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Chapter 62: Japanese Style

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Mira became a little tired because of the long story, she headed to the washroom with a wooden basin and a bath chair in one corner.

When she put hot water on the wooden basin and dipped in a towel, her hair was suddenly released.

『Nan~ja (what’s that). Oh, It’s you. Do you need something else?』(Mira)

When Mira looked up, there was the figure of Aselia that folded the ribbon on Mira’s hair neatly. In addition, there was a more powerful chest approached.

『Because you had told a precious story. I want to thank you somehow, let me wash your hair and back!』(Aselia)

The story was greatly diverted along the way, but the reason she approached Mira in the first place was that she wanted to take care of Mira like her Imouto.

And now, Aselia approaches Mira with an appropriate excuse without forgetting her original intention.

Although she is fundamentally different from Mariana, Mira feels her slightly raised of tension is somewhat similar. There’s no reason for Mira to refuse because it feels good to have people wash her head.

『As you wish』(Mira)

Getting Mira’s approval, Aselia begins to wash her silver hair with the spirited shower. The touch is very familiar and her fingertips that touch the scalp directly tickle a little, but Mira closes eyes with the comfort that resembles pleasure.

As a result, Aselia enjoyed her nostalgic older sister-san feeling, and Mira was left with a completely relaxed expression.

Once you have washed your body and cooled it down, you can immerse yourself in hot water and enjoy the garden.

The deer sounds that reverberated at regular intervals were very pleasing to Mira. Mira was too relaxed, she was immersed in it until she felt somewhat drunk.

It was about an hour and a half after she came to the public bath that she was fully satisfied.

(It’s time to go up and have dinner) (Mira)

Mira fully enjoyed the large public bath, stood up with the sound of the next deer jumped. Then Aselia followed Mira and help Mira wipe her body. Aselia swung her towel like nunchaku and took a lot of moisture from her body.

And they leave the bathroom together.

Upon leaving the dressing room, Aselia headed for the shelves in the corner of the room and put on her clothes like other bathers.

Mira is standing in front of the figure in the dressing room and drying her hair intangible while observing carefully. Mira admires again how quickly the hair was dried.

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(What a strange sight!) (Mira)

Her silver hair has restrained each other in the wet state regain the silky texture in tens of seconds. If she lightens her hair gently, it will spread like powdered snow and splash on her skin. Looking at the mirror, the girl in the mirror is very fascinating, and Mira is happy when her breasts are covered with her hair.

『I’m “sexy”』(Mira)

It was the moment she discovered her new self.

Mira then unlocks the locker and removes the bath towel. She enjoyed the reverberation immediately after bathing while being satisfied with the touch with a very soft fabric.

『Eh (Are~)? You still didn’t change yet』(Aselia)

Aselia, who has finished changing her clothes quickly, appears on the side of Mira and spoke. She wears a pale purple yukata, and the valley that can be glimpsed from the open collar is more sensational than Mirai’s eyes.

『Umu … Well, that』(Mira)

When she returned to her glance, Mira took out her bag and picked up her underwear. Then Aselia saw a bag that suddenly appeared like a magic trick, and raised her voice.

『Amazing, Amazing! This is the item box for the operator’s bracelet. I want to have it soon as well!』(Aselia)

When Mira clears the bag, she lifts her cheeks and swipes the silver bracelet with her hand. For Aselia who is one step close to the C rank, the bracelet of the operator, which can be said to be a high-rank testament, is the most desired target.

『I can’t change my clothes』(Mira)

『Oh, sorry』(Aselia)

When Mira said that, Aselia let go of Mira’s hand and said: “I’ll also get it soon”.

Aselia showed a joyful smile and holding her fist strongly. Mira was very fond of the attitude of trying hard to become stronger. She supported Aselia, although she didn’t speak out.

『Eh (Are~)? Isn’t Mira-chan wearing a yukata?』(Aselia)

Aselia asks Mira who brought out the usual dress from the locker.

