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Episode 56 Final Block. The Start

「That is about everything I have on them」

There were figures of a blue-haired man in the glasses, Zadman, and a muscular red-haired man, Leonardo, in the room.

Zadman investigated Seiya under the request from Leonardo and came to report.

When Leonardo heard the report, he stood from his chair with a difficult face.

「Good work. I never expected that his status in Senabia was so low」

Leonardo narrowed his eyes and looked outside the window. On the end of his line of sight, there was Seiya’s team that was preparing for the first match.

Zadman and Leonardo were currently in the VIP seats of the stadium where the final fights will happen.

The VIP seats were arranged in a way that people could overlook the stadium. Therefore, they needed to look down to see Seiya.

「You may not believe it, but it is said, that he couldn’t even use magic properly」
「And this boy made the teachers faint upon his arrival here」

Lack of understanding was expressed on Leonardo’s face.

The same was true for Zadman. He asked Leonardo while looking through the gathered materials.

「By the way, why is he treated as a new student and not a transfer one?」

Leonardo made a troubled face at Zadman’s question. As Zadman said, when you enroll into an academy in the Leiria Kingdom, the church will issue a corresponding student record.

This record is supposed to be made only once, and when you transfer, the church will transfer the record to a new academy. However, in Seiya’s case, a new record was created.

「Regarding that, Raiga dealt with those matters, so I do not know. However, it seems that his previous record vanished at the same time as this one was made」
「Does that mean that he has connections in the church? 」

Zadman’s face changed once he thought of that.

Staff, accepted by the church, mostly thinks that working for the sake of the kingdom is a matter of course. The selection is harsh but the resulting trust is big.

It is unthinkable for them to work around the system. And Leonardo was of the same opinion. [1]

「I don’t know. It might be his connections or Raiga’s. I just want you to be vigilant」

Leonardo looked at Seiya once again.

「Will he show his true colors in this tournament………」

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Following Leonardo, Zadman looked at Seiya too. [2]

While being aware of their stares, Seiya ignored them and looked at his opponents.

In front of Seiya, there were three people who he knew well.

Orange-haired Aruna, a guy with a short black hair, Glenn, and a yellow-haired man with the glasses, Connie. Seiya’s first opponents were his three neighbors from his own class.

「Wow, for us to face Seiya-kun’s team all of a sudden」

Said Aruna with a defeated tone. Although her figure wasn’t tense in the slightest and was quite relaxed. Seiya went on guard against such Aruna.

「I’m surprised too. Never expected to bump into you in the first match」
「Totally unexpected. Amazing, right? 」

Glenn answered on Seiya’s statement while laughing.

Just as Aruna, he wasn’t nervous and was completely relaxed. However, there was a big ax in his hand, he was absolutely prepared for the battle.

As for Connie, he stood behind the two. Opposite of the two, he looked rather nervous.

Connie was wearing a robe and was hiding something inside of it, but Seiya had no idea of what it was. Seiya looked at him with vigilant eyes.

「The match is about to start. Participants are to go to the starting positions」

Following an announcement, Seiya’s team entered the stadium, the same applied to Aruna’s team.

「Are you ready? The plan stays the same」
「I understand! 」

The two nodded and the announcement followed soon after.


Together with the announcement, Seiya and Yua dashed ahead. They aimed for a preemptive strike against Aruna and Glenn.


Seiya summoned the Hollins and Yua created the Yuriel, then, they launched an assault. As soon as they rushed out, they used light mana to accelerate.

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They moved at a speed beyond the reaction of a normal human. Even if the opponents could react, they won’t have any time to chant and use magic, thus, they will be forced to block with their own power.

This is a strategy that Seiya’s group came up with.

Unlike the qualifying blocks, the final block’s matches weren’t in a vast forest but in a big stadium. As such, the concepts of hiding and searching didn’t exist here. The outcome is often decided through the direct clash.

With this, it is easier for Seiya’s team to fight in the individual battles instead of the group ones. Although, if there is no one in the other team who can react to their assault, it will immediately become three on one.

