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Episode 64 Mona’s Efforts

A while back, when Selena thought of using『Atos』against Seiya.

Yua and Lily were engaged in the fierce fight. Mona was manipulating the wind to launch her knives and Yua was striking them down.

Aishi aimed at the opening when she struck down another knife and released an arrow from her ice bow, but Lily blocked it with her water.

「Big sister!」
「Leave it to me」

Yua let go of the Yuriel and, at the same time, created Yurial and released a light arrow at Aishi.

Since Aishi just released an arrow, she still didn’t create another.

Yua released a single arrow. The light arrow flew at Aishi in a straight line.

Convinced that a single arrow won’t hit her, Aishi jumped sideways. However, in the next moment, she lost her words.

The reason is, it was supposed to be only one arrow, but there was an uncountable number of arrows in her line of sight.

And all those arrows were flying at Aishi.


Thought Aishi, while still in mid-air. There was supposed to be only one arrow. That arrow didn’t show any signs of splitting or multiplying upon its release.

That was Aishi’s miscalculation.

The arrow was indeed one, it didn’t split or multiply. However, when the arrow flew through the air, it dropped off mana particles due to air resistance.

Yua used those particles to create more arrows, but since they were just particles, she couldn’t make them change their direction and attack her from all sides.

There, Yua took advantage of the wind.

To manipulate her knives, Mona constantly generated chaotic streams of wind.

She used the wind to move those particles into the various parts of the stadium. In that way, she was able to make it look like the arrows were shot from all sides of the stadium.

However, Aishi, who wasn’t aware of that, lost her calm demeanor. Even is they are the strongest student council, they didn’t have that many chances to fight truly strong opponents.

And right now, an uncountable number of light arrows flew her way.

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「This is the end…….」

Yua was convinced of her victory. The chaotic flows of wind suddenly stopped and Yua and Lily felt as if the gravity became stronger. And the light arrows hit the ground right before reaching Aishi.

The cause was, of course, Mona.

「『Heavy Winds』. I won’t let you take out Aishi so easily」
「Thank you very much, Mona-senpai.」
「It’s fine, don’t worry」

That being said, Mona had no way to affect the gravity. She forced the wind to blow perpendicularly towards the ground, thus creating the pseudo-gravity pressure

「More than that, Aishi, please help Selena. She seems to be struggling quite a bit」
「All right」

Mora witnessed Selena’s strongest spell being broken. Considering her possible mental state, she sent Aishi to reinforce her. [1]

However, that wasn’t her only reason. She was personally anxious.

Mona remembered her baseless wariness towards him when she met him for the first time. She didn’t feel any ill intent, but her intuition told her to stay cautious.

As if there was something mysterious inside of him.

That’s why she thought of Seiya as a target of highest priority in this final match. I can stop Lily and Yua for a while by myself. In that time, I want you to defeat Seiya, or so she hoped.

「Is it fine…..letting her go?…..」
「It will work out. If it is for a little while, I can fight with you by myself. Besides, I’m an older sister here」
「I was underestimated…….」
「Horrible! 」

At that time, Mona made two mistakes.

First, putting too much attention to Seiya and underestimating Lily and Yua. Second, the fact that she told them about it.

She unintentionally motivated them with her remarks.

「Lily…Let’s go….」
「Un! 」

Yua created the Yuriel again and enveloped it in the light-attributed mana. Lily created even more water, agglomerating it in a sphere twice the size of the previous one.

Looking at the two, Mona changed her expression. Compared to before, they were dead serious.


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Mona moved first. She channeled her mana into the cane and activated a spell. However, it wasn’t different from before, it created the same chaotic wind again.

Just as before, the knives were spinning behind her.

「I will push, so I will count on your assistance……..」
「All right!」

While on her guard, she buffed her legs and increased her speed. And just like that, she aimed to pierce through Mona. [2]

「I won’t let you」

However, Mona wasn’t about to ignore it. She launched the knives rotating behind her at Yua.

But Yua had already seen through her knife attack. While easily avoiding the knives, she approached Mona. However, when there was a meter between them, she suddenly felt the pain.


Yua stopped accelerating and fell on the spot. Not willing to let go of this opening, she used all of her knives to attempt to stab her.

But the knives collided with a water wall and never reached Yua.

After deflecting the knives, the water wall enveloped Yua and carried her to Lily, who was behind.

「Big sister?」
「I’m fine….Thanks, Lily….」

Flustered Lily pulled her out of the water and called her. Fortunately, the wounds weren’t fatal, so she won’t retire prematurely.

However, the fact that she didn’t retire hadn’t solved the problem.

The knives that only attacked her from the front before, somehow, ended up behind her back. Without knowing the reason, she won’t be able to engage in the close combat.

「Just how did she….」

Unexpectedly, Mona answered her mutterings.

「I will let you hear about『Hurricane』’s power. What I used before was『Tempest』, basically, storm. It is stronger than an ordinary wind, but it could only move straight. It was enough before this match, but it won’t work with you. That’s why, I took a liberty to use『Hurricane』, or tornado. Do you know the difference between a storm and a tornado? 」

Listening up to this point, Yua already understood.

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「Direction of the wind…….」
「Correct. A storm only blows in one direction in a large area. However, although a tornado is smaller, it rotates. In short, you can make wind blow from all directions simultaneously. Until now, I wasn’t able to immediately use the deflected knives again, but with this, I do not need to bother with it anymore」

Mona declared that she had no openings, and it was true from a certain standpoint.

When you try to approach her, the knives will fly your way. Even if you avoid them, they would attack from behind.

In other words, the closer you are to Mona, the more knives would be behind your back.

(With this, I should hold for a while. My friends, please defeat that man swiftly)

Mona showed a relaxed expression, but inwardly, she was very nervous.

『Hurricane』is more advanced than『Tempest』and consumes much more mana. That’s why the longer the battle will last, the harder it will be for her to maintain it.

Mona tried to maintain a stalemate as long as she could. Plus, she also had a trump card.


Yua whispered to Lily.

「All right!」
「I wonder what it is? Do you have a plan? 」
「If it is a plan, we have one……We will defeat you….」
「I see」

You could see the confidence on Yua’s face.


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  2. Can I use 「buff 」 to describe the 「rise 」 aspect of light? Please? It is so convenient. 

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