Episode 65 Nature of a Woman

Mona was convinced that Yua came up with a plan, but an intense fight will only increase the mana consumption, so she thought of buying some time.

On the other hand, Yua cast a new spell.

「『Channel Light』」

When she finished, her appearance changed. Of her two pretty eyes, only the right one was enveloped in light-attributed mana.

Looking closely, both of her legs and her right arm were like that too.

Her figure resembled Seiya’s when he was wearing『Mantle of light』.

「Time to end this」

Yua said so and dashed while accelerating. That acceleration was in a different league compared to the last time.


Mona released the knives behind her back one after another. The knives were approaching the speed of sound.

In response to Yua’s acceleration, the knives accelerated too.

Yua closed her left eye and concentrated on the right one.

The color disappeared and the world became monochrome. The knives flew at her as if in slow motion. One after another, she split the knives with the tip of the Yuriel.

The knives were split apart and fell on the ground, while Yua approached Mona and struck. However, the moment her strike was about to land, it was prevented by something.

「I never expected of you to find the weakness of my knives so soon」

Mona showed a surprised expression.

「Your knives’ movements are based on『Wind Way』…..You need to create『Wind Way』according to the size of an object you want to guide……That’s why you have so many knives of the same design……And if the size is predetermined, you just need to change it…..」

That was the base of Yua’s confidence.

「Correct. You guessed the principle correctly. However, it seems you missed something. The fact that『Hurricane』is deployed around my body too」

That was Mona’s insurance.

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She concentrated『Hurricane』around herself since a while ago to form a wind shield. Moreover, that shield, depending on the speed of the wind, can be as hard as steel.

And seeing her weapons, Yuriel and Yurial, Mona was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to pierce the shield.

Furthermore, since Lily was always staying behind, she didn’t expect another attack. But that thinking was the cause of her defeat.

「Don’t relax……」

With her attention completely on Yua, she neglected Lily in the back. In the next moment, thick water cylinders attacked Mona from various directions.

The water cylinders enveloped the area around Mona before she noticed. The audience wasn’t able to see inside.

Just before drowning in the water, Mona changed the shape of『Hurricane』around her and formed a sphere to protect herself.

「Ara~? I wonder if you will be able to protect yourself with just this」

A bewitching voice reverberated in the world of water.

That voice wasn’t Lily’s voice that Mona knew. Looking around, she found a woman.

That woman had a similar face to Lily, but she failed to associate them with the same person.

「Who are you?」
「Me? I’m Lily Arunia」
「You are telling me to believe it? 」

Instinctively, she understood that the woman before her was Lily.

The mana of each and every magician is unique, just like the fingerprints. The mana of that woman closely resembled that of Lily’s. But even if she understood it instinctively, it was hard to accept from the standpoint of common sense.

「Who on earth are you?」
「Let’s see, how about Seiya-kun’s mistress?」
「Is that so」

Having the woman with two forms as a mistress, Seiya has it hard, thought Mona. At the same time, she was also astonished by him being able to make this woman his own.

However, deep inside of Mona, a different feeling was born.

「A woman with split personalities is a source of trouble」

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Yes, she felt an instinctive rejection to adult Lily.

I don’t know the reason, but I’m somehow irritated, or something like that. On the other hand, Lily had the same feeling regarding Mona.

What happened after was just the woman’s quarrel.

「I’m still better than a shady woman who always hides behind the wind」
「Who is shady here? Aren’t you, who hides inside the little girl, the shady one? 」

There was no magic involved, only words.

「Now you said it. Aren’t you always pretending to be a good girl to look cool? 」
「Huh? There is no way I would do such a thing」
「See? Where is you polite speech now? Your true nature finally came into the light. Even though your looks are decent, who knows what are you thinking inside? 」
「I don’t want to hear it from an aged woman who hides inside the little girl」
「Aged woman?」
「Yes, that’s right. You aren’t a student however you look at it」
「You should call me a big sister. That’s why I don’t like brats like you」
「By calling me a brat, you already admitted that you are an aged woman」
「Haa? 」

At that time, the two understood why they hated each other.

In simple words, they were too similar, meaning, they were both wearing masks. That’s why they instinctively hated each other. [1]

In truth, the two entered inside the water cylinder before they noticed. And the water was moving inside of this cylinder as if in a pipe.

The fact that water was flowing indicated the existence of an entrance and an exit. [2]

The water cylinder was just like that. Even while arguing with Mona, Lily controlled the water, while waiting for the right timing.

Meanwhile, seeing the cylinder, Yua distanced herself from the scene and decided to rest her body for a little. The spell, 『Channel Light』, which she used before, was an inferior version of『Mantle of Light』.

Seiya’s『Mantle of Light』is able to raise the ability of the whole body, including the brain, by covering the body in the light-attributed mana. However, it has a certain risk associated with it.

It is a dangerous spell that could only be used in conjunction with his dark element.

On the other hand, 『Channel Light』enhances the ability of only selected parts of the body. Comparatively, it is not that risky.

By selecting the right part, even without the full coverage, it could be compared to『Mantle of Light』in some aspects.

That being said, it’s not like it doesn’t place any burden on the caster. Yua’s legs were on the verge of giving up. She enhanced her legs before, but that time, she enhanced the eye and the brain too. The resulting acceleration was much bigger than before, her legs couldn’t withstand the burden. [3]

Without any other choice, she used the holy magic, although a little. She used『Holy Song』 a spell with regenerative effect. With that, her legs reverted to the state before acceleration.

With her body fixed, she needed to give birth to a weapon that would be able to defeat Mona.

Mona’s barrier was hard to breach. If you can’t cut or pierce it, it is okay to just smash it. With her thoughts going in that direction, she created another weapon.


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The weapon created by Yua was a giant white hammer with a golden line on it.

However, it was too heavy for her to carry. For that purpose, she used『Channel Light』again, this time, on her arms.

With her increased strength, she was finally able to lift it.

Being able to wield the hammer, she stood in the designated place. The place where Lily will eject Mona from the water tube.

That’s why Yua quietly waited.

Meanwhile, inside the water cylinder.

「Old lady should stop trying to demonstrate her seductiveness」
「You don’t need to be so upset because of your lacking sex appeal」
「There is no way I’m upset」
「Are you sure?」

The quarrel was still ongoing. But Lily’s words were missing the previous sharpness since a while ago. Lily sneakily glanced outside.

(Yua-chan seems to be ready)

Lily made a small smile. However, Mona, who lost her cool, didn’t notice.

「Well, it is time for kids to sleep」

Mona furrowed her brows at Lily’s statement.


However, in the next moment, she finally noticed that she was falling.

Up until now, she felt like she was in a space without any gravity. But now, she was able to feel the gravity again.

In normal circumstances, she should have been able to react, but the sense of security from『Hurricane』made her relax her guard.

「This is the end……」
「If you can’t pierce, smash………」

Facing the water sphere with Mona inside of it, she took a stance with the Yuriul as if she was a home run batter. [4]

Mona tried to use a spell, but she was too late.

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Yua already initiated the take-back and was ready to hit. [5]


Yua made a very artistic swing. The hammer flew parallel to the ground and hit the sphere, launching it like a bullet liner.


And Mona collided with the stadium’s wall.


Selena and Aishi, who were supposed to deal with Seiya, immediately run up to her.

「I’m fine. I was too negligent」

The wind sphere was able to prevent the damage to a certain extent. Her polite speech surfaced again, but the adult Lily had no intentions to hide.


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