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Extra Chapter II Episode 7 The Conclusion of the Incident

Bagil and Gris left the Gursber family and entered the dark territory to investigate one of the locations on the map.

The magicians of the church detained the magicians of the Gursber family.

And Bagil, Gris and a few people from the church want to investigate one of the facilities.

However, they found a giant crater instead of the said facility.

「Just what happened here….」
「Captain, this seems to be the right place」
「There is nothing h ere though」
「But this hole proves that there was something here」
「What the hell…」

The big hole before him proves that there was some kind of facility here.

But it looks like the facility just disappeared into thin air.

To this unbelievable sight, Bagil lost his words.

「What should we do, captain?」
「Let’s return to the church and hear the story from other victims」

He received the news from other teams that the victims were successfully liberated and escorted back, so he decided to return to the church in Freestan.

Upon coming back, they compared the information and came to know that only this facility disappeared.

Bagil thought that it was strange and returned to the scene on the next day to carefully examine the area. He managed to discover the remains of something resembling a building.

Of course, there was no one there. Bagil increased the range of the search but still returned empty-handed.

He only discovered the skin of a magical beast with all its internal organs disappeared. It had a nauseating stench and he could determine what it was when it was alive.

In the end, unable to discover anything else, they closed the case. But there were still people that weren’t convinced. Bagil was one of them.

Three days later, Bagil returned to the central kingdom and reported to the seven sages.

「This crater is definitely the remnant of the facility. But why did it disappear? If you think about it…could it be the dark attribute?! 」

Thinking about it once again, this place really fits the description of the aftermath after the dark magic.

「Then, could it be a person from Dakuria? Then what is with that beast’s skin? There is the Great Dalis Canyon in that direction….it’s hard to imagine he had some business in that place. But why…」

While Bagil was thinking that, his subordinate, Gris, entered the room.

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「With that, the incident reached its conclusion」
「Yeah, good work, tell that to everyone」

The case is still ongoing. Bagil though so, but couldn’t tell Gris who didn’t know about the dark attribute.

「Understood. By the way, do you know what kind of people the special magicians are? 」
「Why do you ask?」

Why the special magicians all of the sudden, though Bagil. But in the next moment, he became shocked.

「It seems they allow their daughters to venture into the dark territory」
「Daughter in the dark territory?」
「Eh, the gatekeepers met a boy and two girls coming from the dark territory. It seems they are affiliated with a special magician. The family head claimed that they were subjugating magical beasts」

Judging by common sense, there is no father that will send his own daughter into the dark territory, but Bagil was rather sensitive to the words “dark territory” recently.

That’s why he asked for details.

「Which family is that?」
「Etto, Thunder God’s, if I remember correctly」
「I see. There are some interesting people in this world」
「You’re right. Well then, I will excuse myself」
「Good work」

Gris left the room and Bagil was left alone again.

Remembering what Gris just said, he started thinking again.

「If you follow the line from the facility to the corpse, there will be the Great Dalis Canyon ahead. And once you pass it, there will be the Aquaristan…..The gatekeepers said that they didn’t remember them」

Thinking about that, for a boy and two girls, it is impossible to pass through the Great Dalis Canyon. But if they belong to the special magician’s family it is a different matter altogether.

And if you add the dark attribute into the mess, the situation changes again.

「This case still hasn’t ended after all. I guess I should take a break and return to Aquaristan from some time」

Bagil said and quietly made his decision.


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