow decided on her hairstyle, and Mira is excited about her appearance.

She was ready and looked around the room to see if there were anything left behind.

After getting lost a little, Mira found the counter. Passing in front of the shoebox room on the way, seeing the uptown entrance and returning the bag. Because the shoebox and room key are the same, it was explained that she had to collect her shoes before returning them to the counter.

『Sewa~ ni~ natta~ (I have been taken care of)』(Mira)

Mira has changed her own shoes, returns the key to the counter.

『Thank you for using our Ryokan… By the way, Dear customer, it seems that it’s hard to tie, but are you planning to go out with that hair?』(Receptionist)

The receptionist receives the key with a sales smile, looks uneasy about Mira, and asks Mira as she cannot be patient. Mira leans slightly and touches her hair to see if it works.

She didn’t solve anything in particular and pondering about the attitude of the receptionist.

『I’m going to do that, but something strange?』(Mira)

Mira has no idea, so she asks back. Then the receptionist “May you excuse me for a moment?” gently smiled as she brought the mirror in the counter. Unlike the sale smile, it was a full expression of motherhood.

Then the receptionist took off Mira’s hair ribbon. Mira wasn’t aware of it, her hair only looked fine from the front, there was a position where it was devastating gathered up and down and that was obvious from others.

While worrying about the difference, Mira let the receptionist arrange her hair again. The appearance in the mirror is certainly so impressive that after finishing, the receptionist can brush Mira’s silver hair with her fingertips, the condition of Mira’s hair flutters like silk.

『This is all right』(Receptionist)

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『Thank you. It took a lot of time』(Mira)

Mira left the Ryokan, “Star Moon (Hoshi Tsuki) Manor” passing with the cheerful smile of the receptionist.

Mira headed straight to Silverside Station and looked up again at the large building. It is about the same size as the school building seen at Arkait Gakuen and stands majestically in the sunlight.

Mira entered the premises from the entrance of the busy station. The store continues to the depths like a shopping street, but the front is lined with people who seem to be the staff of the station, and there is a counter written as the reception.

Mira heads to one of the railroad reception.

『Can I ask a question?』(Mira)

『Yes, please ask me anything』(Receptionist)

The Receptionist responds with a smile to the girl, who shook her twin tails and peeked at the slightly higher counter. It was a slightly more polite response than usual. But Mira feels that the job requires to be kind.

『I want to use the train, but I’d like to know how to get on』(Mira)

First of all, I will explain the ticket.
There are three types of tickets for each seat class, everything is sold here.』(Receptionist)

The Receptionist answers the question with a smile and puts three tickets on the tray so that Mira can see it. The colors are white, pale blue, and red. The material wasn’t paper, but a material similar to a dungeon permit.

『From here, economy class, premium class, first class.
One piece is required for each station, and the price is 5,000 riffs, 10,000 riffs, and 20,000 riffs.』(Receptionist)

『Hum, one at one station …』(Mira)

(It seems that the system is slightly different from the original world) (Mira)

Mira looked at three tickets. The difference is the letters written as color. Economy class is easy to imagine. However, Mira, an ordinary household, has a longing for the words premium class and first class.

『I want to go to Alice Farius, how many train stations from here?』(Mira)

『From the silver side, there are five stations. It’s a total of 25,000 riffs in economy class』(Receptionist)

Mira is pointing at the first-class ticket to the receptionist who answers with a smile.

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『Okay, five of these please』(Mira)

Mira put out ten Mithril coins equivalent to 100,000 riffs on the tray. The Receptionist is a little amazed, but she immediately regains her smile and checks the fee.

『Yes, certainly. This is the first-class ticket. Please check it』(Receptionist)


Mira receives 5 small tickets and puts it into her waist pouch. When the Receptionist watches Mira’s gesture, she talks.

『First class tickets are expensive, so it’s best not to show them in public』(Receptionist)

That’s why she reminds Mira. Mira is convinced that this is true.

『That’s right, I will be careful』(Mira)

Upon receiving the advice, Mira shifted the waist pouch slightly toward her abdomen.

Then she thanked Receptionist and looked forward to how much the first class would be. Mira went out to the streets where the shops lined up.

As Mira checks the time on the menu, it’s a little over 9 o’clock. Mira remembered that the arrival time of the train was in the late 12 o’clock, she could spend time for now. When she actually stepped in, she thrilled in front of a larger section of the station premises than expected.