「Got you」

Seiya aimed for Aruna with the Hollins and Yua aimed for Glenn with the Yuriel.

Aruna and Glenn were able to react but weren’t able to prevent it. The outcome was supposed to be decided at this moment.

「『Sound Shield』」

A shockwave ran through the hands of Seiya and Yua. The Hollins and the Yuriel didn’t reach Aruna and Glenn, they were blocked in the air by something.

Seiya and Yua tried to follow-up with an additional attack, but they suddenly felt their heads spinning and their balance broke.

At the same time, Aruna with a katana and Glenn with an ax came attacking them. The two immediately distanced themselves.

「Was this the sound? But they shouldn’t be able to chant」
「Seiya, this is…..」

Yua pointed with her finger at Connie. His robe had disappeared and there was an opened book, which looked like a dictionary, in his hand.

Seiya started sweating once he saw that book.

「Is that book a support tool?」

Support tool, full name: magic activation support tool. As its name suggests, it helps the user activate spells. This book, this support tool, could be used as a substitute for a chant.

It is made using magic stones, which can store the chant inside of them. The number of chants that the support tool is able to store depends on the quantity of the magic stones.

You can easily store the elementary spells using a small number of magic stones, but when it comes to the advanced ones, the magic stone requirements are drastically increased.

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Besides that, its usage is difficult. It is still a hurdle to chantlessly activate a spell stored inside. That’s why it is not very popular.

「It seems so….but this book…..」
「Yeah, it can easily store about three intermediate spells」
「Can’t help it. Lily, I will leave Connie to you」
「All right! 」

Seiya left Connie for Lily, who was in the back, to deal with. Participating in a fight for the first time, she was incredibly motivated.

「Water tiger!」

Lily created some water that transformed into the three tigers. Together with the tigers, she attacked Connie.

To protect Connie, Aruna tried to intercept one of the tigers, but Seiya launched an attack of his own and disrupted her. Yua, on the other hand, pinned down Glenn.

In such circumstances, Connie opens the next page and activates a spell.

「『Sound Bullet』」

Compressed air flew out of the magic circle like from a cannon, straight towards one of the tigers. Lily deflected it with a water laser of her own and successfully protected her tiger.

Deflected by the water laser, this bullet flew toward the audience. However, the barrier around the stadium didn’t allow that.

That’s why the guests and the audience were able to safely watch the matches.

「That girl, isn’t she amazing?」
「Such a powerful spell without any chant……」
「She is a trainee, right!?」
「But she is quite strong」

The attention was gathered around Lily, who was opposing Connie and his magic book. Usually, it was weird to see a trainee in the final block, even more, she was actually on the offensive.

「Water cannon!」

From behind, Lily shot two large water cannons. Connie turned a page and activated a defensive spell.

「『Sound Shield』」[3]

Connie tried to deal with the water cannon using the sound barrier, but the barrier started cracking without being able to stop it.

Once he noticed, although startled, he immediately played his next card.

「Damn,『Sound Shield』,『Sound Shield』,『Sound Shield』,『Sound Shield』」

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Connie deployed four sound barriers one after another.

With this, the five-layered『Sound Shield』was completed. The water cannon broke through the four of them and dispersed upon hitting the fifth.

Together with the disappearance of the water cannon, the last shield crumbled.

However, Lily’s attack didn’t end with just this.

The tiger, that was summoned in the beginning, came pouncing at the defenseless Connie. Connie thought of erecting another sound barrier but didn’t think that he had enough time. He decided on using a different spell.

「『Resonance Tremor』」

In the next moment, Lily’s water tigers burst and became puddles of the ground.

The audience was silent and couldn’t figure out what happened.

Lily had no idea too, but she immediately produced the next attack. She put both of her hands on the ground and activated the magic.

「Raging wave!」

The water burst from the ground, formed a wave, and moved towards Connie.


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  3. Easiest spell names to translate. 

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