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Episode 15 Great Dalis Canyon, The Beginning

Impenetrable darkness —- This was the only thing they could see.

Here, without any light, Seiya and Yua entrusted themselves to the wind.

The air resistance hitting their faces is intense. It shows that they are falling vertically with tremendous speed.

「Hey, Yua-san?」

Seiya called the girl who held his hand firmly. His facial expression was as blue as it can get.

But it is no wonder he would turn blue. I was three minutes of free fall already, but no ground could be seen.

The only thing he can see is Yua’s hand, firmly grabbing his own. Other than that he couldn’t see anything in this darkness.

In addition to that, the air hitting his face gets increasingly stronger.

Proceeding as it is they most likely fall to the ground and lose their lives, he could easily imagine such development.

「What are we going to do?」

Or to be precise, how do we get out of this situation.

Unfortunately, Seiya has no solution. Rather than that, there are probably no such magicians that can get unscathed.

It was good that they had not fallen to the ground yet. If their falling speed was slow, Seiya could have used『Mantle of Light』, then used the wall to kill the momentum and safely land.

But in the current situation, even if they have Seiya’s『Mantle of Light』, they can’t do anything.

So he ended up asking for Yua’s advice.

「No problem……」

Yua superficially answered. Although he couldn’t see her expression, he could tell from her voice that she is calm.

But when he was told that it was okay in the current situation, if you asked Seiya if he believed her, the answer would be no.

For Seiya who just met her, it is difficult to trust her to the extent of throwing your life away. Even if her father is an executive in the church and she is the daughter the goddess, you can’t trust people that easily.

So Seiya says.

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「Is it true?」

You can understand from this words that he didn’t trust Yua.

But Yua won’t be hurt by such words. Because deep down she thinks of using Seiya to only pass through the canyon.

I do not need his trust. If he uses his power for my sake that is enough. Yua thought as such.

That is why, Yua says nothing in return, just concentrates on things to come.

「We arrived……..」

Yua muttered something, but Seiya couldn’t hear anything due to the wind.

Ignoring Seiya, Yua exercised a spell into the darkness.

「『Holy Creation』」

Seiya understood that she cast a spell and created something. But looking around there was nothing. For a moment he thought that her spell had failed, but suddenly the ground appeared in his line of sight.


Seiya was startled and tried to cast something, but the body of Seiya and Yua already touched the ground the moment he thought so.


He braced himself for impact, however, the expected shock didn’t happen. He landed on the ground gently.

Boyun, a strange feeling enveloped Seiya. [1]


The feeling of being enveloped in something soft caused him to leak a weird voice.

Seiya understood that it was absolutely not an impact you expect from smacking into the ground, it took some time for him to understand what happened.


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Yua flashed a pleased smile to Seiya. He looked at his surroundings and it dawned upon him.

「Could it be, you created a cushion?」[2] 「Yes……」

Yua answered without any expression.

As you have guessed, they were protected from the collision by a very big pillow.

Yua’s cushion was about 20 wide and 8 meters height, it was this high-performance cushion that slowed their bodies that were falling for more than three minutes easily.

Seiya couldn’t hide his surprise.

He could admit that this was rather unconventional usage of the holy attribute, and he was also surprised at her rough methods.

However, it was true that they landed safely, so he thanked her.

「Tnaks, Yua」

Yua answers while looking at Seiya. Her eyes still do not contain trust, and it seems that there is still a distance between them.

The same could be said about Seiya, as if there was still something like a wall between them.

However, their cooperation plays an indispensable role in trying pass through the Great Dalis Canyon, both of them know that, they have no choice but to stick together.

「That being said, it’s dark here」

In the place where they stand now, there is a single way to go, about 10 meters wide, surrounded by cliffs on the left and right side.

The light coming from the ground provides a visibility in a 5-meter radius.

This is all too dangerous.

When Seiya thinks so, followed by Yua’s voice the light suddenly appears.


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Fire attribute beginner spell『Firelight』, as its name suggests, is a spell that lights a fire. Thanks to Yua’s 『Firelight』, they can see up to 20 meters ahead.

「Well then, let’s go further」
「Yes……Aquaristan is this way……」

Seiya follows Yua further down the road.

After a while since the two of them started walking, they suddenly stopped. Facing the front Seiya said.

「We are being followed」
「Yeah……quite a lot of them……」

Yua also seemed to know what Seiya was saying, she answered while still looking in front of her.

「What should we do?」
「Can’t help it……」
「I agree」

Confirming their intentions, they simultaneously turned back.

「This is……」
「Come on now……」

When two people turned around, there were countless small red dots around. They were convinced that those dots are eyes of small monsters.

The number of monsters, judging by the number of eyes, is in hundreds. Also, since those red dots are able to move vertically you can suggest that they are of the insect or bird type.

Either way, as long as it is a magical beast, it is the enemy.

「I will deal with them. I leave the light to you」
「All right……」

Seiya asks her to secure the light source, and steps ahead. Usually he summons his trusted Hollins, but this time is different.

Yua was watching Seiya, but did not feel like doing anything. For Seiya who can use the dark attribute, her help is unneeded.

Yua didn’t trust Seiya, but she trusted his ability.

That is why Yua was not willing to help Seiya. All she did was to spread the range of『Firelight』to widen his field of vision, so that at least it was easier for him.

With increase of the range and brightness, he finally found out the identity of the red eyes.

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As he said, there were more than 100 red-eyed bats. They were watching Seiya while flapping their wings.

The bats flying in front of Seiya are obviously magical beasts.

They disturb their opponent by ultrasonic waves emitted from their mouth, making it impossible to use magic. Moreover, it is impossible for humans to avoid ultrasonic waves emitted from bats, and they can not feel them either.

They will seal you magic before you even notice.


Suddenly, Yua’s『Firelight』disappeared.

But Yua couldn’t understand why her spell has vanished. Besides that, her eyes were also spinning.

Ultrasonic waves were emitted from the bat, and disturbed her sight and spell. [3]

That’s why these monsters were feared.

「What happened?」
「Uwa, em……」

Being worried about Seiya, Yua produced an incomprehensible answer, she tried to but words just didn’t come out right.

Looking at her state, Seiya more or less understood the situation.

「Maybe it is monsters fault」

Although Seiya was fine, there was a strange change in Yua, he guessed that it was some kind of attack from the bats.

If you are being attacked, as a matter of cource you should counterattack.

Even while being in the darkness, he lifts his right hand using red dots as a beacon.

And casts a spell using more mana then usual.

「『Dark Wave』」

In the next moment, the eyes that were shining in the darkness disappeared. As soon as ultrasonic waves disappeared, Yua’s『Firelight』appeared again but there was nothing around anymore.

「Are you okay?」

Seeing his power, Yua confirmed his usefulness for herself again.


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