Episode 16 Magical Beasts Of The Great Dalis Canyon (1)

Gigi Gigi

The bizarre sound emitted from the front resonates in the canyon and enters the ears of the duo.

「That’s right」

A new monster appeared in front of them. That monster resembled a centipede with countless hands and feet.

Just looking at it feels extremely unpleasant, not to mention its size.

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It has a gigantic body, longer than 30 meters.

The sight of this centipede, gifted with a body exceeding 30 meters, walking around was nothing but grotesque.

A magical beast that can not be accepted physiologically by any human.

Such a monster was blocking Seiya’s way.

This problem occurred soon after he disposed of the bats a moment before.

First of all, it has a surprisingly large body, but the most impressive thing is that this huge centipede appeared in a rather peculiar way.

A few minutes ago, continuing on their path through the Great Dalis Canyon, they heard a bizarre roar from overhead, then Seiya and Yua directed their eyes above.

There they saw a mysterious gigantic something falling down at high speed.

As they visually recognized the falling object, they immediately took a distance from. And a few seconds later, the 30 meters centipede appeared in front of the duo.

And that’s how they arrived to present circumstances.

「So, what now?」

He asks Yua, looking at the centipede. Although he asked that, he had guessed the answer already.

「Seiya……I’m counting on you……」

Yua said that she leaves it to him. And Seiya had no objections.

Yua’s magic is basically of a light attribute.

To elaborate, if she fights the centipede, she might explode it from the inside by the force of habit.

He already understood from the fight with boads that it might just happen.

However, neither Seiya nor Yua wants to see the scene of that huge centipede in front of them exploding.

In the end, making it disappear with the power of the dark attribute is the best solution.

「All right」

Seiya looks at the centipede, lifts his right hand and deploys the magic circle.

However, the spell used by Seiya this time is not a『Dark Wave』.

Because of the size of the centipede’s body, he couldn’t guarantee that he will be able to destroy the whole centipede in one strike. If only the half of the centipede will remain, it could possibly squirm its internal organs.

Nobody wants to see this spectacle.

That’s why Seiya chose a different spell.

「『Dark Sphere』」

When Seiya mutters the name of the spell, a large purple ball appears above the head of the centipede.

It is a gigantic sphere formed by Seiya’s dark attribute mana. This sphere is about 7 meters in diameter.

The centipede fires a poisonous needle from its mouth towards the sphere, but the sphere swallows this poisonous needle.

「It is the end」

Seiya swept down with his right arm with a ruthless look on his face.

Then, a gigantic sphere formed by the mana of the dark attribute begins to descend towards the centipede as if it follows the movement of Seiya’s hand.

Gigi Gigi

The centipede tried to spray poisonous gas and the like towards a giant sphere, but it has no effect at all.

And in the meantime, a huge sphere swallowed the gigantic centipede as it descended to the ground.

This sight closely resembled the black hole

「Amazing, Seiya……」

Yua, who was helpless against the centipede thinks that he is amazing from the bottom of her heart.

Although they struggled with boads at first, after that their journey was going smoothly, no, if was effortless. This was possible thanks to Seiya’s dark attribute.

Yua thought that she can easily return to Aquaristan. At the same time, she thought how lucky she was.

Capable of annihilating hordes of magical beasts with overwhelming power, Seiya was incredibly convenient.

(After all……convenient……)

Yua was busy thinking. Meanwhile, Seiya, who does not know a thing, proposes to go forward.

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「Let’s proceed」

For the sake of conquering the Great Dalis Canyon, the duo continued walking forward.

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