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Episode 22 Lord Of Dalis (1)

「Are you okay?」

Seiya strongly hugged Yua to himself, and Yua strongly hugged his arm in return, they continued to fall as such.

Immediately after the duo defeated the lightning beast, the ground suddenly began to collapse and they fell down. But this time they could clearly see the bottom.

「Here we go」

While Seiya was falling, he gracefully turned his body in the air and landed on the ground. Then he lowered Yua on the ground from his princess carry.

Her face looked somewhat disappointed, but he didn’t notice.

「Well then, what are we going to do now」

Seiya said, after looking around.

The place where the two people landed was even more open than the previous one, they were also surrounded by water.

If you are to describe this place, then the solitary island will be appropriate.

And the most distinct characteristic of this place is water, gushing from every hole.

The water was clear enough to see through it. They couldn’t tell why water was spontaneously springing up.


Seiya was looking around but didn’t find the exit. Yua looked around too but achieved the same.

It was at this moment. A woman’s voice echoed on an isolated island.

「I thought it was noisy, it seems some pests came uninvited」

They were surprised by an alluring voice that resounded out of nowhere. Because it was the den of the powerful monsters, there should be no one other than two of them here.

Seiya looked at the one who was saying it. There was a woman sitting in a chair that was floating in the air.

She was a woman with blue eyes and sapphire pupils, she had impressive twin peaks, that seemed to defy a gravity.

The feminine atmosphere that she excluded was incredibly alluring for any adolescent boy.

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But Seiya was not charmed. He was not conceited enough to say that he was popular with girls. Besides, he had no time for that right now.

「No way ….」

It was the same for Yua. There are no human beings inside the Great Dalis Canyon. As soon as she remembered that, she came up with an answer.

「Are you Undine?」[1] 「Heh, so you know about me」

The woman confirmed Seiya’s guess. Yes, she is the water fairy Undine who lives in the Great Dalis Canyon.

Seiya never thought that he will be able to meet Undine, he felt lucky in a sense.

The magical beasts were acting based on their animal instincts, but now they have Undine in front of them.

Unlike magical beasts, you can have a conversation with her. That means that you can talk your way out.

Seiya decided to speak with her.

「I want to talk. Please listen」
「Talk? What is it?」

Seiya was glad that he managed to start a conversation. So he immediately got to the chase.

「We are not here to fight. We aim to return to the Leiria Kingdom by passing through the Great Dalis Canyon」
「I see, so what?」
「We want to get out of here. Of course, we aren’t going to harm you」

That was his proposal to Undine. There was no point to fight here. Seiya wanted to solve it peacefully and avoid the fight.

But Undine’s answer was a refusal.

「I refuse. You have to defeat me to get out of here. And I do not intend to be defeated」

Listening to the words of Undine, Seiya felt suspicious.

There is no way it is true. Unless they aren’t inside the unique barrier made by Undine, it is possible to go outside without killing her.

「Why did you lie? We ought to be able to go outside even without defeating you」

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Hearing his words, Undine makes a slightly surprised expression.

「Oh, aren’t you nice. Everyone before you tried to kill me though」
「I told you. I do not want to fight you」

Seiya meant what he said. They already spent most of their mana, fighting with fairy is just stupid. The common sense tells you to run if you ever encounter one.

「But too bad. I do not want to let you out」
「Because everyone will know about my existence. I do not want that」

Undine says that, being weirdly irritated.

Her wish was to live quietly in this Great Dalis Canyon. If other people knew about her existence, it was her policy to dispose of them.

That is why Undine was trying to erase the existence of Seiya and Yua.

「You do not need to worry. We will not talk about your existence」
「Am I supposed to believe that?」
「Yes, that’s right」

Seiya was looking at Undine with a serious look. It was the same with Yua. She did not want to fight the fairy in this place.

However, it was not so easy to believe someone you met for the first time, even if they said to believe them. More so for an existence that refused to have a contact with humans, Undine.

「Sorry, but this is impossible」

Undine looked down on Seiya and refused, she started to deploy a magic circle towards the duo.

「I’m sorry, but you have to disappear」

Undine shoots a laser of water from the magic circle towards Seiya. The laser was much more powerful than the one used by the sea dragon. [2]

However, when Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』against the laser of water, it suddenly disappeared as if it never existed in the first place.

「Heh, you aren’t too bad」
「Well, kind of」

Undine saw Seiya’s dark attribute and realized that he is a powerful magician.

By the way, why was Seiya’s『Dark Wave』able to easily extinguish Undine’s attack rather than a relatively weak sea dragon’s attack?

The answer is, he got accustomed to the dark attribute.

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When confronting the sea dragon, Seiya had just regained the dark attribute and was not used to it. So he was struggling against the sea dragon’s attack.