『Well, I don’t have a yukata on hands!』(Mira)

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As Mira looks back, Aselia rushes from the spot. The destination was a shelf at the end of the dressing room. She opened it and picked up what was in it then she came back vigorously.

『If it’s Mira-chan, it’s about this size』(Aselia)

Aselia offered a yukata with a gentle shade of light green.

『Can I use it without permission?』(Mira)

『Yeah, because it’s for changing clothes』(Aselia)

It is a change of clothes prepared by the inn and is kept in a dressing room by size. In addition, Aselia explains that it is prepared not only for size but also for other races such as Meow. Mira was impressed with that and received the yukata.

(And… how do you wear it?) (Mira)

Sure, when you come to a Ryokan, you should be able to wear a yukata. But Mira didn’t know how to wear a kimono.

She just tightened the belt through the sleeves. Mira thought she wore it properly. The length, etc. is just as good as Aselia thinks, and it just covers the back of the hand.

And then, when she tried to close the collar and fasten it with the belt she received together.

『Wait a minute. The collar is reversed』(Aselia)

Saying that, Aselia turned to the front of Mira and began dressing carefully. The sleeves with heels are stretched neatly, and the collars are combined to make it very neat. Finally, when she tightens the band and lightly adjusts it, she goes back one step to have the whole picture of Mira into view.

『Okay. Now complete』(Aselia)

She smiles at the workmanship and gently strokes Mira’s head. The gesture had the impression of a Onee-chan and for Aselia, it was an unconscious action. Despite being completely treated like a kid, Mira didn’t push the hand on her head away but she sighed as if it was okay for a long time sensation and the calm atmosphere of Aselia.

(Some things just don’t work. I’m an adult, you know.) (Mira)

After changing clothes and leaving the dressing room, there are a souvenir shop and table tennis. The guests, who relaxed after the bath, weren’t doing anything. They just spent a moment of coffee. This is where the light of the lanterns shines and Mira feels lost in a different space. Whether it is the original world or the current reality or its boundary. Under such circumstances, she picked up a familiar piece with a stick on a round flat plate.

(This is completely table tennis… The owner here is definitely a former player) (Mira)

The concept of a ryokan that is based on the good old-fashioned classics of the original world, called the interior of a Japanese. And a classic table tennis table is definitely the work of those who know it.

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Mira enjoys the benefits of not only the technology but also the wonders of the original players in the cultural field.

『Yes, Mira-chan. This is my gratitude. This is the best for bathing』(Aselia)

Aselia returned from the shop in a sprint and gave out one of the purchased bottles as she said so to Mira.

『Oh, that’s nice!』(Mira)

In the bottle Mira received, it was written 『Milk Coffee』 in brown letters. This is also a classic after bathing.

『Oh, do you want to play table tennis?』(Aselia)

Aselia keeps an eye on the racket that Mira has in her hand and squints like a hawk that finds a prey.

『No, that’s not why (~nja ga~na~)』(Mira)

Aselia disappeared even before Mira finished and returned with a racket.

『Do you know how to play?』(Mira)

『Of course. I’m pretty strong!』(Aselia)

Aselia picks up the racket and swings lightly. Two large mountains sway due to crustal movements along with the sound of the sharp wind. Aselia looked happy, Aselia turned to Mira with an innocent smile.

『Have you played it before, Mira-chan?』(Aselia)

『Umu, that’s right. However, you are quite familiar with this place.
you know how to wear a yukata,
Do you come here often?』(Mira)

Yukata, hot milk coffee and table tennis, none originally existed in this world. But Aselia is already familiar with the place. Mira felt good that Aselia is familiar with the culture of her country.

『This is my first time staying at this ryokan. But the Japanese style is common』(Aselia)

『Japanese Style…』(Mira)

『I like the Japanese style.
It’s kind of like a unique emotion, so it’s really calm.
I know not only yukata but also kimono.
My teacher taught me.
Ah, my teacher is the person who taught me the Japanese ceremony.』(Aselia)

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Aselia speaks with a cheerful expression whether she likes it. Mira is surprised at whether the culture of her country is infiltrated as a Japanese style, but she is slightly happy with the familiarity of that culture. She feels like she met a foreigner who loved Japan.

