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Episode 49 Gathering of the Members

As soon as it was break time, Seiya approached Yua.

Every day, during this time, they were staying on the rooftop. Students weren’t supposed to be there, but using the mana of light attribute to jump, they were able to come here every day.

They also did their 3rd and 4th hour training here. The reason is, they were able to escape from the others’ eyes here.

After he dominated Brick during the practical training, the classmates showed even more interest in his persona.

And if the target of their attention is always with the first beauty of the academy, they just couldn’t let it go.

「Listen, Yua. Will you participate in the qualifiers of the Leiria Magic Tournament? 」
「I won’t….But if Seiya wants to, I will….」

Yua’s answer was the same as Seiya’s. There, Seiya asked about the previous tournament.

「What did you do in the previous year?」

After thinking for a while, Yua answered.

「Didn’t participate….」
「Why so?」
「I didn’t have any teammates…..」
「I see」

Seiya felt a sense of affinity with Yua, who didn’t participate because of the same reason. Thinking that it is a big chance, Seiya told his intentions.

「I’m thinking of participating in the qualifiers, will you participate with me?」

Yua immediately accepted the proposal. The first teammate was secured, the next was Lily.

The two immediately departed for the trainee’s classroom, once it was a time for the lunch break.

In the trainee’s classroom, Lily, together with Nari, was already waiting for them.

Once Lily noticed Seiya and Yua, she swiftly ran toward them, following after her, Nari too approached them with a greeting.

「Seiya! Big sister! 」
「Ah, senpai, Yua-san. Greetings」

Lily cheerfully called out to them, while Nari greeted them politely.

「Yo, how about a lunch together?」
「I’ll go!」
「Is it fine for me too?」

Seiya invited them for a lunch. Lily answered at a light speed, but Nari seemed to be holding herself back. To such a Nari, Seiya said.

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「Don’t worry. This way, Lily will have a good time too」 [1] 「Understood. Please allow me to accompany you」

Nari answered with a formal attitude. Apparently, she was still nervous before Seiya, who was older than she was.

Directed at these four, were the jealous gazes of the male trainees.

There was no one who wasn’t aware of Yua’s beauty, and Lily as well was a once in a generation beauty.

If only this was the end, but there was also the cute neighbor girl Nari.

And the blonde blue-eyed youth was about to have lunch with them. Not just that, the beauties seemed to be well behaved around him.

From the standpoint of a male, you couldn’t not be jealous of him.

However, ignoring the gazes of the male audience, Seiya went away with them to have a lunch.

The four came to the same restaurant as the last time. Although it was a lunch break, there were precisely four vacant seats, so they managed to find a place without a problem.

Seiya took his seat first, Yua sat next to him, Lily sat across and Nari next to Lily.

Four people ordered as soon as they sat down. Seiya and Yua ordered pasta, Lily and Nari ordered a hamburger. The waiter received their order and swiftly left.

While Seiya waited for the food to be brought, he asked Lily about the Leiria Magic Tournament.

「Lily, do you know about the Leiria Magic Tournament?」
「What is that?」

Sure enough, Lily didn’t know anything. She just recently left the Great Dalis Canyon, her lack of knowledge is understandable.

That’s why Seiya briefly explained about the Leiria Magic Tournament.

「It is a tournament to decide the strongest student magician in this kingdom」

Lily answered as such, she clearly didn’t understand a thing. Seiya thought about explaining it to the adult version and proceeded with the conversation.

「Me and Yua are going to participate, will you join us?」
「Big sister too?」
「Then I will too!」

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Hearing that Seiya and Yua were participating, she immediately responded positively. With this, the team members were decided, while Seiya thought that, Nari, sitting next to Lily, asked a question.

「Is it fine, senpai?」
「With what?」

Seiya, who didn’t get what she mean, asked for the details.

「Etto, I was asking if it is okay to include a trainee」
「Are they prohibited from entering in the Arsenia Magic Academy?」

Seiya, who knew Lily’s real strength, thought that he understood what Nari meant. Nari however, thought that she was getting weird and worriedly said the reason.

「Wrong. You have the ability to finish off Brick-senpai in a second, and also Yua-san by your side. Maybe you aren’t willing to join the others’ teams? 」

Hearing her, Seiya understood that the rumors already reached the trainees. At the same time, he finally comprehended what she meant.

Nari thought that they approached Lily because of lack of people.

Nari didn’t know about Lily’s identity as an Undine, as well as her ability.

That’s why Seiya dissolved her misunderstanding.

「You are wrong, Nari. We do not want her to fill the numbers, we want her because of her ability. Lily is unexpectedly strong」
「That’s right! Lily is strong! 」
「So it was like that. Please excuse me」

Towards the apologizing Nari, Seiya said to not worry about it. This time, Seiya asked Nari.

「By the way, Nari. Is the rumor about me still spreading? 」
「Rumors about Brick-senpai?」
「That’s right」

Seiya had no choice but to worry about the rumors. If there are some strange rumors around, he needs to resolve it fast.

「Yes, it spread pretty fast. In the Arsenia Magic Academy, Brick is considered an outstanding individual, some people in the fan club even call him a teacher. Senpai, who destroyed such a Brick in a second, is greatly admired amongst the trainees」
「I see…」

Apparently, part of the trainee boys considers Seiya a hero. Most likely, some of them experienced the same as Connie.

At the same time, he was convinced. Amongst the stares back then, there was adoration mixed with jealousy.

After a while, the food arrived. The four had a fun lunch and returned to the academy.

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「Sorry, senpai. I was treated again」
「Don’t mind. Don’t slack off in the afternoon, you two」
「Un! 」

Having said so, they spit up, and Seiya and Yua headed for their classroom.

「Hey, Yua. Is it fine if we finish with the registration today? 」

On the way to the classroom, Seiya made a proposal.

「Then, let’s finish it after school」
「That is fine too….」

She said so and entangled her arm with Seiya’s. The afternoon classes continued.

After school, Seiya, Yua, Lily, and Nari, before going home, successfully finished their registration.

Qualifications entry number 86
Kiritsuna Seiya, second year
Yua Arunia, second year
Lily Arunia, trainee

Just like that, their registration on the Leiria Magic Tournament qualifiers has ended.


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