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Extra Chapter II Episode 6 The Power of the Thirteen Apostles (2)

At the same time as the giant appeared, the Gursber family’s magicians attacked the rest of the squad.

Although they were wearing the attires of butlers and maids, their levels as the magicians were quite high.

Members of the Bagil’s squad were talking while being protected by the seven Moras’『Wall of Light』.

Outside, the magicians were trying to break through the walls and attack them directly, but managed to barely destroy one.

Moreover, the destroyed wall was quickly restored again.

「What is that, Eliera?」
「Do you think I should know, Gris?」

Gris asked the fire magician, Eliera, about the giant that appeared from nowhere, but she wasn’t aware of anything like that.

「Maybe it’s not a fire but a flame」[1] 「I think Waltz is right」
「So Paul thinks the same」

Paul agreed with Waltz, to the relaxed duo Kain said.

「Sorry to interrupt, Waltz. Can you make some fog? Moras seems to have some troubles」
「Relax, Kain. Moras will be fine」
「No, Waltz, it’s a little hard for him. It would be nice to have a fog」
「Can’t be helped~. God of the water, I’m your subject『Fog』」

When Waltz finished, thick fog started spreading around the『Wall of Light』, protecting the squad.

Then, with their vision worsening, the magicians stopped their aimless attacks.

『Fog』is an elementary spell of fog attribute, the thickness of the fog can be adjusted by the caster.

「This is the thick one, I can’t see anything」
「Do you have any complaints, Gris?」
「Nope. Anyway, what should we do now? 」
「It that is the flame, you should know」
「I guess, this is probably the Gursber’s unique spell,『Ogun』」

Answered Gris to Eliera, who was playing dumb just a while ago.

「So this is『Ogun』」
「So Kain knows too」
「I don’t know the details. All I know is that it’s a fire humanoid」

The six people could feel its aura even in the deep fog.

「But our captain should be okay」
「Yeah, Waltz is right. It’s fine in it is only to that extent」
「By the way, maybe we should launch the counterattack already」
「I they are this bent on attacking us, I can presume that they have no intention of giving up. I will leave it to you, Paul」
「All right. My soul, wrapped in the divine protection of earth, scream『Soil Flow』」

When the spell activated, the ground started flowing around the walls of light, swallowing the Gursber’s magicians.

They weren’t able to respond and were swallowed by the stream; about 80% of magicians were rendered unable to fight.

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Intermediate spell of the earth attribute『Soil Flow』makes earth flow, as its name suggests.

It is difficult to use on the flat ground, and since he could use it at the same time in all directions, Paul’s level was quite high.

The six people dissolved『Wall of Light』and『Fog』and looked around.

「As expected of Paul」
「Waltz’s fog was also not bad」
「Maiden of the wind, dance and rage on this land『Wind Fang』」
「Hey, Kain! Don’t use magic all of the sudden! 」

Kain casted his spell on the magicians who still showed the will to fight. And Eliera was angry with him.

You can’t feel the tension of battle from these people.

「Sorry, Eliera」
「Flames of the abyss, descend upon this land『Flaming Breath』」
「Gris too, don’t just suddenly do that」
「Ah, sorry, Moras」[2]

Like with Kain’s case, Eliera got angry with Gris. However, thanks to that, all enemies were defeated.

「I seems the enemy was annihilated」
「Yeah, let’s go meet with the captain」
「You’re right」

Saying that, the six people wanted to go to their captain’s place.

They annihilated the resistance of the advanced magician’s family with just six people. As expected of the Holy Church. And the moment they dissolved the『Wall of Light』, the giant, 『Ogun』, disappeared too.

Going a few minutes back in time, before the white-armored Bagil stood the flame giant.

「How is that, Quickmaker? This is the unique spell of our clan」

Bagil observed『Ogun』with narrowed eyes. However, Koul interpreted it as if he was frightened and got increasingly arrogant.

「I don’t mind sparing you if you will stay silent about this case」

At that moment, he thought that he caught him in a trap and wanted to acquire a collaborator inside the Holy Church.

If I acquire a collaborator inside the Holy Church and thirteen apostles, I can act brazenly across the whole kingdom, thought Koul.

「Just how low have you fallen? I don’t mind sparing you if you release all hostages, you know」
「Don’t get carried away just because you are an apostle, you brat, don’t be so arrogant just because you can make things a little faster, Ogun! 」

With Koul’s orders, 『Ogun』swings his ax at Bagil.

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Since『Brunak』was melted by『Ogun』just a while ago; Bagil had no weapon in his hands.

I won, Koul was convinced of that.

「Suck『Ice Rose』」

Immediately after his words, ice strings wrapped around and restrained『Ogun』, who tried to swing his ax.

Afterwards, thorns appeared on those strings and stabbed into the body of the giant. The figure of『Ogun』wrapped in the spikes was just too pitiful.

『Ogun』raised a scream and started shrinking, while more and more roses were blooming around its body.

As they were blooming, the giant kept shrinking. In the end, there were only roses left.

At the sight of the giant being extinguished in the matter of a few seconds, Koul lost his words. And to such a Koul, Bagil said, while emitting killing intent.

「Tell me the location of the victims. If you do that, you won’t become a pray for my roses」
「Hiiiii! I understand! I will tell! I will tell you everything, so forgive me! The hostages are divided into three groups. They are all in the dark territory. The locations are on that map」

With his strongest spell easily destroyed, Koul had no choice but to tell.

「I see」

When Bagil picked up the map, his killing intent disappeared.

I’m saved, thought Koul. However, he didn’t notice. The rose made of ice was slowly creeping in his direction.


While Bagil was studying the map, his squad gathered around him.

Therefore, Bagil immediately relayed the location of the kidnapped people to them.

「The hostages are divided between these three facilities. We will split into three teams. The division is the same as usual. After that, we will gather in the Freestan church. Everyone should hurry up and rescue the hostages, feel free to request for reinforcements from the church」

After receiving the orders, everyone except Gris headed for their respective destinations.

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And Koul asked Bagil.

「A-am I safe right now?」
「Yeah, but you have to receive a punishment. As one of the thirteen apostles, I will determine it. And you receive the capital punishment」
「Aah…but you saidGuuaaaaaaa

Koul screamed and dropped dead. On his back, there was a single rose.


  1. Derived attribute. 
  2. Probably author’s mistake. I think there should be Eliera here. 

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