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Episode 50 Start of the Qualifications

When Seiya returned home, he told Raiga about his participation in the qualifiers. There, Raiga said with a difficult face.

「Even if it’s you, you would have to struggle quite a bit without the dark attribute, right?」
「Kind of. It is troublesome to include the chant」 [1]

As Seiya said, chanting is necessary. If he intends to discard the chant, he will immediately draw attention to himself.

If that’s how it ends, it wouldn’t be strange to attract the attention of the Holy Church.

However, those ideas were quickly discarded.

「If it is about that, then you don’t need to worry. Yua is doing it chantless too. No one will make a fuss because of it at this point」

Seiya was stunned by Raiga’s reasoning. He was surprised that Yua was casting chantless even in the academy, but he was even more surprised at Raiga’s casual attitude. Bagil, an apostle, was picked because of his ability to shorten the chant. In this case, chant omission, which is a notch above, should be a pretty important skill. However, Raiga didn’t even try to hide it.

Seiya couldn’t understand what he was thinking.

However, if omitting the chant was acceptable, it couldn’t be any better.

「Chant omission is all right?」
「Yeah. Also, your student council seems to be strong, be careful」
「I know」
「I see, then it’s good」

Once he finished reporting to Raiga, he left the room.

「Well then, I wonder what will the Emperor do?」

This voice resounded across the room, but only Raiga was there to hear it.

In the next morning, the blocks were announced during the homeroom. In Seiya’s class, this responsibility naturally fell on Yayuna.

「With this, the announcement about the qualifiers blocks is over. The matches will start in the afternoon, so do your best. There will be the time to discuss your strategy before each fight, use it wisely」

Just as Yayuna said that and left, the orange-haired girl next to Seiya said to him.

「Ne, ne. What is the number of your block? 」
「We are in the C block」
「I see. We are in the H block, so we might be able to fight each other in the finals」
「That’s true」
「Let’s meet in the finals, Seiya」
「Because we will do our best」

Following after her, Glenn and Connie also said such things. Apparently, Aruna, Glenn, and Connie are in the same team.

「Yeah, let’s meet in the final block」

Seiya said so and left the classroom.

And following after him, Yua left too.

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After that, they met up with Lily and opened a strategy meeting on the roof, as usual. Nari was also invited to participate, but she wanted to do the self-training to become at least a little stronger, so she refused.

Therefore, there were three people on the roof today.

「First things first, all teams are divided into 8 blocks, with each block consisting roughly of 16 or 17 teams」
「We will meet them all in due time…..」
「Such a bother」

As he said, there were 8 blocks, and in the C block, there were 16 teams. Thinking about that, Seiya noticed a strange thing.


Seiya found the conversation turning strange, the reason is, he heard a strangely erotic voice.

Looking in the direction of the voice, he found there the bewitching adult version of Lily, instead of her usual child-like appearance.

「Why are you even here?」
「Oh, Seiya-kun is terrible~ You do not need to say such cruel things~」

Wearing the bewitching atmosphere, Lily spun around. Her two hills were about to escape their confines.

Lily’s school uniform, when she became the adult version, weirdly changed its form too.

Usually, Lily (little girl) wore her uniform according to the school regulations, but the adult version could make your heart beat fast. The combo of the black stockings and the deep cleavage was very arousing to Seiya.

However, Lily switched to the serious face and answered.

「It was a joke. It will be easier to explain the plan to me, right? I will tell her everything later in the simple terms」
「I see, this would be nice」
「Right? 」

Lily directed a lewd smile towards Seiya, as a countermeasure, Yua moved next to him and clung to his arm. Looking at Yua’s antics, Lily said「Arara」, and pressed her breasts onto his other hand.

Without minding the two, Seiya proceeded to explain the strategy.

「The qualifiers are held in the giant forest behind the academy, which is split into seven different areas, am I right?」

Yua nodded to his inquiry.

The seven forest areas and the training grounds make for a total of 8 areas. The forest in quite vast.

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「Does that mean that we will have to fight continuously?」
「Yes, that’s right. Apparently, if you finish you match fast, there is a possibility of the next match happening ahead of time」
「That means that the pacing is important」

While Lily and Seiya were discussing this, Yua said.

