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Chapter 170: Welcome Home (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2592 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1025 words
Editor(s): Fire

Tryd was using different words, but he was essentially repeating the same story time and time again to Viz. At first it was an impressive story, but by the second and third repetition the effect had mellowed. But the weaker reactions only made Tryd try to tell the story with even more enthusiasm.

(That’s more than enough…)

Mira was also starting to get worried that this might lower the popularity of summoners again. But Tryd kept talking and talking, and the group soon started to say that watching Mira in action had been a life-changing experience for Tryd.

「Like I said, I get it already. She just won by outnumbering the enemy. But it’s not just summoners that can do that.」

Viz was at his wit’s end, exhausted from hearing the same thing over and over, so he finally hit back.

「Just a week ago I met this incredible necromancer anyway.」

He started narrating what he had seen then. He was on the second floor, walking around gathering the glyphs, when he ran into a large pack of monsters near the cathedral.

Even if the monsters were ranked F, they could be dangerous when there was such a swarm of them, so even a rank B adventurer had to be careful. Viz quickly concealed himself and tried to find a way around them.

But before he got too far, countless golems appeared out of nowhere, which defeated all the monsters in the blink of an eye.

「I guess that was an attack to clear the path. Someone passed through the clean corridor after that, mounted on a bicorn…or I guess a bicorn’s skeleton is more accurate. Just looking at him made me shiver, so I’m sure that had to be a powerful necromancer.」

Viz shuddered a little after saying that, recalling the chills he felt at that time. Those listening also gasped, sharing his sentiment.

Necromancy was one branch of Spellcasters, but its specifics conveyed a dark impression. That led to a sense of fear accompanying the awe they felt. There was one person who was extremely interested in that conversation.

「Did you just mention a bicorn? Was its right horn broken halfway up perhaps?」

Everyone was still muttering about that powerful necromancer when Mira ran up to Viz and posed that question. He seemed surprised hearing that, but nodded soon enough.

「Yes, it was. Is it someone you know?」

That reply turned Mira’s hunch into conviction. That necromancer could only be Soul Howl.

「I heard some rumors after I arrived here. But I see, so he already passed through there.」

There was a time when Mira and Soul Howl hunted a demonic bicorn. The monster’s right horn broke during the fight, which caught Soul Howl’s attention, so afterwards he used the body as a catalyst for his magic.

Demonic monsters were powerful mythical creatures that became monsters. Most of them were quite strong, requiring the effort of multiple people working together to defeat. They were quite rare, so it was even rarer to have the chance of turning one into a necromancy catalyst. That was what gave Mira the most confidence that it was Soul Howl.

Soul Howl was likely to visit the Ancient Underground City. A week before a powerful necromancer had been sighted, and he rode on a bicorn which Mira recognized. She was certain that Viz had seen Soul Howl.

「I guess everyone who’s crazy strong knows each other.」

Viz’s voice sounded somewhat impressed, but then he looked at Tryd, who still seemed to think Mira’s summoning was more impressive. 「Why is it that he’s the only guy I know…」 he muttered with a sigh.

By the time they got out of the northern palace it was already past 7pm. Their alliance dissolved there, but the majority of them were going to the fifth floor anyway, so they continued traveling together. They were all heading to the cathedral, a trip which took some time, to spend the night there.

「Well then, safe travels.」
「Thanks. You too Mira, take care.」

Mira wanted to hurry and catch up to Soul Howl, so she climbed on Pegasus, and after a short farewell, she departed ahead of Tryd and the rest. Halfway there she raised her head.

「Hm..? What was that?」

Mira looked around carefully, examining her surroundings. Pegasus also slowed down, realizing it was best to be careful now.

「There it is again. Is that a voice?」

It was a voice, quieter than a whisper, almost like a breath. No words were intelligible, and it was impossible to determine where it came from as well. But Mira had heard it.

Mira could not ignore it without knowing who it was, and what they were saying. It was a strange feeling that made her want to know more about it, and not even she was sure why.

「Pegasus, fly around that area.」

Mira pointed at the direction she felt the voice coming from and spoke to Pegasus. Pegasus did as told, circling above that area to let Mira examine the terrain, covered in white ruins of mansions and palaces.

When she could not find anything, she went to the next location she felt the voice might be coming from, and then the third, and eventually she reached a fifth.


She was really close to the edge of the fourth floor now, but she could still hear that voice.

「Hm?! …Over there!」

The voice was still unintelligible, but it had gotten louder. Mira’s head swung around instinctively, looking at a mansion slightly larger than the rest.

「What… is that place? Something doesn’t feel right.」

The mansion’s construction was identical to the other buildings, a rather plain exterior made of sturdy stones. But the more she looked at it the stranger it seemed, but she could not quite put her finger on it.

She landed in front of it, slowly walking to it while looking around carefully. She decided to investigate inside it as well, reaching out for the door.


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