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Chapter 246: The Fans’ Locations (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2763 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1200 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I’m so sorry, I got a bit caught up back there.」

While Mira was talking with the three sisters, deciding when and where to meet with their youngest sister, the detective arrived. He apologized for being so late, though his face belied his true emotions. It was clear he enjoyed being swarmed by young women.

「I’m still shocked you’re that popular while being the thief’s enemy.」

In the eyes of the people, Fuzzy Dice was a righteous hero, and the detective trying to stop him had a more villainous role. But somehow the fans cheering on Fuzzy Dice also seemed to like the detective and Julius.

It was a puzzling combination, but the detective had an idea of what had caused it.

「I think they see me as someone that mainly props up the thief’s actions.」

Even if he was popular, the detective smiled as he described himself as having a supporting role.

There had been many notorious adventurers who had tried to catch Fuzzy Dice in the past, and all had failed. The skill and elegance demonstrated by the thief in those situations had enraptured the hearts of all his fans.

In other words, they were not really fans of his sense of righteousness, but more of his power and attitude, unrelenting no matter who stood in his way, and they all loved watching him fight.

But lately everyone had realized that Fuzzy Dice was simply too strong and there were no adventurers left who would try stopping him. And that meant there were no more of those confrontations that the fans loved to watch.

That was until someone new appeared, Detective Wolf, who was insistent on trying to catch Fuzzy Dice.

He had failed every single attempt, but he was still the same person who had obtained rank A as an adventurer years before, so he had plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Every time he would try a new method, and Fuzzy Dice would foil it, but that was an interaction the fans appreciated. On top of that, Julius was naturally popular amongst the ladies. But overall, it still felt like they had more background roles.

The detective did not seem bothered about that, and even joked, 「Julius became even more popular than me,」 before smiling cunningly as he added, 「As long as I get to win eventually, that’ll be enough for me.」

As they spoke, the fans surrounding Julius were finally starting to let go, and he was able to move to his designated spot, while still making sure to smile at the fans as he left.

Meanwhile, the women replied with many sweet shouts of 「Good luck!」 and they sounded much more heartfelt than the way they spoke to the detective earlier.

That instantly made Mira frown, and the detective’s smile also vanished. Both of them had one more thing in common on top of liking sweets now.

That aside, everyone was gathered there now, so they organized a simple meeting amongst them.

They sat down at a table in a corner of the shop and began discussing their strategy.

It would not be anything complicated for them, the three sisters and Mira simply had to sit in the balcony upstairs and act like they were fans of Fuzzy Dice, and once he showed up, Mira would target him with Lock-On M-Type.

Mira had to make sure she locked onto the target while not blowing her cover as a fangirl.

For that, she had to make sure she acted like the rest. Especially when Fuzzy Dice arrived, as everyone would shriek and make an enormous amount of noise.

If Mira showed no reaction like the rest, she would stand out, and the thief could end up suspecting she was up to something. Not to mention that being on the balcony would make them stand out more than the crowd on the street, so they had to pay even more attention.

In other words, if they did not seem as excited as the other fans, then Fuzzy Dice would know something was up.

「…I wouldn’t trust myself.」

Mira had gone there with the expectation that she only would have to aim the device, but now she looked terrified of the extra demands. It would be impossible for her to shriek and fangirl over someone she did not like, not to mention that it was a man.

But Nina looked confident about it.

「Just leave it to us!」

After her, Mina and Nana also joined her, smiling with confidence that they could take care of things.

As it turned out, their parents were professional actors who participated in large plays. As their daughters, the girls had also learned how to act, even if they had left that trade to become adventurers. But that was where their confidence stemmed from.

The three sisters then produced a white mantle, which they would use to conceal Mira while they pretended to go crazy for Fuzzy Dice.

「Yes, that’d be perfect then. Please do that.」

That sounded like an enticing offer for Mira, though she was unsure of how effective it would really be. But before she could come to a conclusion, the detective accepted the suggestion. It was almost like he had anticipated they would say that.

It was no coincidence that the detective had hired them specifically, knowing that they had experience as actresses, and it was likely he even knew about their parents. Sometimes it did not look like it, but the detective was actually good at his job.

Once they were done discussing all of that, the detective mentioned that they could not possibly start a mission with empty stomachs, so they ordered some bavarois, the shop’s specialty, and began eating. Obviously enough, the detective was paying.

「Just like I heard, this is some of the best I’ve had.」

It sounded like the detective had been wanting to try eating there for a while. Nina and her sisters also seemed to enjoy sweet things, as they were all smiles.

「I feel like I could just keep eating more of these and never get full!」

Mira was also enjoying it, and after cleaning her first plate she exclaimed that and glanced at the detective. In response, he looked at everyone and said, 「There’s still some time before we need to act. Would you like another one?」

In reality he was only saying that because he wanted to eat more himself, but ordering only for himself and having the four girls just watching would not really be ideal. So ordering more for everyone was the perfect solution.

It was evident that the three sisters wanted more, but they responded, 「Thank you, but that’d be too much.」

The detective was treating them, so they felt bad about requesting more.

Their restraint was admirable, but sadly it was the opposite response of what the detective had been hoping for. Luckily for him, there was someone there that would be his saving grace.

「Ohh, I want one! I’m curious to see what the chocolate bavarois is all about!」


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