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Chapter 218: A Brief Moment of Daily Life (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3158 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1460 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira soaked in the hot water, fully enjoying the comfort of her bath. But after some time she began to feel that something was lacking. So she went into deep thought, trying to figure out what it was.

「That’s it…」

After thinking and looking around for a bit, Mira found it.

It was the wall right next to her. The bathroom before was a small shower that could just barely fit two people had expanded just enough to fit the bathtub, so calling it cramped was an understatement, and the little space bothered Mira.

Especially considering that all of Mira’s experiences with baths so far had been in the tower, Solomon’s castle, personal bathrooms in luxurious inns, or large public ones. It was an impressive track record of baths visited.

But because of her past experiences, she continued feeling dissatisfied, even considering the fact that she was taking a bath in a remote place where usually doing so would be impossible.

The main reason was the secluded nature of the spirit mansion’s bathroom. Back in her previous world that had never bothered her, but now that she had tasted luxury she could not go back.

「It’d be so much better with a window there at least…」

Mira muttered while looking at the blank wall next to her. Not only was the bathroom cramped, it also offered no windows to see outside, which added to the almost claustrophobic feeling Mira was experiencing.

Then again, this was a house where a young girl lived alone, so having a window in the first floor’s bathroom was like erecting a beacon to invite creeps. But Mira never had any caution with things like that, and enjoying her bath was far more important for her.

Then, just as Mira thought that having a window there would improve her experience so much, the entire spirit mansion began to shake.

「What’s happening?」

First, Mira thought that it was an earthquake, but then she noticed a certain change. After a stronger jolt, the wall next to Mira began to shift.

It had not been too long since Mira formed a contract with the spirit mansion, so there was a lot she did not know about it. That made the current situation all the more unnerving for her, as she was afraid the spirit mansion might have gotten enraged because Mira kept grumbling that it was too small.

In reality, it was the opposite. The spirit mansion was trying to fulfill Mira’s wish.

Once all the shaking winded down, a large window appeared on the wall. Through it, the scenery under the darkness of night with nothing to illuminate it was visible like a black vastness, while the sky was dotted with stars.

「Ohh… There really is no other view like the night sky.」

The night sky unfolded unobstructed for as far as she could see. Mira admired that sight as she slowly sank into the water again.

「So you built an entire window for me? Thank you, I really appreciate that.」

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Mira gently touched the window as she muttered that.

She understood that the spirit mansion had altered its shape to accommodate her desires, showing its construction was far more malleable than she assumed at first. In other words, the spirit mansion could alter its shape if Mira willed it.

Knowing that, Mira could not stop herself from smiling as she began dreaming of what would become possible once the spirit mansion became even bigger. It was almost like she would be able to instantly recreate anything she imagined.

「Ahh…baths really are the best.」

Mira remained in the bath for around an hour. By then she had finally enjoyed it enough, and got up to leave the bathroom.

Then she wiped her body with a towel before putting on some panties, but nothing else under the pretense of cooling off her body from the warm bath. Following that trend, she went to the chilling box and picked it up.

「Let’s see here… Ohh, it’s actually ice cold!」

The bottle inside the chilling box was surprisingly cold, ready to be consumed.

「This really is the best thing to finish a bath with.」

Mira looked ecstatic as she held the bottle, which had Coffee Milk written on it. Having a drink right after a bath was common for public baths, not something done in households, but Mira had prepared everything for it nevertheless.

Still, she wanted to recreate that feeling, while coupled with the sense of safety of being under her own roof, on top of being in the middle of a trip. For that, she had already gathered a large variety of coffee milk bottles, and it was that collection she had looked through to make a decision before entering the bath.

Her choice for her first drink in the spirit mansion was Coffee Milk from the Brobel Meadows Farm.

There were other alternatives, like the Royal Coffee Milk sold by the most expensive hotel, or the Early Morning Latte made in a nearby farm with the first produce milked in a day, or the concoction of an award winning patissier known as Coffee Milk Flower Star, or the Special Blend Coffee Milk from a perfectionist barista who spared no expense.

Considering the size of Gran Rings and all the different people that gathered there, finding a rich variety of coffee milk types was not too surprising, and Mira had made sure to buy each type she could find. All for this very occasion.

「The sight here is just as magnificent.」

Mira went to the living room’s window and leaned against it as she opened the bottle. That was a different angle from the bathroom, showing the river nearby and the stars and moon reflected on the water like a twinkling glimmer.

It was the perfect night to celebrate that first bath.

So in honor of that night, Mira raised her bottle and then gently brought it to her lips.

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She did not do the usual gulping down while standing with a wide stance, with the left hand on the hip, as that was something only one should do when around people and not alone at home. Instead, Mira was slowly sipping the coffee milk, thoroughly tasting it like it was some sort of expensive wine.

「Hmm, I can feel the fragrance of coffee spreading all the way to my cheeks, but the smooth texture of milk clearly comes through as well. One can never go wrong with buying from a farm!」

With a slightly raised gaze and pensive look, Mira assumed the role of a critic as she spoke her thoughts into the air.

She also reaffirmed a theory she had come up with before, anything that came from a farm was never bad. She had tasted various products made in farms before, like softcream, fresh caramel, cheese, sausages, and many more, and all of them had been exceedingly delicious. So that gave birth to her theory.

Just Farm after Brobel Meadows in the label convinced Mira that it was tasty. Mira continued taking a few sips, muttered 「Perfectly balanced,」 gently swirling the bottle around. She had never really tried any other types of coffee milk before, but she still spoke with the airs of a seasoned sommelier.

Then again, a pair of panties was the only piece of clothing on her body, so it was hard to really see her as a connoisseur even if she had just come out of a bath. Regardless, it was true that her drink was a good one.

After that refreshing drink, Mira’s night full of pleasures came to an end.

Mira woke up in the middle of the next morning, being neither too late nor too early. The morning sun was shining through the window, giving the room a gentle warmth.

「Mm…that was a refreshing night.」

Having slept comfortably the entire night, she happily stretched and got up. Then after gazing into the air absentmindedly for a bit, she began her morning routine.

「Alright, what do I feel like today…」

After going to the toilet, and then taking a shower, Mira was finally fully awake. Now she was sitting in the living room, trying to decide what to eat.

She had to be careful with that, as breakfast was always the most important meal of the day, and thanks to the vast collection of food she had hoarded, the decision was even harder to make.

「Hmm… Let’s take this, this…and this…」

Around ten minutes of deliberation passed before Mira made her decision, and then began eating while bathed in the morning light passing through the window.


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