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Chapter 172: Easy Money is the Dream (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3063 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1346 words
Editor(s): Fire

「First I have to catch Soul Howl.」

Still wearing only underwear, Mira slipped into her sleeping bag and closed her eyes, reminding herself of her main goal. But after a while, she opened her eyes again.

(It’s so bright I can’t really sleep.)

It had not bothered her yet, but the fourth floor’s lights remained bright regardless of the time of day, and it kept illuminating the spirit mansion’s interior. Mira liked to turn the lights off before sleeping. She stood up again, and began looking around to see if there was anything she could do.

「Curtains would really help a lot here.」

Curtains could dim the light entering through the window. But that was considered a form of furniture, which was not included in the spirit mansion.

(Hmm, how do I block these windows…)

Mira began to consider using towels as makeshift curtains. She was still thinking about that when something seemed to fulfill her wish automatically.

「Ohh, it’s finally dark!」

Window shutters. The mansion did include those, and they completely covered the window, blocking all light even better than a curtain would. The living room turned dark, and Mira could hardly see her own feet anymore.

(I guess I can give orders to the spirit mansion just like with Dark Knights? That’s excellent.)

Mira had learned something with that. She wished the shutters open, slipped into her sleeping bag while she could see, and closed the shutters again. Now she was surrounded by darkness, giving her the sleeping environment she desired.

(Now that I think about it, this is a bit of a strange situation. Usually it’s dark at night, so getting light is the issue.)

Usually it was always dark outside when she wanted to sleep. The Ancient Underground City was just a special case. Any other time she used the spirit mansion she’d likely look for a source of light instead.

Though making a light with Concept Magic would suffice in those cases. Still, Mira felt like that would not feel quite right.

「I wish I had lamps in the mansion.」

Ambiance was important for a comfortable sleeping place like that. Mira would feel far more comfortable with a fancy lamp lighting the place than a couple of floating orbs of light.

「I should get other types of furniture as well.」

Mira muttered, recalling her room in the tower.

The mansion was essentially empty of any furnishing, giving it a dreary appearance. The word mansion made her think of plenty of elaborate and high quality furniture, adorning the interior.

Mira started to think of what kind of tables and chairs to buy for the spirit mansion. The Spirit King spoke to her again soon after, telling her that she should try forming contracts with man-made spirits of furniture then.

‘Any item cherished and cared for by humans eventually gets inhabited by a man-made spirit. That applies to furniture as well. You could search for such items, form a contract with their spirits, and once you tie them to the mansion’s spirit through my Divine Protection, I’m sure the mansion will start to look better.’

Mira got excited hearing that.

‘Right… man-made spirits from furniture! Why didn’t I think of that sooner!’

If she wanted a lamp, she could form a contract with the spirit of a lamp. If she wanted a table, she just had to form a contract with a table’s spirit. Once she got enough contracts, she would be able to upgrade the empty mansion into a proper livable home.

Mira was already getting excited thinking of her future search for man-made spirits. She felt like a grandfather clock would be a great addition as well, and as she dreamed of her completed room she finally fell asleep.

Mira woke up after spending the night on the fourth floor, and lethargically checked the current time. It was a bit past 9am. She had slept rather comfortably, her body feeling refreshed.

It was still completely dark there, and recalling everything that happened the last night, Mira told the mansion’s spirit to open the window shutters. The room instantly became bright.

「Mm, that’s a nice morning.」

Whatever ancient technology had been used to make the lights of the dungeon gave it a warm feeling like sunlight. It took Mira’s eyes some time to adjust to the light, and then she finally got up and prepared to head out.

First she went to the toilet. Then she took off her underwear, which was all she was wearing, and entered the shower room. After a warm shower, she was finally awake physically and mentally, so she began preparing breakfast.

Maybe because of the homey aura given off by the mansion’s spirit, Mira continued wearing only underwear, not bothered to put on anything more.

「I should have a fancy breakfast since I’m here too.」

The building was stylized like a noble’s mansion, so her breakfast had to match that. Her dinner had been rather plain, but Mira was thinking about other things. She went to the kitchen and took out the ingredients she had, picking what she believed was the fanciest.

She started with white bread, then added some bacon and scrambled eggs, fruits, and black tea. She picked everything based on looks alone, so it ended up looking like something both nobles and commoners would eat. Though as she sat on the floor and ate wearing only underwear, anyone who saw her would have a rather poor impression of her.

Regardless of those details, Mira quickly finished eating, cleaned everything, and decided to resume her adventure. She finally put on more clothes, and as she flattened out any wrinkles around her cuffs and hem, she had one more idea.

(I wonder if I can find a mirror spirit as well.)

Those who wished to be prim and proper gentlemen needed to watch their appearance. Someone Mira looked up to and idealized had said that before, so she needed to get a mirror.

Though in her current state, learning to be more ladylike would probably help her a lot more, except that Mira had absolutely no interest in that. Her ideal had not changed whatsoever, and she still strived to be a high-class gentleman.

Eventually she was ready and left the building. A distance away she turned around to look at it, which looked like a miniature of the original mansion. One day it would grow in size and rival the mansions of nobles.

The Spirit King had mentioned that the best way to level up a contract with a man-made spirit was to just use them often. In other words, she just had to spend as much time as she could inside the spirit mansion.

Mira wanted to see how big it could get, so she decided that every day she would sleep inside the spirit mansion. Telling the building that she would once again be in it that night, Mira sent it away.

「Oh… right, I have to do that too.」

She muttered that the moment the mansion was gone and she could see behind it. The Holy Knight and Dark Knights she had summoned the last night were there. She could also see countless Magic Stones strewn about everywhere.

「That’s even more than I expected.」

There were so many Magic Stones that she felt too lazy to count them, which both surprised her and made her feel happy. She was going to earn more money than she expected.

「Super Meow is here to save the day!」

Mira summoned Cait Sith to pick them up, just how she had planned. Cait Sith appeared wearing a red and blue skin-tight suit, while the sign read ‘Faster than a bullet, stronger than a cat. Sounds expensive? Worry not, Super Meow thrives off justice!’ the longest text that had ever appeared on it.

But Mira paid no attention to any of that, simply ordering Cait Sith to collect the Magic Stones.


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