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Episode 19 Seiya’s Death

Seiya put a lot of power into his legs, kicked the ground and approached the white tiger.

The white tiger too kicked the ground and jumped towards Seiya.

Apparently, they are both thinking the same thing.

What the two of them aimed for, was to add the power of the leap to the attack and simultaneously collide with each other in the air where the center of gravity of the opponent was unstable.

In the air, without leverage points, the outcome will be decided by the sheer power.

The more powerful one is, the more likely he is to win in the collision.


The sound of Hollins and claws colliding reverberated in the air. They efficiently utilized their power and came to a momentary stalemate in the air, their power was close to each other.

And the results soon came out.


Seiya was pushed back by the tiger. But the same was also true for the white tiger, and it was blown back by his attack.

In other words, the clash ended in a draw.

But the battle was not over yet. For the tiger’s standpoint, this was the end of their clash, but Seiya’s assault was not over yet.

This is the difference between magicians and magical beasts.

While being pushed back in the air, Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』towards the ground behind the white tiger.

That place was where the white tiger will land. From the power of『Dark Wave』, the ground behind the tiger sank about ten centimeters.

However, the white tiger does not know such a thing and tries to land on the ground. As expected, its legs sunk and its balance was broken.

This was Seiya’s aim. Seiya screams the name of the partner he can rely on.

「Leave it to me……」

Seiya firmly landed on the ground and entrusted the attack to Yua.

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She immediately understood his plan, she poured the light mana in her legs and raised their strength.

「I will finish it with this …」

Yua kicked the ground and closed in on the imbalanced white tiger.

The white tiger couldn’t dodge and ended up receiving the attack.

This time, the white tiger was supposed to be pierced through by Yuriel.

「It is finished …………it can’t be… …」

The next thing they saw was not the sight of the white tiger being penetrated by Yuriel, nor it was the sight of him being scared.

They saw the picture of Yuriel being broken into two the moment it hit the forehead of the tiger.

It was as if his forehead was made of steel, Yuriel couldn’t withstand the impact.


Yua lost her words and froze in place seeing this.

Guruuuu Guraaaaa

In front of her, white tiger raised a much bigger roar than before, and its appearance began to rapidly change.

The ice suddenly grew on its neck, it started to resemble a lion, then the green lightning gathered around its whole body.

All of the sudden, the white tiger changed its appearance. He now looked more like a lightning beast than a tiger.


Seiya calls out to Yua in a loud voice. He tried to warn her about its attack.


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Called by Seiya, Yua finally got a grip of herself and took evasive actions.

Instantly casting『Single Light』on her feet, Yua swiftly widened the distance between her and the thunderstorm to 10 meters.

Because Yua has taken a distance from the lightning beast, she ends up without injuries.

Yua who escaped thunder beast’s attack was relieved that the momentary crisis has passed, and ended up relaxing her guard. But that proved to be fatal.


Seiya screamed her name again, but it probably won’t be of any use. Unlike Yua, Seiya knew what was about to happen.

The lightning beast’s speed couldn’t even be compared to before.

If it was still a white tiger, widening the distance to 10 meters would have been the correct decision. However, the opponent now wasn’t the white tiger but a lightning beast.

The beast wrapped in lightning had the ability many times higher than a tiger.

In other words, the distance of 10 meters is negligible for the lightning beast.

Perhaps, in normal circumstances, Yua would have been able to deal with the situation. But Yua was surprised at the moment and didn’t make a good decision.

After two heartbeats she noticed her blunder. But then it was already late.

Lightning beast approached Yua at high speed and tried to tear her body with its claws.

And the moment lightning beast was about to pierce her heart.


Yua’s body suddenly was pushed away by someone, and she fell on the ground.


Bicha bicha, there was a sound of liquid scattering.

What the hell happened?

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When Yua looked back, there was a shocking picture in front of her eyes.


There was a scene of Seiya, who pushed her away, being penetrated in the heart by the lightning beast.


Seiya raised a voice filled with pain. However, his eyes were losing their lustre, it was not known if he still had awareness.

The arms that held Hollins trembled, and Hollins fell on the ground.

Karan karan, the strange sound was reverberating.

「It can’t be…..」

Yua lost her words looking at this.

A tremendous amount of blood flown out of Seiya’s chest, colouring the surroundings in red.


Lightning beast shook its foreleg and blown Seiya’s body into the wall.

Pshht, making such a sound, Seiya’s body hit the wall with his back and fell to the ground. [2]

Pierced through the heart, he already lost a lot of blood, adding to that the previous sound. Seiya’s circumstances couldn’t be any worse..


Yua was convinced that Seiya died. Although they were together thus far, if you died it can’t be helped.

And besides, there is no way lightning beast will forget about her.

In order to leave this place alive, Yua switched to the Yurial and prepared herself.


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