But now it is different.

Seiya was one step in the grave in the fight against the lightning beast. Strangely, his affinity with the dark attribute has increased more than ever, and the dark attribute became more familiar to him than ever.

As a result, he was able to easily annihilate Undine’s attack, which was more powerful than sea dragon’s attack.

「I can not let you escape after all. If you want to get out of here, defeat me and make a contract with me. Then you can get out of here」
「Ha, it can’t be helped then. Yua, let’s do it」

The two grasped their weapons again and faced the Undine.

The atmosphere surrounding the Undine changed in a moment.

And the air in this place changed instantly.

Seiya with twin swords Hollins, Yua with a rapier Yuriel, they looked at the Undine who was still floating in a chair.

On the other hand, from Undine’s expression, you can understand that she is not serious yet.

Undine moved first.

「Water Cannon」[3]

Undine shoots water towards Seiya and Yua.

「『Dark Wave』」

However, when Seiya casted『Dark Wave』against her attack, her spell was extinguished without a trace.

「Leave it to me……」

Aiming for the moment when the water was extinguished, Yua casts『Single Light』on her feet raises leg strength and leaps.

And then she swiftly closed in on the Undine with Yuriel.

「Naive. Water Laser」[4]

Facing leaping Yua, Undine deploys a blue magic circle and attacks her.

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It was the same attack that Undine used on Seiya earlier.

「You are the naive one.『Dark Wave』」

Seiya cast a『Dark Wave』against the water laser that was about to hit Yua and the laser disappeared in a moment.

Yua who believed that Seiya would be able to protect her stabbed Yuriel towards Undine without hesitation.

「This is the end……」

Yua who pierced Yuriel into Undine tries to pour the mana of light attribute into her body and explode her from within.

It was supposed to be their victory.


Undine grinned.

In the next moment, Yuriel, who had been stuck in the abdomen of Undine, is pushed out of the body.

And the wound that should have been made in the abdomen of Undine has disappeared in no time.

「It can’t be……」

Yua lost her words to this sight. She had definitely seen it. She wondered what her body was made of.

「It is all water……」

Hearing Yua’s words, Undine affirmed with a smile.

As she said, her whole body was made out of water. The recoil from striking her with Yuriel felt different from other magical beasts.

The impact Yua felt when she stabbed Undine was so weak that she doubted whether she pierced her or not.

However, if the body of Undine was composed of water, this feeling could be explained.

And this was also the reason why Undine’s body didn’t explode from her mana.

Water, if the body of Undine was made out of water mixed with mana of water attribute, all excessive mana will calm down and wouldn’t make any effect.

It was probably the same even for Seiya’s dark attribute.

In other words, this kind of attack is useless against the Undine.

For a moment Yua lost her means of attack against the Undine. But she was not alone. She had a reliable partner.

「You are full of openings」

Suddenly, behind Undine sitting on the chair appeared Seiya, wearing the mana of light attribute. With Hollins in both hands, he aimed at Undine’s neck from behind.

「I noticed you」

Without sparing a glance at Seiya, Undine creates a blue magic circle behind her and shoots a water laser towards him.

But Undine’s attack already does not work against Seiya.

「It’s useless.『Dark Wave』」

Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』and extinguished the water laser again.

However, Undine also knew that Seiya was able to extinguish the water laser.

Undine’s real aim was not to shoot through Seiya, but to buy some time.

Having earned enough time, Undine proceeds to the next step.


The moment Undine called this name, a part of the lake’s water surrounding the isolated island gathered in front of Seiya and instantly formed a giant sphere.

「『Dark Wave』」
「I will not let you」

Seiya tried to extinguish the sphere quickly by casting multiple『Dark Wave』towards it, but Undine emanated the mana of water attribute towards Seiya’s『Dark Wave』and suppressed its ability to extinguish.

Because Seiya’s『Dark Wave』was sealed, the huge water sphere was finally completed.

It was a very large water sphere with cracks on its surface, its true appearance was revealed.

「Hey, are you kidding me?」
「I can’t believe it」

The duo who landed on the ground lost their words seeing the true appearance of the sphere

「This is a dragon that has been strengthened to the limit, Gedo-chan」

It was a huge dragon formed entirely of water like Undine that was named using Undine’s nonexisting naming sense as Gedo-chan. [6]



  1. If some kind of awesome creature was ever mentioned before, they just had to bump into it. Hard to be the MC. 
  2. So water can form a laser, wow. 
  3. Author didn’t put this line in the fancy brackets, so I don’t know if it is a name of a spell or whatever. 
  4. Same thing. 
  5. Kids fight. You are naive! No, you are! No, it is you! 
  6. Gedo was made from the words genkai (limit) and doragon (dragon). So you get why her naming sense is bad. 

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