『Now, Mira-chan. Let’s drink before it’s cold. It’s common to put your hands on your hips and drink a lot』(Aselia)


Saying, Aselia takes that pose. Then, urge Mira to do the same with her gaze. When she smiles with a bitter smile in her pure line of sight, Mira takes the same posture as Aselia’s familiar pose. Both legs spread with the shoulder-width, putting left hand on hip and drinking coffee milk all at once.

(This feels wrong…) (Mira)

With a slight resentment to the teacher who taught Aselia the Japanese style, Mira drank the sweet coffee milk.

『Mira-chan, too, will get on the train tomorrow?』 (Aselia)

『Umu, Souja~ yo~ (that’s right)』(Mira)

『As expected. Which way are you going?』(Aselia)

『I’m going to Alice. What will you do? Have you decided to get a shield instead of a spirit sword?』(Mira)

The two girls talk about what they will do while putting away the empty bottles into the collecting case at the store. Most of the guests staying in front of the station were railway train users, and Aselia also planned to take a flight to “Oz Stein” tomorrow.

However, she got a source of information that there are stores where spirit swords are sold. Aselia after talking to Mira decided to get a red shield instead of a spirit sword. So for now, she doesn’t have to go to that store anymore.

『Solomon-sama’s home territory, I’m going to Lunatic Lake. I’ve heard that there is a market for attributed equipments. I may find it if I search there』(Aselia)

『Huh, was there such a place?』(Mira)

Mira, who hasn’t looked around the capital yet, smiles happily and adds that market to some sightseeing (waiting list).

『May I ask you to tell me the story of Solomon-sama when I get to rank C?』(Aselia)

A little conservative, but with the utmost thought, Aselia asked.

『I~ja~rou~ (It’s fine). Then, if you become C rank, as a celebration, I’ll teach you how to train the way he had been doing』(Mira)

『Really!? Hooray! I’ll do my best!』(Aselia)

When Aselia expresses joy throughout her body in response to an unexpected response, Mira’s concentrate somehow nailed to the exposing collar.

『By the way, Mira-chan is traveling alone, right?』(Aselia)

『Umu, Sou~ja~ na~ (Yeah, that’s right)』(Mira)

Mira responds by slightly diverting her gaze to avoid unnaturalness. Even Mira, who has gradually been getting used to breasts, seems to be unable to talk while still staring.

『Do you go to Alice on request? Are you okay by yourself?』(Aselia)

The ability can be judged from the standards guaranteed by the union called C rank. And Aselia knows that Mira, who is a celestial race, is older than her. But Aselia is stimulated by her Onee-san’s heart, she asks Mira so.

Mira simply stated without worrying.

『Shinpai mu~yo~ja (Don’t worry). I’m not losing to younger people』(Mira)

She had such an invincible smile.

『See you again!』(Aselia)

『Umu, Mata~ Itsuka~ ja~ na~ (Yeah, we meet again someday)』(Mira)

Once again, after Aselia got the agreement to keep contact via the union, she ran away refreshingly with her motivated eyes shining brightly. Mira reminds her to put a shield textbook in her baggage and read it carefully later.

After Mira sees Aselia’s lively appearance going away, she stands in front of the sketch on the wall and glares at it.

(Where was my room…?) (Mira)

Because she was followed Aselia to the middle of the place, she didn’t remember the directions at all. She was looking for the place『Between the sky』 written on the key of the room she received.

Finally, Mira learns the path to the room and starts walking.

When I returned to my room, Nakai-san was in the middle of preparing the meal on the table. Then Nakai-san greets Mira.

