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Episode 82 Negotiations

Selena’s spell was a spell to create an ultrasonic wave through the power of fire-attributed mana.

The fire-attributed ultrasonic waves, of course, had a special effect of activation and were able to activate the insides of its body again. This spell is also used for treating injuries.

The receptionist men immediately understood that it was a genuine Glena Lion after looking at it again. However, at the same time, he recognized an inconsistency.

Despite having the ability to capture the Glena Lion alive, they didn’t know its value. Capturing beasts alive is a field of work for the adventurers.

The adventurers are supposed to know the value of the beasts, which means that they are amateurs……this line of thinking gave birth to a demon in his heart.

「Understood. It is genuine. You can sell it. There are no visible problems with its condition, how does 20 thousand grela sounds? 」

His suggested price was dirt cheap. In the case of Glena Lion, it can easily go for 320 thousand even if it’s dead.

If it’s alive, it won’t be strange for the price to reach 600 thousand grela. However, the youth lost to the whispers of the demon in his heart.

The eating magicians seemed to hear the youth and gave him a hard stare.

At that time, Seiya learned that the currency was called grela here. However, he didn’t know whether the circulation of this currency was limited to this district or the whole country. Anyway, it didn’t matter to him.

He needed to get it first. When Seiya intended to agree, he noticed the youth being a bit unnatural.

The receptionist was rather eloquent to them until a while ago. It didn’t change even after the Glena Lion was displayed, but his lines became much shorter.

There, Seiya glanced at the people around him and got a rough idea. Seiya closed his eyes and said to the youth.

「I sure have been underestimated」

Seiya opened his eyes filled with killing intent and glared at the youth. The moment the youth saw Seiya’s eyes, he started trembling and fell from his chair.

However, Seiya didn’t retract his bloodlust and kept staring at the youth. From the looks of it, he seemed to look down on the poor youth.

「As of now, I can still forgive you. Either you tell me the truth or die, choose」

The youth tried to apologize to Seiya, but due to the overwhelming bloodlust, he couldn’t produce any words.

Looking at the trembling youth on the floor, Seiya confirmed something.

Threats are much more effective in the Great Dakuria Empire than in the Leiria Kingdom. He didn’t know why, but he felt his killing intent growing stronger the further he went from the Leiria Kingdom.

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That same killing intent was used against the youth. There wasn’t supposed to be any physical binding effect connected to the killing intent, but he felt as if there was.

While he was thinking that, he heard an angry voice from behind. When he turned back, he saw the magicians, who were previously before the board or eating, staring at him.

「Hey brat. Laying your hand of the guild staff is a taboo here」
「If you don’t stop right now, the magicians present here won’t forgive you」
「There is an A rank here, you better be prepared」
「Even if you are able to capture a Glena Lion, it would be difficult for you with these numbers」
「You still have a chance to apologize」
「That’s right, you brat」

There were about 50 magicians saying those things.

The held their weapons and assumed a fighting stance, but their eyes were mostly directed at Yua, Lily, Selena, Mona, and Aishi.

The magicians used the pretext of protecting the guild’s stuff to cause problems for Seiya. Even so, no one was worried about the receptionist, they wanted to mess with Seiya and take his women.

Of course, Seiya, who was aware of their intentions, decided to release his pent-up stress.

「Do it if you want to, I’m not responsible for the consequences」
「Hmpf, brat, don’t let it get into your head. Let’s do it, guys! These women shall be ours! 」

The started chanting and creating one magic circle after another.

There were those who did it chantless. Most likely, they were the so-called A rank adventurers.

Looking at those magicians, Seiya retracted the pressure from the youth. After being released from the pressure, the youth felt his back drenched in sweat.

Somehow, he managed to cling to a chair intending to watch the confrontation between the adventurers and Seiya.

As expected, the magic circles created by about 50 magicians looked rather spectacular. Yua and Lily were calm, but the student council members, who weren’t aware of his abilities, prepared themselves for a battle.

「It’s all right!」said Lily towards the three.

The magicians kept creating the magic circles. However, Seiya wasn’t courteous enough to let them have it their way.


As soon as Seiya waved his finger, all of the magic circles disappeared without a trace. It was due to Seiya’s『Dark Wave』.

