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Chapter 205: Until Next Time (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3556 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1622 words
Editor(s): Fire

All in all, the likelihood that the priest knew Meilin’s current location was essentially zero.

「And I think it’s best if we take our leave as well…」

Soul Howl’s face stiffened up a little after he turned to look at the podium. Wondering what had happened, Mira also looked there and her eyes soon met the priest’s.

「Yes, we better…」

He was still preaching passionately to the pilgrims gathered there like before, but something had changed. While before he made sure to look across his audience, now his eyes were focused on the spot where Mira and Soul Howl stood.

They had stayed there whispering to each other for so long that they had caught the priest’s attention. He appeared like a gentle soul now, but his sharp gaze had not changed even after all those years.

「We should hurry and get out of here.」
「Yeah, we should.」

If they lingered for longer, they would likely experience the iron fists they heard about before. Mira and Soul Howl agreed it was best to leave, so they silently followed the arrows on a side of the wall.

As they went, they heard a bit of Priest Kingsblade’s sermon, he was talking about divine prophecies.

『In a long distant past, darkness shrouded the world. But once the Gods, spirits, and people joined hands, they were able to dispel it. Joining hands like that is the only way to combat and conquer the darkness. Our Gods are still holding hands as they watch over us this very day, showing this lesson is still valid.’

The Three Gods』 Church, the most influential and popular religion in the continent. They taught that cooperation was the only way to combat adversity and weakness. The three largest countries of the continent, Grimdart, Ozstein, and Alispharius, represented each of the Three Gods as well, and to represent their religion they were also bound by a strong alliance that could not be toppled.

Mira thought back to the stories she heard when she started playing the game. The priest continued talking, even as the two got closer to the exit.

『The Gods have been preparing us for a future where we’ll inevitably have to join hands. That ancient darkness will become a deep abyss and open up once again. But we need not to fear, if we remain together, we’ll eventually be saved by the light again…』

Once they crossed the exit door, the priest’s voice was quickly muffled, replaced by the night breeze and distant voices of a crowded city.

There was a short path leading out from the large temple, which had a main entrance and a smaller side exit.

The side exit was better illuminated than one would expect, likely to make it easier for adventurers to see. Though the main entrance of the temple was much better lit.

There was a large plaza in front of the temple, with a fountain in the center, and it was surrounded by candles which gave it a warmer light.

「It’s already later than I expected.」

The sky was dark and stars were shining through. Mira checked the time and noticed it was already past 7pm. The fight with Machina Guardian had taken exceedingly long, the clock’s small needle going a full circle since she woke up that morning. Though considering they had challenged a large raid boss just the two of them, and won, it was shockingly fast in a way.

「Hahh…finally fresh air again.」

Soul Howl took a deep breath and looked up, his eyes full of emotion. Being underground for a prolonged period of time really made one miss the surface. Mira also muttered 「Finally back outside…」 while looking at the sky.

「So what are you going to do now? All decent inns are likely filled to the top already.」

The fragrant scent of food was filling the air from everywhere. That made Mira realize that she had only eaten breakfast before the fight in the morning, and then had no more meals until now.

「I’ll be leaving town now so I’m fine. I want to get closer to the next location as soon as possible.」

Soul Howl lowered his gaze from the stars to the fountain as he replied. He did not seem to care about worldly desires like resting on a soft bed, or spending the night in luxurious inns, he only cared about accomplishing his goal as soon as possible.

「What, you’re leaving already? You’re so impatient, and just when I was thinking I could let you stay one more night in my spirit mansion.」

Mira was thinking of suggesting Soul Howl spend the night in her spirit mansion if he could not find a good inn, but he replied with a long dubious stare at her, until he sighed loudly before saying anything.

「Don’t act generous, I know you’re just trying to trick me into cooking for you.」
「Hrngh… But still, if you leave now you’ll still have to camp out in the open.」

Mira groaned in desperation, her plan failing miserably. But she pointed out how there were no other cities nearby he could arrive to even if he left at that moment, meaning he would necessarily have to camp out somewhere.

But Soul Howl grinned confidently, that being no issue at all for him.

「I’ve been doing that all the time since I started traveling, it doesn’t bother me at all now. And I might not be able to summon a luxurious mansion like you, but I also have the means to build a shelter for myself.」

Soul Howl’s main priority was to reach his destination as soon as possible. He would not stay the night in a city if he had no business left there, instead leaving even if it was at night. Once it was time to sleep, he would just build a small golem fort.

「Ohh, a small golem fort…」
「Yeah, Necromancy also gained some really useful applications.」

That was something Necromancers could not do back in the game. Soul Howl had found the way to build a small fort the size of a cabin, but with the resiliency to endure through a storm. Thanks to that he had been able to rest at ease even when traveling through harsh terrain. Soul Howl seemed almost sentimental as he recounted that, showing that sleeping under a solid roof was really one of the most comforting feelings for humans.

「Though I don’t have a shower, toilet, or kitchen like you, Elder. To be honest that feels a little unfair.」

Soul Howl was still a bit surprised about the details of the spirit mansion. Hearing that, Mira puffed her chest proudly and proclaimed 「The ties of spirits win again then.」

「Anyway, I’ll be going then.」

Saying that, Soul Howl activated a Necromancy Skill and the bicorn skeleton with a broken horn appeared next to him. The sudden appearance of an eerie figure like that made everyone nearby to step back and look at it with disgust, but Soul Howl did not seem to even notice it. He was used to that happening.

「Go and finish your quest soon, and then hurry back home. I guess I’ll just have to tell him that I found you.」

Mira said that, trying to stress its importance. She had the mission of finding and bringing back all of the Nine Wisemen, but Soul Howl had embarked on an important quest already, so she knew she could not force him to forgo it to come back. Instead she made him promise he would return once he was done.

「Yeah, I know. I was already thinking that it’s about time I settle down again. I’ll definitely come back as soon as I’m done with this. Now that my high level skills are back, I doubt it’ll take more than two months.」

It was just an oral promise, so it was not the most formal of agreements, but Soul Howl sounded more serious than before as he said that.

「Good then, we’ll be waiting for you.」

Still, that was enough for Mira. Solomon and the Nine Wisemen had that kind of trust, they would never lie to each other, and if they said something would 『definitely』 happen, it was the same as promising it.

「And oh right, say thanks to the Spirit King and Martel again for me. They were key in getting my high level skills back after all.」

Soul Howl climbed on his bicorn and then turned to look at Mira again to add that. He looked unusually happy, showing he actually appreciated what those two had done for him.

「I’ll pass on the message then. Or rather, they already heard it. They just said that they did it because they felt like it, and good luck.」

As Mira nodded, she heard the Spirit King and Martel already give a response in her head, which she repeated instantly. They also made sure to encourage Soul Howl. The two seemed almost sad to know Soul Howl would be going on his own path now.

「I see. Anyway, until next time then, thanks for everything.」

Soul Howl smiled, feeling like he could hear the voices of the two spirits saying that, and then lowered his voice and thanked Mira too, sounding slightly embarrassed by it. Then he made the bicorn jump onto the roof of a nearby building.

「Godspeed to you, Soul Howl.」

Mira said that as she watched Soul Howl hopping from rooftop to rooftop and soon vanishing in the darkness of night. Then she turned around and walked in the opposite direction.


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