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Episode 18 White Tiger

The two, who had successfully defeated the sea dragon, crossed over the lake and entered the cave.

But there was a little difference from the previous one. That is, Yua wasn’t using『Firelight』.

He didn’t know what was the principle, but in the cave where they are now, strange lights were spread around providing plenty of light in a wide area.

「How long till we reach the end?」
「I don’t know……」

They walked slowly into the dark cave, there were no openings in their posture.

Seiya was always ready to cast his spells at any time and Yua was prepared to create a weapon.

The duo marveled at the appearance of the cave.


They came to a bright open place about 50 meters in diameter.

But why such an open space exists in the Great Dalis Canyon.

「Well, usually in such cases」
「There should be a strong enemy……」
「Yep. Speaking of the devil」

Before the duo, who absolutely expected to meet a strong enemy in this place, a new beast revealed its figure.

The beast that appeared before the two people was a monster with sharp fangs and characteristic black lines on its white body, the white tiger himself.

Its size was quite small compared to centipede and sea dragon, and it is difficult to grasp its strength at first glance. However, the duo lost their words looking at the white tiger that appeared before their eyes.

「You’re lying, right? Is this really a magical beast?」

Said Seiya, with Hollins already in his arms.


While looking at the beast and calling it a monster, Yua held her bow, Yurial, in her right hand.

They understood with a glance that white tiger was on the different level from the previous monsters.

Although the aura of the white tiger is smaller than the sea dragon’s, it is somehow deep, they understood that it should be a powerhouse amongst magical beasts.

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The white tiger’s aura, if anything, was closer to the warrior than a monster.

The duo felt instinctive danger facing the white tiger, they decided to finish this fight swiftly and moved into action.

「『Dark Wave』」

First of all, Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』towards the white tiger trying to eliminate its existence, but white tiger jumped sideways and dodged it. [1]

「It is fast」
「It is fine……」

Seiya was surprised by the speed of the white tiger, but Yua was finally ready to unleash her attack.

「This is the end……」

She loaded Yurial with an arrow made from light, setting it up toward the sky, and let go of its string.

Arrow released from Yua’s Yurial will fly above the white tiger and will split to become a rain of light arrows falling down on it.

No matter how fast white tiger is, he can’t easily avoid the rain of arrows.

And if even a single arrow hits, the mana of light will enter white tiger’s body, causing it to explode from the inside.

In other words, the white tiger will be defeated.

Yua was convinced in white tiger’s defeat. That is why she was amazed by the result, she saw the next moment.


White tiger raised a roar towards the rain of arrows pouring down on it.

「It can’t be……」

Yua lost her words from the shock.

The moment white tiger roared facing the arrows, all of the light arrows which filled the entire sky disappeared without any trace. It closely resembled Seiya’s dark attribute.

「He can’t have the dark attribute…….right?….」

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Yua unexpectedly lost her words. But Seiya’s answer was negative.

「No, it wasn’t the dark attribute」
「Then what was that…….」

If it is was not a dark attribute, the what was that, Yua thought. However, even Seiya didn’t know the answer.

Although he did not understand everything, Seiya dint’s sense any dark attribute mana from tiger’s roar.

「I do not know, but magic might not work against him」[2]

If you use a single-target spell, the white tiger will avoid it with its speed, so you can’t hit him easily. On the other hand, even if you attack by using a spell with a big area of effect, it will be prevented by the roar. [3]

It seems magic does not work against white tigers. If so, it naturally comes to weapons.

「Yuriel ……」

Yua switched from the bow Yurial to the rapier Yuriel and looked at the white tiger, which was staring at them.

「『Mantle of Light』」

Meanwhile, Seiya raised his physical ability and the processing speed of the brain by putting the light mana on his body to match the speed of the white tiger.

「I will be the main attacker, I leave support to you」
「All right……」

Seiya grips Hollins and makes one step ahead.

Because white tiger can move at tremendous speed, it will be better for Seiya to be the main, after all, he can raise his physical abilities with『Mantle of Light』.

Because Yua understood that firmly, she decided to look for the openings.

「Fuuu, let’s go」


Seiya and white tiger quietly confront each other. Seiya moved first.

Seiya kicks the ground with his raised strength and moves to the front of the tiger. Holding Hollins in his right hand he attacks it.

However, white tiger swiftly moved into action.

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White tiger jumped and landed behind Seiya. There were no wasted movements, it was moving as if it was sliding on earth.

「I’m not done yet」

Seiya transferred the power to his left foot, kicked the ground with, and approached the white tiger again.

While doing that, he tried to penetrate its right eye with Hollins in his left hand.


It was then. The white tiger roared towards Seiya. His motive was unknown, but he clearly wanted to erase “something”.

Seiya was not a person that will wait for an attack to hit. He immediately casts multiple『Dark Wave』against the roar.

「『Dark Wave』」

He successfully erased the power behind the roar, and only the breeze reached his face. Then he immediately thrusts Hollins in its left eye. At least, that’s how it was supposed to be.


However, just before that happened, wind blades sliced at his left shoulder and caused him to bleed.

And with that shock, Hollins struck out in a different direction. Of course, it never hits the white tiger.

Seiya showed a multitude of openings at this moment.

As soon as white tiger seen the gap, it tried to slice him with its claws.

「『Wall of Light』」

But the claw of white tiger never reached Seiya’s chest. The wall of light suddenly appeared between Seiya and white tiger, preventing its attack.

「I was saved, Yua」

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Seiya thanks Yua for timely assist a while ago. Because it was not Seiya who cast the『Wall of Light』, but Yua.

『Mantle of Light』is the only spell Yua can not use, but she was able to understand it.

Instead of being able to use 『Mantle of Light』, Yua was able to use『Channel Light』, a weaker version of『Mantle of Light』.

『Mantle of Light』is a spell that can raise the physical ability of the whole body by spreading the mana of light attribute inside and outside.

On the contrary,『Single Light』 is a spell that can raise the power in one part of the body by putting the mana of light attribute in that body part. [4]

And the『Channel Light』used by Yua uses the same principle to deploy multiple『Single Light』points at the same time, although it is inferior to『Mantle of Light』, it still raises several parts at the same time.

This was the limit of the current Yua.

Yua was using『Channel Light』, to raise the processing speed of the brain and perception, and closely watched the battle between Seiya and white tiger.

Seiya takes a distance from the white tiger and thinks about what happened before. What on earth was the wind from the last time?

The roar of the white tiger was completely extinguished by Seiya’s『Dark Wave』. And while Seiya’s face was subjected to the breeze, it was unlikely that wind blades would appear out of nowhere.

Thinking about it, he finally found the answer.

「Overlayed spells」

As Seiya said, the white tiger was overlaying his spells.

A magic overlay is a technique that uses remnants of the dispersed spell to improve or create a new one.

However, because this technique is quite sophisticated, no one is able to do that in the Leiria Kingdom.

If Seiya did not read it in books, he would have never understood.

However, once the cat is out of the bag, you do not need to fear it anymore. As long as you know, you can make a countermeasure.

For example, with regard to this magic overlay, it is okay to just deflect the spell.

Even if it was deflected, it won’t be destroyed, and white tiger won’t be able to do anything. Basically, if you use avoidance method, you have nothing to fear.


Seiya took a stance with Hollins and breathed out heavily. Then he imagined. The method to defeat the tiger.

「All right then」

The image was completed.


  1. Xianxia MCs should learn to dodge sometimes too, and not just smacking skills in each other. 
  2. The enemy with magic protection. Again. Author sure loves them. 
  3. Should I just use AoE instead? 
  4. Yeah, their mechanics are SO different. 

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