The adventurers didn’t know what had happened for a moment, but soon enough understood that it was 『Dark Wave』.

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The Dakurians won’t be shaken by just this. But they should have noticed.

The strangeness of Seiya’s『Dark Wave』being able to erase fifty magic circles. Even if the dark attribute is common here, being able to erase fifty magic circles in one go was clearly abnormal. Not just that, the magic circles were erased completely, nothing was left behind.

Seeing the circles disappear, the adventurers understood that he was able to use dark magic and switched to the weapons.

Some had swords, some katanas, some bows, and some chains, there were a plethora of weapons. However, in the end, no attacks were able to reach Seiya.


When they thought that they heard such a sound, in the next moment, they felt great physical pressure descending upon them. That was Seiya’s killing intent. [1]

However, it was in a different league compared to the killing intent he exerted on the youth. The bloodlust of Seiya, who at the moment remembered the eyes they used to look at Yua and Lily, reaped the consciousnesses of one adventurer after another.

After that, there were six of those who managed to keep their consciousnesses, but they didn’t have the will to fight any longer.

「Are we done?」
「「「Hi, hyiiiiiii~」」」

The still-conscious adventurers ran away from the guild in a pathetic manner. As Seiya saw them out, he rubbed the heads of Yua and Lily in satisfaction.

Receiving the headpats, they happily clung to him, but the student council members couldn’t understand what happened and just stood there absent-minded.

There was a person that wanted to speak with Seiya. It was the receptionist.

「Etto, about the Glena Lion, I think about buying it for 600 thousand grela」

Hearing those words, Seiya furrowed his brows.

He understood that it was a difference of thirty times but had no way to confirm whether it was the correct rate. Even if he tried to gauge the surrounding people’s reactions, there was no one there who could help him.

Without any other choice, Seiya decided to go on the offense.

「Ho, should I accept it?」
「W-What are you talking about?  It’s a normal rate! 」

Judging from his behavior, it should be the proper rate. However, they needed as much money as they could gather, so Seiya engaged in the negotiations once again.

「That’s not what I was talking about. It was regarding your ridiculous first assessment. Am I supposed to agree without receiving any consolation fee? 」
「Uu, I regret my decisions」
「Then you should understand」

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Seiya was supposed to be the deceived victim, but the receptionist resembled a victim much more.

「How about 650 thousand grela?」
「680 thousand grela」
「Then, then 700 thousand grela. How about it? This is my limit. It is impossible to increase any further! 」

Faced with silent Seiya, the receptionist said the biggest possible price, but Seiya wasn’t kind enough to let him off with just that.

「I see. So this is the limit. Then how about going above the limit to show your sincerity? 」
「Uh, how much do you want?」
「800 thousand grela」
「Don’t joke with me! This amount is just….! 」
「Who was the one who said 600 thousand and 20 thousand?」

Seiya didn’t apply any bloodlust on the youth, but his stare alone was enough to intimidate him.

「Or should I spread the rumors? The assessment here is……」
「Understood. 800 thousand.」

Saying that, Seiya handed the Glena Lion together with the cage to the receptionist receiving a small pass box in exchange.

It looked more like a terminal than a box, but there were no buttons.

「This is?」
「This is? This is the IC Gater. It’s used when dealing with virtual grela」
「I see. Tell me how to use it while you are at it」
「Ha? Could it be that you don’t know? 」

When he heard that Seiya didn’t know how to use it, the youth assumed an unbelieving expression.

「Are you dissatisfied with something?」
「No, not at all」

After that, Seiya had the youth explain everything to him and then moved to find an inn to stay in.

Thank you for reading. This time we have the people of Dakuria appear before us. That being said, they aren’t that different from the people of Leiria (-_-;)
I’m thinking of explaining it here, different from the clan system of Leiria, the system of adventurers and ranks has been implemented in Dakuria. Well, in simple terms, the ranks are something like elementary-intermediate-advanced classification of the Leiria Kingdom. I’m thinking of writing extensively about that part in the future. Next is the information collection in the city. If it if okay with you, please stay behind for the next story. [2]


  1. New ability? Corporeal killing intent. 
  2. Author’s note. 

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