Stores line up in two layers like a shopping street that handles miscellaneous products, and when she comes here, it feels like she can find anything here.

The remaining time is 3 and nearly half an hour. Mira jumped to the nearest store to enjoy shopping until it was time.

The first sign is “Moon and Silver Tower Specialty Products Silver Side Station”. It is a souvenir shop. The store is large and has many customers, so it seems to be thriving.

『Nu …』(Mira)

Nine kinds of child-sized robes are lined up in a prominent place in the store, and Mira who sees them jerks slightly.

It is, of course, the sage robe replica. Mira looks so spectacular because it is neatly arranged, but Mira focused on the stock.

(Why there are only three replicas of my robes…) (Mira)

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There are five or more items on display, including exhibits and replicas folded in stock. There is clearly a sense of discrimination in the Luminaria robe.

(It must have been sold … I’m very popular …) (Mira)

She told herself so strongly, and Mira left the scene.

After passing through the sewing-related shelves, the shelves with the grocery items continues further. It’s no exaggeration to say that the food that you can enjoy in each region is a classic souvenir. Mira went through the products that seemed a little expensive.

The first thing she saw was a classic cookie. The one sold here is a muscat cookie made from flourished muscat grown in the kingdom of Arkite, with a jam in the center of a plain cookie. The sweet and sour taste of a jam that shines beautifully like emerald is a popular dish.

Next to it is Muscat Candy and Muscat Drink.

Mira goes to the next shelf. The souvenirs that can be said to be classic are also arranged in the area of ​​the shelf. A pennant was written with nine wise men, a pin badge engraved with the two names of the nine wise men and King Solomon, a mini lantern written with the kingdom of Arkite, a capital Lunatic Lake model with craftsmanship, and a silver tower with craftsmanship Figurine. When Mira checked it, only things that were difficult to handle were gathered in one place. However, contrary to Mira’s perception, the area has the most customers.

Mira left the souvenir shop after purchasing six hundred riffs of Muscat cookies.

The next store Mira visited was a bookstore. Perhaps because it’s popular, there are many well-dressed customers such as a surgeon, the man of the muscular warrior who seems to be with him is looking at the shelf with a cool expression.

Mira picked up a book that had been stacked. On the cover page was written “Introduction to Magic”, and the content was an introduction to the title, such as a magical catalyst for beginners’ learning and so-on.

If you look at it, you can find introductory books on all the techniques. The last page comes with an introductory pamphlet for Arkite Gakuen, which will convey your willingness to learn more.

Gently returning to the stack, Mira laughed at the martial arts instruction book placed next to the book. This is also an introductory book that describes the basics of weapon handling such as swordsmanship and martial arts. Of course, if you open the backmost page, you will find pamphlets for each dojo.

(I’m so sad …) (Mira) (T.N: No summoner book)

Mira is going deeper into the store, rather than being impressed.

There are books such as monster encyclopedias and botanical illustrations, as well as heroic encyclopedias for tourist information.

There were picture books on the back shelf. There is also a children’s literature headed by the story of the nine wise men who Emera spoke passionately at the lowest level of the ancient temple Nebulapolis, as well as novels of multi-sama genres.

Furthermore, there are various adult titles that are out of reach of Mira, and the customers and clerk in the store are watching over Mira’s back reaching desperately. Many others who leaked an unsatisfactory sigh in the figure of the girl who gave up and lowered their hands, rushed to the girl and stepped on the book at the next moment.

(Nuu~… I made people worried) (Mira)

Mira was infidelity, but she found an incredible book in the far corner.

It’is not an adult noble literature. There were mass entertainment and comic books. Such a culture will be influenced by the former player.

Naturally, there is no title that Mira remembers and all covers are fresh.

(There are so many comics for the first time … I’m looking forward to excavation!) (Mira)

Excavation work. In other words, find an interesting comic that suits you. Mira picks up from one end and takes a glance at the cover and synopsis.

The girls seemed to be in a good mood on the comic bookshelves, was distracted by the thought, people were finally relieved.

Eventually, Mira picked up a number of remarkable comics and bought a map of the surrounding area of ​​the Alice Farius saint country.

