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Episode 21 Seiya And Yua

「Let’s talk later. Need to deal with it first」

Yua was surprised that Seiya, who she thought was dead, survived, but as he said, now it is not the right time. They need to get rid of the immediate threat.

「Yua, can you break through his defense?」

He asked whether she had a method to stop the white tiger. Unfortunately for Seiya, he didn’t have any means to pierce its skin. [1]

So he ended up asking Yua.

Answering to his question,

「If you can stop it in one place for 5 seconds……」
「Alright, I’m counting on you」

When Seiya heard that there was a solution, he decided on his role. Seiya’s job was to keep the white tiger in the same place for five seconds then pass the baton to Yua.

It is not easy, but it is necessary to survive.

Seiya grasped Hollins in both hands and increased the amount of mana of the light attribute on its surface.

Up till now, even if he used『Mantle of Light』to catch up with the white tiger, he couldn’t overtake it. So he put on his strongest『Mantle of Light』so far.

For a moment he broke through his limit. However, since Seiya had a dark attribute, there was no anxiety. I will make it succeed. Seiya thought so and further increased the amount of mana.

「Break through the limit, Overlimit」[2]

The moment he raising the amount of mana worn, the color disappeared from his view. He was in the world of speed.

If color disappears from view, he can deploy more brainpower to keep up with the speed of the tiger.

Not only his sight changed. Hearing, olfaction, taste and so on also stopped functioning at once. This reduced the burden on the brain and enhanced only the aspects necessary for battle.

It was all for fighting in the world of godspeed.

It was the same for white tiger. The white tiger also increased the amount of lightning around him just like Seiya and erased the color from its view.

From there, the battle of godspeed started.

They moved almost at the same time. When Seiya kicked the ground with his raised leg power, the lightning beast also kicked the ground and approached Seiya.

When Hollins approached the claw of thunder and they collided, a shock wave was born with a grand explosion sound. And there was not only one shockwave, but many. Even the air vibrated from them.


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Yua could not trace the figures of Seiya and lightning beast, but she could feel just how amazing the fight was.

The moment after the massive explosion sound and tremendous shockwave, there was already no one there.

At the next moment, a huge explosion sound and shockwaves were born in other places.

Truly a fight on a different level.

But Yua couldn’t just look at this fight. Because it was her job to put an end to this battle.

Yua begins her final preparations.

Firstly, Yuriel appeared in her free left hand.

Yua who grasped two white weapons in both hands, loaded the rapier Yuriel into a bow as if it was an arrow.

That spell is the most penetrating spell she knows. On the other hand, however, it is a difficult task to hit the moving target, and once she missed it will be the end.

Truly the finishing blow.

Therefore, to cast this spell she had to trust Seiya.


While thinking about her reliable partner, Yua started pouring mana into the loaded Yuriel. From all this mana, Yuriel started to shine brightly.

Yuriel cloaked in white mana had a considerable presence on the battlefield. So, Seiya understood that she was ready.

While colliding with the lightning beast, he tried to find an opening. However, the lightning beast couldn’t afford to show a gap so easily, so Seiya failed to achieve anything.

「I have no choice」

If there is no gap, make a gap. As before, Seiya aimed for the moment the beast lands on the ground after the collision.

「『Dark Wave』」

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It was not to annihilate the lightning beast, but the ground where it will land. The moment when Seiya cast his spell, a part of its landing spot became depressed, and a small hole appeared.


But the lightning beast was not an idiot. The same thing won’t work on it two times in a row.

Lightning beast chose only the space that was not instantaneously eliminated by the『Dark Wave』, landed on it dexterily, and jumped again.

Then it tried to move to the ground which was still intact.

「As I thought」

Seiya smiled when he saw the lightning beast leap again. Seiya believed that it will leap once again without getting its legs on the ground.

Seiya casts a new spell against the lightning beast which jumped away from the depression.

「『Black Hammer』」

In the next moment, the purple magic circle appeared above the jumping lightning beast. However, it was paying attention to the ground and was too late to notice the spell.

The moment it finally noticed it was already late.

The mysterious pressure attacks the lightning beast that was still in the air and pushes it to the ground.


The lightning beast was trying to free himself somehow, but the pressure was quite strong, it was unlikely to escape so easily. Still, it will not be detained for a long time.

However, it was enough to buy the five seconds that Yua required.

The spell used by Seiya was the dark attribute original spell『Black Hammer』, a spell that was instantly created by Seiya.

Remembering『Holy Hammer』which Yua used against the sea dragon, he wanted to incorporate a similar spell in his repertoire, its effect wasn’t much different from the『Holy Hammer』.

Seiya who succeeded in stopping the lightning beast shouted out Yua’s name.

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「Leave it to me……」

Yua, who was called out, readied her bow Yurial and faced the lightning beast.

Yuriel, which is loaded in Yurial, was cloaked in more white mana than before and emanated a considerable pressure.

Yua thought.

She could trust Seiya.

At first, he was just convenient, she tried to use him to return home from the dark territory without meeting people.

But his existence gradually becomes more than just useful.

Seiya trusted Yua enough to come to the Great Dalis Canyon.

Just a few moments ago, he did not care about himself and saved her.

Even now, believing that she had a power to decide the outcome, he did his best to suppress the lightning beast.

Seiya already trusted Yua. And that was the same for her.

She knew about that but didn’t admit it.

Because she was afraid to trust Seiya just to be betrayed again. That’s why she distanced herself from him. But she finally faced it.

Seiya already imprinted himself in her heart, and he became an irreplaceable existence for Yua. [3]

She was certainly scared to be betrayed by people. Even if she wanted to trust from the bottom of her heart. However, to trust people, Yua must overcome that fear.


She could only admit it.

Admit, that she trust Seiya from the bottom of her heart. And admit that she also liked him as much.

While muttering his name, Yua released the bowstring.

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「Holy Law」

Pan! And Yuriel was fired with a loud sound straight towards the lightning beast.

Yuriel, cloaked in white mana, started rotating and increasing its speed, its penetrating power was also raised.

It was easy for such Yuriel to penetrate the hard skin of a lightning beast.


The lightning beast wanted to scream from the pain. But before the scream came out, it already lost its consciousness and died.

This determined the victory for Seiya and Yua.

「It ended」
「Even so, your last attack was amazing」

Seiya was deeply impressed by her last attack.

But her answer to Seiya sounded quite depressed. Besides that, her cheeks were somewhat red.


Perplexed, Seiya looked at Yua carefully, she apologized in a quiet voice.

「Mm? For what?」

Seiya who suddenly received an apology was bewildered. It wasn’t surprising, considering that he didn’t know what transpired in her heart.

She apologized not trusting Seiya until now, she apologized for trying to abandon him, when she thought that he died, she apologized for a lot of things.

Then the question was born in her head.

「By the way … how are you still alive?」

Yua asked why Seiya, pierced by the lightning beast, was still alive.

She thought that Seiya was certainly dead at that time. A lot of blood is scattered at the place where Seiya was penetrated. [4]

It was weird thinking normally.

「Ah, that was…..」

The moment Seiya tried to answer her question, the ground where they stood suddenly began to collapse.


They tried to catch onto something but unfortunately, they failed and started falling with the collapsing ground.


While falling, Seiya hugged Yua in a hurry. Yua’s cheeks were quickly dyed red from the hug.

Then the two of them fell together.


  1. Just to be clear. They call it the lightning beast and white tiger interchangeably. 
  2. Did he reach a new realm in his cultivation? 
  3. Save the girl in a pinch and she is yours. 
  4.  ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) 

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