『Welcome back. The meal will be ready soon, so please wait for a moment』(Nakai)


While saying so, Nakai-san moves the tableware from the tray. Mira sits in front of the table and waiting. The containers show vibrant colors, they are all pottery and have the beauty that can be enjoyed even by amateurs.

Dishes are lined up such as bowls, pickles that are not affected by temperature, and eggs.

Mira sat and looked at the middle of the room where preparations were going on, then a voice came from outside and the main characters were carried in. It starts with tempura, miso soup, boiled food, and white rice.

Mira was thrilled by the many dishes that invite nostalgia. It has a gorgeous assortment of dishes, and it is a wonderful assortment of items that are not ashamed of the Japanese name.

『Do you need a description of the food?』(Nakai)

『Umu, please!』(Mira)

After the meals are prepared on the table, Meow (race) Nakai asks Mira so. Mira responds immediately to it. There’s a concern about what kind of ingredients are being reproduced in this world.

『From here.
Eggs made from garden bird’s eggs with smoked black tuna broth.
Next to that Frost Bison meat with soy sauce, sugar, it’s a dish called Yamato boiled in ginger.』(Nakai)

Nakai-san gradually improved in tone, it was as if she had made the dishes by herself, lining up her thoughts on each dish and her feelings at cooking.

After that, the Meow Nakai, who began to get more excited, started to talk about things that were not related to the dishes. A freshly-picked, fresh-fished style flower shape is difficult in this store far from the sea, and the dried fish is delicious but the life is not as good.

Only until when the other Meow (Race) Nakai brought food in, she was forced to suspend.

『Please enjoy your meal slowly.
If you ring that bell after eating, we will come to collect the tableware. Well then, please excuse us』(Nakai)

Nakai sat down, bowed elegantly in a straight posture then she went out of the sky room with the other Meow race.

Immediately after that, from the other side of the door, “How many times have I told you not to do it?” and “I’m sorry” voice rang.

When she heard about a bell, Mira turned his eyes on it, there was a hanging scroll with the word “peace of mind” in a light color. Aside from that, there was a bell in the same shape that Solomon used when calling Suleiman.

After confirming that, Mira wiped the table with a cloth.

(“peace of mind”…! It’s not a word to write on the scroll!) (Mira)

Mira blew the miso soup in her mouth while pondering about the hanging scroll that seemed ridiculous.

After that, there was no problem, Mira enjoyed a peaceful time while enjoying Japanese food after a long time.

After pouring hot water from a metal container into the teapot together with the tea leaves, she poured it into the teacup and enjoyed it with a relaxed expression. When she was satisfied with the scent of the tea leaves spreading through her nasal passages, she sipped a lot of it and stuck her tongue out.


Mira exhales in the cold air after the meal.

She rang the bell with her fingers, she couldn’t hear the sound but there was certainly sounds, and after a while, two Nakai came to collect the tableware.

『The futon was laid in the next room.
Please call me with the bell when you get up in the morning.
I will bring in the breakfast』(Nakai)

『Umu, I understand』(Mira)

Meow Nakai sits next to the door of the next room, lightly opens it and shows it to Mira. It seemed that they have prepared a bed. A futon was laid on the tatami mat. A quilt with a gorgeous dragon design. It seemed to be comfortable.

When Nakai finished putting the tableware away, Mira sipped the second cup of tea. Mira Mira stretched greatly.

『Let’s sleep』(Mira)

When she stood up and opened the bathroom door, there was a Japanese-style toilet. Mira impressed with the Japanese style so far, and raised the hem of her yukata.

After completing the work, Mira was steadily preparing to go to bed with the amenity toothbrush prepared in the bathroom.

After everything, she went into the futon and lied on her back, turn her face and gazed out the window with the wooden frame.

There’s no noise late at night, but in the sky, a star that seems to be congested blinks. When she meditated, this time would be wrapped in silence. There was a slight smell of incense, and the water sound slightly resonated in her ears.

Wrapped in a light and soft blanket, Mira’s breath begin to play a restful tone.


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