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Chapter 171: The Mansion’s Spirit (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3596 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1669 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Well, I’m already here, so I might as well spend the night here.」

It was currently 10pm. Mira had gotten considerably hungry too, so after surveying the room in the mansion, she decided she would spend the night there. Monsters could spawn in the surrounding areas, but she could summon as many guards as she wanted, so she would be safe. The mansion had also been kept by the spirit, so there were no bugs, and it was quite clean as far as she could see.

Mira felt like she would be able to sleep way better there than in the cathedral. A moment after she thought that, the windows all shattered violently.

「Wh-what’s happening?!」

While Mira looked around frazzled, even more bizarre things happened. There was a dull sound as cracks ran through the entire mansion.

Mira and Pegasus looked around wary when a piece of the mansion cracked and fell off, which spread to nearby areas until the entire mansion began to collapse.

「We have to go!」

She realized they were in danger, so she dashed at the window and jumped out like a spy in movies, while Pegasus followed after her.

There was a rumbling sound as the mansion fell apart, turning indistinguishable from the surrounding buildings.

「That was way too close…」

Mira sighed in relief as she turned around, seeing the mansion’s remains piled up inside a cloud of dust. Pegasus brushed off the dust that fell on Mira with his wing, also looking relieved.

When she asked the Spirit King about it, he answered that the mansion’s spirit had been keeping the building in good condition, and that this result was inevitable now that the spirit had moved inside Mira.

She was slightly miffed that the Spirit King had not mentioned that earlier.

「Well, there go my plans then.」

Mira had hoped she would be able to spend the night in peace at the mansion, but now she had no choice but to head to the cathedral. Thinking about it made her sigh, it would take around an hour to get there on Pegasus. That was not necessarily a long trip, but considering it was already 10pm, one hour felt like an eternity before being able to sleep.

With no other choice left, Mira climbed on Pegasus’ back. From there she looked around and realized that the place was a bit broader than she expected.

She was in the mansion’s garden. It was not the most well-kept place, but it was clearly large enough to fit another mansion.

「I was planning on testing this another day, but if I’m presented with such a good location, I might as well do it now.」

Mira jumped off Pegasus’ back, smiling like an excited child. She then spoke to him, telling him she’d need him again the next day, and sent him away.

She had successfully established a contract with the mansion’s spirit. That meant she could also summon it.

A mansion spirit’s summon. When the contract was complete, Mira understood that doing so meant summoning a mansion. She had wanted to test it earlier, but she was already inside a perfectly serviceable mansion at the time.

It was also late, and so she decided she would rest and leave the fun for later. All that remained of that mansion was a pile of rubble now. The other issue with testing the summon was finding an appropriate location, but now there was an empty garden with enough space in front of her.

Everything seemed to have aligned for her to test it now, so she began preparations for the summoning.

(It seems to be a medium class summon… and it needs a lot of mana. That’s as much as my son Isenfald requires… that sounds very promising!)

This was her first time summoning it, so she studied the information that flooded her mind, carefully building up the spell. As she worked her way through, she realized this was slightly different to armor spirits like Dark Knights or Holy Knights.

Usually the requirements for a summon were designating a target location, selecting the type of summon, consuming the necessary mana, and giving the first orders to the summon. In the case of the spirit mansion, there were no orders, and she had to specify a size before consuming mana.

At this point in time, the size was set and could not be modified. Mira selected the center of the garden as the target location, left the size untouched, and finished building the spell.

It was finally time to activate the summoning art.

Summoning Magic: My Home

A magic circle appeared in the center of the garden, the large amount of mana spent gathered there and the bright lights began arranging themselves into the shape of a mansion.

「Ohh… this is the spirit mansion… my new summon!」

Mira’s voice gradually went higher in pitch as she spoke, looking at the spirit mansion formed by the light, which could easily rival a noble’s estate. But as she ran closer, her excitement quickly diminished.

「It’s just a small hut!」

Once all the light dissipated and the spirit mansion’s true shape was revealed, Mira could not stop herself from shouting again. A minuscule mansion the size of a prefab hut stood in the large garden. Its appearance alone was gorgeous, and it would rival that of a noble’s if it was ten times bigger.

(Hmm… I see. So that’s what the size component was for.)

At first glance it looked like an elaborate miniature of a mansion. Though considering the original mansion had been considerably large, the small one still offered enough space to rest.

The contract had just been formed, so the summon was essentially still at Level 1. There was a high likelihood that once the bond grew, the mansion would also become larger. Mira told herself that as she approached the spirit mansion, which had a life-sized door that stood out against the otherwise small structure.

「Oh… Interesting. So that’s what’s happening.」

The interior was not scaled down, but a proper room. The build quality was also quite elegant.

「It’s not the biggest room, but it should be enough to rest!」

The floor and columns were made of vibrant wood, while the walls were made of an earthy material. The ceiling and walls were painted white, and the large windows offered a clear picture of the outside, while also letting plenty of light in.

Mira went to lie down in the center of the room, once again looking at the impressive room. She realized the spirit mansion was even more impressive than the large tent she found in the Dinowal Store, and she laughed as her regret for not buying the tent vanished entirely.

The weather was not much of an issue inside of an underground dungeon, but once she went back outside, the spirit mansion would offer plenty of shelter from the elements, no matter where she was. In that sense, Mira felt like it was even more useful than her wagon.

「This truly was a fateful encounter. I’ll have to do something about this bleakness though.」

Raising her upper body, Mira surveyed the room again. Since this had been produced by the mansion’s spirit, it only contained what the original mansion had. That meant no furniture whatsoever, giving it the appearance of a newly rented apartment room. The only thing present was a desolate kitchen. It looked like the kind of room a servant would have. In other words, at Level 1, the summon only offered a servant’s room.

But it was still a servant’s room from a gorgeous mansion, and the fact that it could be summoned anywhere made it a perfect addition for Mira.

「Furnishing it with the help of the Dinowal Store sounds fun too.」

Other than her initial shock at the unexpected size, Mira had no complaints about it. Rather, she knew things would only keep getting bigger and better from here, so she was actually looking forward to that. She spread her special sleeping bag on the center of the floor, strengthening the impression of a recently rented apartment. But she smiled satisfied.

「Hm? And those doors?」

Mira stood up, wanting to prepare something to eat, when she noticed a set of two doors different from the front door. For some reason they were painted white like the walls, so they were harder to notice.

Curious about them, she opened the left one, finding an antiquated toilet there.

「Then that means…」

There was only one thing that could be placed next to the toilet. Full of expectations she opened the right door, but she tilted her head in puzzlement at what she saw.

It was a room made of white stone, with a hole on the floor in a corner.

Mira had been expecting to find a bathroom, and she had started to hope she could take a bath there. Those expectations made her take a while to look up and finally understand what the room was for. It was a shower room.

(Hmm, I guess it’s a bit too soon for baths then.)

There was no bathtub, only a shower. But considering the circumstances, that was quite a luxury already. If all of this was already available at Level 1, one could expect great things from the future.

Since she was already there, she decided to strip naked and stand inside the shower.

「Alright, now how do I get the water to turn on…」

She had hopped in there out of excitement, but she had completely forgotten to check the important parts. There was a lever there, but no matter how she twisted and pulled it there was no effect.

The Spirit King spoke to her then, explaining that the mansion’s spirit was merely a vessel for the building, and that the mechanisms of the mansion were essentially non-functional.


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