「The match is observed using the reflection magic….」
「I see. We need to think of our fighting style too」
「Isn’t it quite difficult? We will fight fifteen times, and there is also the final block」
「Of course we will be studied」

The matches can be viewed be everyone through the reflection magic of the light attribute. It will provide some information to your opponents, as well as serve as a reference to trainees.

「What should we do….Seiya….? 」
「For now, Yua will fight most of the time together with me. Lily, try to avoid the fighting, and if you can’t, just use some weak water spells and hide your power」
「All right」

Seiya wanted for Lily, who wasn’t well known in the academy to hide her power and make Yua, whose magic was already known, to engage the opponents.

「I will put power into the Hollins and become a speed type of fighter. I won’t use 『Mantle of Light』, so it will be hard. That’s why I will count on Yua for support」
「All right…」

Seiya’s strategy was to hide his power in the qualifications.

「Next is the battle arrangements. Yua, try to circle behind the opponent’s back and attack with the Yurial. With the bow, Yurial, you should be able to become a ranged attacker. If you aren’t able to defeat the opponent, I will draw their attention to create an opportunity for you to escape. Make sure to deal with at least one opponent before entering the close quarters. Lily, as mentioned before in on the standby」
「All right…」
「I got it」

Then, the three people prepared for the upcoming qualifiers, while discussing additional strategies. Three people ate early lunch and assembled in the meeting hall.

As they arrived, people were already gathered in the C block area. Amongst them, there were the figures of the royal guard.

By the way, Lily already returned to the child version. She was an adult version until the lunch, but any more than that will be troublesome.

The child version of Lily properly understood the strategy.

When the chime rang, two teachers appeared in the hall. One was a young tall man and the other was a cool woman in her twenties.

The young man stood before the students and started explaining.

「Eh, hello everyone. I will preside over the C block qualifiers this year. My name is Seran」
「Same, Najenda」

Once the introduction ended, Seran took out a small box and continued the explanation.

「There are your competition cards in this box. I, together with Najenda will draw them and the said teams will enter the barrier. Then, after I give a sign, the fight will start」

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Seran demonstrated everyone the box.

「This will also test your luck. In the worst case, you will fight fifteen times consecutively. Luck is important in a fight, so do your best」
「Only the team with the highest winning percentage can participate in the finals, do your best, everyone. Well then, I will announce the first fight」

Seran put his hand into the box to draw the first cards. Once he did so, he announced the teams.

「C block, number 27 and number 86. Each team is to enter the barrier」

Seiya was surprised at the sudden development.

「Oi, oi. That happened too sudden」

While complaining, he brought Yua and Lily together with him and entered the barrier.

Their opponent was a team of men, apparently of the third year. There was a man with glasses, bald one, and a brown-haired one. They looked quite capable.

「Look, they have a trainee」

Bald man said with a loud voice.

「This would be easy」

Said the brown-haired man, following after him. And the man with glasses approached Seiya and extended his hand.

「Nice woman. Are you here to make some memories together in the tournament? Do your best and become a stepping stone for your seniors」

Once the man in the glasses said it, the royal guard released their killing intent. Towards this man, Seiya said, while shaking his hand.

「Well, kind of. Please, do not hold back and do you best」
「Fu fu, I see」

The man with glasses grinned and looked at Yua and Lily. The bald man and the brown-haired man approached him from behind.

「How about playing with us instead of this man? After this match is over, that is」
「It is better than being with this blondie」 [2]

Four-eyes and brown-hair said so towards Yua and Lily.

The baldy didn’t say anything, but his eyes were full of hidden intentions. The members of the royal guard were looking at them with the stares that could kill. At this moment, Yua and Lily answered.

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「Seiya is good…..」
「Lily too!」

They said as such and hugged Seiya from behind as if trying to hide behind him. Seeing their behavior, the men stared at him.

「They seem to be greatly attached to you」

Said the four-eyes while staring at Seiya. At this time, Najenda said to the six in a strong tone.

「You guys, are you going to start or not? I will just disqualify you」

When Najenda was about to get angry, the three men moved to enter the barrier. Just before entering the barrier, they said to Seiya.

「You won’t die fast. I will make you beg for forgiveness in front of the woman. Look forward to it」

The men said so and entered the barrier. [3]


  1. Agreed. 
  2. Their manner of speech in Japanese reminds of the three idiots in the beginning. They need to be brutalized. 
  3. Idiots appear in the packs of three. 

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