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Chapter 215: Catching up with Mariana (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3067 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1405 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Alright… 0905, right?」

Mira faced the device again, taking the receiver in her hand as she recalled the number to the tower, but then she stopped right before she started punching in the number.

(Hm, what should I say though? What should we talk about…somehow I’m starting to get nervous.)

Maybe because of all the fuss around calling Mariana her wife, Mira’s state of mind had changed greatly and now she felt like she was about to call a girl she liked. It would be easier if she had entered the mindset of a husband calling his wife waiting at home, but that was too difficult for Mira.

But Mira could not afford to wait until her emotions settled down. Martel was likely still paying attention to her actions, so if Mira took too long, she could start getting suspicious, and could even start asking why Mira was so nervous about calling someone who was simply an aide.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly pressed the respective buttons.

The receiver soon produced a continuous beeping, which only made Mira feel even more restless, trying to think of something to say.

『Hello, this is the Tower of Summoning, vice-elder Creos speaking.』
「Oh, it’s you…」

The rollercoaster of emotions had taken quite a toll on Mira, so she sighed loudly with an exhausted voice. But thinking about it, Creos had always been more likely to pick up the call. Somehow Mira had already convinced herself that Mariana would be the one on the other side, so having her expectation betrayed made her mind blank out.

『Umm, I’m not sure how to feel about that response, but that voice and speech manner…could you be Lady Mira?』

Meanwhile Creos was not taken down by Mira’s tepid response, and instead seemed to grow excited to know who was talking to him.

「Yes, yes it’s me. So umm…you know, Solomon said something about Mariana being worried, so I decided to call…」

Once Mira recovered from Creos’ unexpected appearance, she explained the situation, only to feel nervous again. Forcing those feelings back and feigning being relaxed, she added 「…So, is Mariana nearby?」

『I knew it was you! And I appreciate that! Mariana is currently cleaning the tower, so I’ll go get her right now. Just wait a moment!』

It seemed that just like Solomon had said, Mariana had been acting strange lately, and even Creos and the rest of the tower were concerned with her. Creos’ voice across the device sounded filled with hope, almost like his prayers had been answered and his savior had arrived.

Before Mira could say anything, she heard footsteps moving away from the communications device on the other side, as well as a door being opened vigorously. Creos wanted Mariana to be there as soon as possible.

(Okay, I still have some time…)

The pause before Mariana arrived felt a godsend for Mira, as she could use that time to figure out what she would say to Mariana.

The obvious thing to start with would be by informing her that Soul Howl had been found, and that Mira was safe. Thinking of the relief she would give Mariana made Mira start grinning already.

The issue came after that, Mira would have to mention her next mission.

Mira would have to explain to Mariana that she would be searching for a hidden orphanage. The Phantom Thief Fuzzy Dice likely knew the location, and he was said to appear soon in Haxthausen. Sadly that also meant it would be longer before Mira returned to the tower, and she was afraid of how Mariana would take it.

It pained Mira having to bring such sad news to Mariana, but the country and her other friends were also important. She could not really use Solomon as a scapegoat either, that would be too cheap. Mira was simply doing her best to keep her country safe.

Mariana would surely understand that too though. Or at least that was all Mira could hope for as she waited.

The communication device did not have the function to put someone on hold, continuously transmitting any sound on the other side even if there was no one there. Eventually Mira heard something break the silence.

It sounded like some distant thumping. Mira had no idea what that was, but then she heard the door slowly opening.

Mira understood that Mariana had finally arrived, so she did her best to straighten her back, even though her back was inside the closet, and nervously awaited Mariana’s voice.

But instead she heard the sound of something being knocked over, and then the clattering noise of the device’s receiver hitting the ground, which made Mira’s body jolt violently.

「What…what just happened? Heyyy, Marianaaa, are you okaayyyy?」

Once Mira recovered from the shock, she called out to Mariana, still unsure of what had happened on the other side. This time there was a weird shuffling sound.

That could not be Mariana, but then what could it be?

Mira’s thoughts were starting to get her restless, but she soon understood it was all wasted consideration.

『Kyui! Kyui!』

A cutesy squeak was transmitted from the device.

「Ohh, is that you Luna? Aww you clever girl, you figured out how to use the communications device!」

Mira quickly replied with a sweet voice, and Luna replied with a happy squeak. The previous sequence of noises had all been caused by Luna.

The device’s transmissions could be heard throughout the entire top floor of the tower, so Luna was able to hear Mira’s voice from another room.

And since Luna had watched Mariana and Creos using the device before, she knew how to use it as well, opening the door to the room and knocking over the receiver to be able to squeak into it.

Mira quickly praised all of that, even if she knew just how smart Luna was, and that figuring out how to use the device was nothing too hard for her.

「Good good, so have you been alright?」
『Kyu-kyui, kyuii~!』
「I see, so you’ve doing well. That’s good.」

Mira continued talking with a soft voice, which was met by ecstatic noises from Luna. It was hard to tell whether either side could actually understand the other, but they seemed to be having an actual conversation. That was a common trait for pet lovers, almost like a form of telepathic communication with animals.

「Me too, I miss you a lot.」

Mira tried replying, but then someone else’s voice came.

『Luna, Mariana is also waiting to talk, do you mind waiting for a bit?』

It was Creos’ voice, and what he said made Mira’s body stiffen up instantly.

What he said implied that Mariana was also there, waiting for Luna to finish talking so she could talk to Mira as well. And they had likely also heard the entire conversation between Luna and Mira.

(Why didn’t you say anything if you were already there!!)

Mira’s eyes widened in shock at the realization that others had heard the playful voice she used to talk to Luna.

『So it’s really you, Lady Mira…』

Mariana’s voice was weaker than usual, showing just how worried she had been for Mira, who also realized that Mariana had been far more concerned than she imagined.

「Yes, the one and only in the flesh. I heard you were worried about me, and I’m sorry for that, Mariana. But as you can see, I’m in perfect health so you shouldn’t have to worry anymore.」

Mira carefully told her that, and while she felt bad for having made Mariana worry so much, she could not stop herself from grinning a little, thinking that they did sound like a married couple.

『Yes, it does seem that way. I could hear your voice being quite lively earlier.』

Mariana was likely referring to the way Mira spoke to Luna, giggling teasingly.


Hearing that, Mira groaned uncomfortably, nearly pulling her hair out as she could not bear the embarrassment. Mira could walk completely naked in public without feeling an ounce of shame, but having someone else listen to the way she spoke to animals made her wish the ground would swallow her up, likely because she felt like that detracted from the image of herself she wanted to maintain.


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