Look around many other stores. Aimed at adventurer-branch of Dinoir Shokai, which sells various useful tools, is worth seeing, and there are many other souvenir shops, general merchandise stores, and medicine stores continue on. Everything was different from the standard items, and it was something that could be enjoyed by just looking.

It was around when Mira started to go around with this and that. A familiar bell sound jumped into Mira’s ear as she escaped from a store clerk.

『I will inform you about the operation of the Continental Railway. The left circulation line is running smoothly towards this station. It will arrive one hour later. Repeat ──』(Broadcast)

『One hour …』(Mira)

When Mira hears the announcement and confirms the time, she resumes visiting the store.

As if the broadcast was signaled, people flowed from the nearest stairs to the second layer. There are many restaurants on the upper floor. and there are many shops selling Station lunch and shops specializing in Station lunch.

Many types come together but the fragrance stimulates the belly as Mira walks in the whole area. The blissful moment of pecking the Station lunch in front of the passing scenery.

When she noticed, Mira began to examine the many Station lunch on the eaves.

The first is a Western-style restaurant with a bright pastel atmosphere. It is usually run as a restaurant but sells Station lunch at the storefront before the arrival of the railway. The contents are mainly meat, fish, and vegetable sandwiches, and the colorful content seems to be popular among women.

In fact, there are many female customers. When Mira escapes out of the woman group, she goes to the next store.

In the second layer, where the number of people gradually increases, Mira visited a shop called 『Poka Poka Bento』.

This shop only handles Station lunches and the variations were mainly common such as fried lunch boxes, paste lunch boxes, grilled meat lunch boxes, and meatball lunch boxes. Because it is cheap and large in volume, the customer base is mostly adventurers, and hard warriors and others are buying two paste lunches.

(Bento looks delicious just by looking at it. It has a mysterious charm.) (Mira)

Mira came to the next store while pulling her hair. There are many high-end stores, many of the products are elaborate. Omelet lunch with demiglace sauce, roll cabbage lunch cooked in tomato soup, scotch egg lunch with herbs, etc.

『This is craftsmanship』(Mira)

Mira looks at a sample of a semi-cooked omelet rice bento. She brings the tip of her nose close to the edge, her cheek melts due to the scent of Demigrass sauce and butter.

But there may still be better Station lunch. Mira put omelet rice in one of the candidates and headed to the next. Unknown to Mira, the sales record of the omelet rice was raised by the customers who witness the smile of an angelic girl that day.

The next store was very similar to Moon Star Manor, where Mira stayed overnight. Probably based on the Japanese-style formula. The goods sold by the kimono-welding salesgirls, it was a little different from the classification of Station lunch which is just rice balls with various ingredients. There are more than ten kinds of ingredients, and side dishes are garnished with pickles and tea. For tea, the container and contents were sold separately.

(Here as well, fried chicken …) (Mira)

Rice balls are prepared in many kinds, from classic to those with a different world sense. It seems to be prosperous.

The store next to it is the same line as the rice ball store. The products we were selling were Station lunch (mainly cooked rice) such as mushroom rice, bamboo shoot rice, and chestnut rice. The accompanying side meals also make it stand out in an iron plate.

(Boiled bamboo shoots eaten in the countryside were exquisite) (Mira)

Memorize the second candidate and peek into the next store, and then next store.

Even the cheapest of the high-class Station lunch restaurant is 2,000-riff. The charcoal-grilled restaurant that offers abundant skewers, a fast food classic burger restaurant, and a sushi bento that has three types of Shochiku plums. Many stores as such continued further.

And Mira looked into the dozens of classic restaurants for the Been. The cheapest one is 500 riffs, and the highest one is 1,300 riffs. Speaking of its contents, it is a lunch box that combines white rice with many side dishes. In a sense, it is a complete form of Station lunch, which is simple but packed with many side dishes and can be enjoyed with both the tongue and eyes.

There are many side dishes that Mira is familiar with, which give Mira a sense of security on the first railway trip in the world.

Mira stuck to the sample and confirmed the difference due to price differences. There are various types and numbers of cheap and high, side dishes, but there are major differences in the main meat and fish. The cheaper ones are white fries, but when they get higher, they change to salmon grilled and mini hamburgers.

Meals that are packed in lunch boxes.

At last, Mira decided to buy a lunch box with the highest price.


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