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Chapter 179: Treasure (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3378 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1540 words
Editor(s): Fire

「This… this is legendary tier loot…」

Mira was dumbfounded seeing that set of armor used by the hero, Magic Wares built with ancient knowledge, and a pile of all-healing medicine.

There had been a secret passage hidden under the plant-covered floor, which led to a basement housing that breathtaking treasure. If sold, it would not just fetch a fortune, but plenty of wealth for three generations to live in luxury. At least one or two countries could easily be founded with that as the starting budget.

Mira’s eyes were filled with avarice as she plunged into the pile of treasure, looking more closely at what was there. The Concept Art Itemization allowed her to see an item’s name and category, which she used to check every single item in front of her.

That was all part of her nature though, she had always been in the pursuit of luxury and splendor back in the game days, when she was one of the Nine Wisemen. Back then she would always pocket anything shiny or rare that came into her view, caring little about whether it belonged to someone else or not, and only making sure they were extremely rare items. On top of that, Martel had told Mira she could take one item she wanted from the pile, so it was no surprise that Mira could not hold back her excitement. Martel also explained in detail what all the items did.

「Ohh, a sword. No treasure is complete without a Holy Sword of its own.」

Mira muttered to herself as she picked up a sword. Its name was the Denaturing Sword of Void. According to Martel’s explanation, it could cut through elemental attacks and transform them to nothing, making it the ultimate weapon against elemental attacks. It did not matter if it was a magic attack, a dragon’s breath, other spells, or even a natural disaster, a single swing of the sword could turn them to nothing.

(If I tell Solomon about it he’ll beg me for it like a spoiled child.)

Solomon’s favorite weapon was the Sword of Six Elements. The Denaturing Sword of Void was essentially the opposite of that one, though in a way it could be said that it was a sword with the Void element, which only the highest level monsters or ancient dragons could have. That combined with its effect would definitely be something Solomon would want.

(Sadly, that’s not going to happen.)

Mira could only take one item. No one in their right mind would decide to pick a gift for someone else out of such a pile of treasure, so Mira continued searching for something she personally wanted. Martel also told her she could try whatever she wanted before taking it, which fueled Mira’s enthusiasm even more.

Next she reached out for one of the Magic Wares. It was called the Draconic Pulse Spirit Vessel, which could accumulate a large amount of mana during the span of a day. Once charged, it could replenish one’s exhausted mana. Its only downside was that it took a long time for it to recharge, but in essence it was a reusable mana recovery potion, something that could come in handy for spellcasters.

But Mira already had plenty of mana recovery items, so it did not bring quite as much to the table as she wished. She returned it to its spot and reached out for the next item.

There was a gemstone staff that greatly increased the power of spells, a battleaxe that could split mountains in half, a spirit bow that never missed its mark when shot, a magic spear that could pierce through any barrier no matter how strong it was, a dagger that allowed one to manipulate their body weight, a special greatsword with properties to ward off magic, and many others. Just the weapons alone made that an awe-inspiring collection.

But there were pieces of armor as well. A suit of armor that raised all abilities by a lot when worn, a helmet that allowed the wearer to see and sense things from large distances, a robe for spellcasters that reduced the mana necessary for spells in great measure, a tower shield that inverted the momentum of incoming physical attacks, a gauntlet that allowed even the weakest of persons to wield heavy weapons with a single hand, a cape that granted high resistance to all elements, and even shoes to fly in the air. They were all marvels from the past.

「There’s so much to choose from…」

Such opportunities were rare. Mira carefully checked every single item and their functionality, all so she could make a decision she would never regret.

The Magic Wares had things like a vessel that constantly refilled itself with healing spiritual water, a gem that created a flash which evaporated any monster in a single hit once a day, a bracelet that negated any status effects, a necklace to breathe underwater, and various other mystical items.

As Mira searched through the various items, a ring caught her attention, and she could not stop looking at it.

「What’s this? Somehow I feel oddly attracted to it…」

As far as she could tell, it looked rather plain. It had a dull silver color, with no encrusted jewels, merely decorated with geometric patterns. It did not seem to fit with the other items there, but that was what made it stand out. Mira reached out to that ring.

「Even seeing it from close up tells me nothing.」

All Mira knew for certain was that it held some type of incredible power, considering it was kept hidden there. Using Itemization on it told her it was called the Dimension Tearing Ring.

「So you found that… You truly seem to have a special connection to these things.」

Martel started speaking before Mira could ask what the ring did. Then she happily explained what the Dimension Tearing Ring did.

The ring could distort space, creating an impenetrable barrier. It essentially created a wormhole to disrupt the area around the wearer, making it so that even a God’s attack could not connect.

「But in exchange for that powerful effect, it also consumes a large amount of mana from the user.」

Magic Wares worked in various ways, some using mana stored in the item itself, and others consuming the user’s mana. Those that required the most mana were usually legendary ones.

Mira wanted to know exactly how much mana it used, so Martel suggested she try it out herself. Using the ring was simple, Mira had to wear the ring and imbue it with mana to activate the effect. She had done similar things many times in the past, so she quickly got the hang of it.

「That’s… so much!」

As soon as the ring activated, half of Mira’s mana vanished, leaving her in shock. Just like Martel had said, the ring’s mana consumption was incredibly high, and brought forth a barrier around Mira, which looked extremely thin, almost like a bubble. That did not seem particularly impressive, but Mira quickly realized how powerful it was, as Martel picked up the spear that could pierce through any barrier and began poking at the bubble. The Spirit King thought that was fun, so even he picked up a sword and began striking the barrier with it.

「That’s incredible Mira, you activated it perfectly!」
「This is certainly impressive. There’s no effect no matter how hard I hit.」

Martel also explained that the ring’s efficacy varied between users. One condition was having enough mana, which Mira had, the second condition was a more specific affinity to the ring itself.

「I don’t really get it, but that did seem impressive.」

Martel and the Spirit King did not seem to hold back when they tried breaking the barrier, but it did not even budge. When Mira walked, the bubble also moved with her. Many similar items had an issue where the user would move and the barrier would remain static, but this one followed Mira. It was essentially the perfect defense, if one overlooked the mana cost.

「I felt like you had some affinity for that ring since you noticed it right away, but I didn’t expect it to work so flawlessly on your first attempt.」

Once they were done attacking the barrier, Martel put the spear away and rested her hand on the bubble, looking deeply impressed.

The Dimension Tearing Ring worked by warping space itself, so most people could not even notice the barrier it created. But those with the right affinity could see it, and also had more success at using the ring.

「You truly have a mysterious connection to my kin, Mira.」

The Spirit King was also done testing the barrier, or maybe he had just gotten bored of hitting it, so he put the sword down and spoke to Mira with a smile. Whenever he spoke of his kin, he was talking about spirits, so Mira wondered how they were connected to the ring, and asked that without reservations.

「That ring contains the power of the Originator Spirit of Dimensions.」


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